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111 Angel Number Meaning in Love

Leah Goldberg

In Astrology, the first house is ruled by Aries, the first Zodiac sign. Aries is called the “baby” of the Zodiac, as it’s all about everything new and fresh! Well, seeing the number 111 indicates just that - a fresh new start has begun!

The special relationship between angel number 111 and love, is that new beginnings and a new cycle is on its way. If you are single, you can look forward to a new relationship, and if you are in a stale one, it may be time to say goodbye and find someone new.

So, what does angel number 111 mean in love? Seeing 111 in terms of love means that if you’re happy in your current relationship, there is divine guidance supporting the relationship. It also indicates new relationship beginnings, if you are single. 

Seeing angel number 111 while in a relationship

If you keep seeing 111 angel number while in a loving relationship,  it means that you should hold onto your current partner, if they make you happy, or should let them go if they don’t fulfill you in any way, as something new is around the corner.

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You may see the number 111 repeatedly while in a relationship. If so, stay content and know there is much love and abundance for you and your loved one. However, if you are extremely unhappy, it may be time to break free. 

Seeing 111 when you’re single

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Do you keep scrolling through online dating profiles, swiping left and occasionally right, and when you do, it’s either 1:11 pm or 1:11 am? Well, this is an indication from your angels that your single life is about to change - love is on its way!

You can really stop pondering on the question what does 111 mean in love? Now you know that unseen forces are occurring. So keep your thoughts positive, and instead of thinking how lonely single life is, think about all the fun things you’ll do with your next partner.

Meaning behind seeing 111 after a breakup

So, you’ve finally broken up with your ex and your heart still aches, but you see angel number 111 everywhere? Know that you can take comfort! The angels are watching over you and giving you loving support. The 111 meaning after breakup is clear.

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These angels are clearing your energetic field, so that you can attract new love and romantic abundance. You will start getting noticed by the right people who will have a romantic interest in you - new love is on its way, and this time it will be different!

Seeing 111 after breaking up with your ex means that  it was wise to break up with them, as new and exciting doors are about to open in your life, with bouquets of romantic red roses behind them! This synchromatic connection between 111 and love shows that your broken heart will soon heal!

Connection between Angel number 111 and a Soulmate

The love connection between 111 angel number and soulmate is undeniable. It indicates that love is around the corner, and you are about to bump into someone you have loved before in a  

The connection between 111 angel number meaning in love and seeing 111 when thinking of someone is that they are most definitely thinking of you too, and that they could possibly be a soul mate.

Connection between Angel number 111 and Twin Flame

The connection between 111 angel number and twin flame love is strong. The angels are indicating that this person is, in fact, your twin flame. They are telling you to go for it! Make the first move, and ask them on a date.

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If you see 111 everywhere, and are already in a happy, loving, romantic and stable relationship, it is clear that the person you love so much in your heart is actually your twin flame! This is the person you have been looking for your whole life and have finally found!

Seeing 111 during Manifestation and Love

Manifesting love with 111 angel number really works! The best way to manifest a new love is to journal exactly what you are looking for in a partner, from their height to the color of their hair and eyes. As you continue seeing the number 111, know this manifestation is about to appear!

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Another great way of manifesting love after seeing angel number 111 is to get a beautiful box and place all different things in it related to the next partner you wish to have, such as a picture from a magazine, and a piece of fabric to symbolize the colors they may wear.

Another thing you can place in this box is jewelry connected to the astrological sign you wish them to be - such as an Aquamarine ring symbolizing Pisces, or an Emerald bracelet for Taurus. You can also place a Rose Quartz crystal in the box to manifest love. 


When it comes to angel number in 111 love and 111 angel number in romance, the key words to remember are new beginnings and change, if that is what you are seeking! However, if you are in the midst of a heavily romantic relationship, then abundance and protection are yours!

Don’t forget to show gratitude when you see angel number 111, because your angels and a higher power are reaching out to you, passing on a special message. Know you are loved, watched, guided, and protected… always.