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19 Meaningful Best Friend Bracelets for Adults

Best friends are like extensions of our family. For others, the bond shared even goes beyond familial attachment. Some consider their best friends their soulmates. They are the first ones they would call whenever they want to share the good news. They will be the first ones they want to run to when they feel like breaking down. 

There are many reasons why you love your best friend. It can be for the things they do for you in a heartbeat. While you may have several best friends (we know you love each of them!), there’s something different about a best friend who’s a sister or a brother to us. It’s a new ball game. 

When you have this person in your life, you want to make sure they know how much they mean to you. You know, every once in a while, best friends need to be reminded of how meaningful they are in your life. 

What is a Friendship Bracelet?

Once you type “friendship bracelets” on your browser, several types of bracelets will come into view. 

Despite this, the meaning of friendship bracelets is still the same. It’s an accessory that serves as a reminder of the connection between two people. 

While they may seem to be effortless to give, the process of making and giving them is meaningful for the people involved. If you think about it, your best friend can choose to wear this jewelry wherever they go. They can pair it with almost anything they wear. 
Ready to choose a bracelet for your best friend?

Choosing the Right Type of Friendship Bracelet

It may seem simple, but the process you must go through when choosing the appropriate bracelet to give your best friend is tricky. You want them to have something they will treasure and keep forever. With the slew of bracelets available in the market today, we’re going to make it more bearable for you. After all, we understand that you want to get the best one for your favorite person. 

Here’s our take on how you can choose the best friendship bracelet:

Match their jewelry style

If you want to ensure your BFF will wear the bracelet, go for the one that matches what they currently have. Say they have a wide collection of silver jewelry pieces, don’t give them a gold piece. It will look out of place. It will ruin their style. 

As a result, they may not choose to wear your gift. When this happens, you’ll be heartbroken. Of course, we know you’ll forgive your friend, but it will still make you sad. Since you most likely have direct access to their closet, try to check their jewelry style. Do they want to wear spiritual jewelry? If yes, you can give them something that will seamlessly match their ensemble. 

Know their size

This tip applies if you plan to give a bracelet with a fixed length. Knowing your bestie’s wrist size ensures that your friend wouldn’t have to worry about resizing. This way, your bestie can enjoy the bracelet as soon as you hand them the gift. If you’re unsure, it’s always best to go for bracelets with an open cuff design or one with an adjustable chain. 
Be trendy

Don’t be afraid to be trendy when choosing a style to give your bestie. Once you know your friend's jewelry style, try to look for modern pieces. One suggestion is to buy a bracelet they can stack or mix and match with their current pieces. Doing this gives your best friend the option to elevate their style as they want!

Do you know what will make your friendship bracelet more meaningful? The message it sends your best friend. Whenever possible, go for a bracelet that will contain the message you want to tell them. Often, this is the problem with best friends. They are more than willing to risk their lives for their best friend, but it would be rare for them to tell how much they mean to them! 

While you don’t have to shout to the world what your best friend means to you, it’s still great to let them know. If you’re not the verbal type of friend, say it with the jewelry. You can request the shop to engrave a message. Better yet, you can choose a pre-made message from their collection! Go for the one with a message that resonates with you.

For personalized bracelets, bangles are a perfect choice since they are pretty easy to customize and engrave with a special message. 

Now that you have an idea about how you can choose bracelets for adults start browsing from our recommendations below: 

#1 Friendship Isn't A Big Thing, It's A Million Little Things

Silver bange with printed message "Friendship Isn't A Big Thing, It's A Million Little Things"Buy Now: $19.90

For best friends, it’s the small things that matter the most. Once their hearts are connected, it’s much easier for them to enjoy little things. Strolls in the park, ice creams after a long day at work, or even a simple message out of the blue can make a difference. 

These are the moments that will be forever treasured and remembered for a lifetime. So, it isn’t really about the big things. 

The same goes for this bracelet. It’s simple, yet it conveys a meaningful message to you and your friend. 

Aside from the message, the arrow design also serves as a form of encouragement. Life will propel you to achieve great things by pulling you back a little. At the end of the line, you always have a friend who has your back.

This bracelet features an open cuff design and is made of 100% Nickel-free stainless steel material. It has a width of 6.2 inches, but the open cuff design makes it adjustable to fit most wrists. 

#2 Friends By Choice, Sisters By Fate

Silver bracelet with message "Friends by Choice, sisters by fateBuy Now: $19.90

We can’t choose the family we have. But, it doesn’t mean we cannot determine who to consider in our family. When we meet someone, it’s our choice if we want to treat them as friends. It’s the same if this special person has made a huge impact in your life that you would like to make them part of your family. 

This bracelet, with the message, “Friends by choice, Sisters by fate,” tells your friend that fate may not have made them a family, but they are essentially one. 

It makes the relationship even more special. What makes this item unique is that you can give this to your sister, whom you consider a dear friend! 
This bracelet has an open cuff design. You don’t have to worry about the wrist size since this will fit most sizes. 

#3 You And I Are More Than Friends We Will Make A Really Small Gang

Silver-plated bangle with a heart warming message about friendshipBuy Now: $19.90

Sometimes, life will bring us people whose impact on our lives will remain unforgettable. This kind of relationship is often hard to find. If you want to keep them close to you, this beautiful bracelet will do the trick. 

It’s a great and subtle way to say that the other person means a lot to you. The message, “You and I are more than friends,” and the wish to “make a small gang” shows how comfortable you are with them. As your “gang” increases in number, you can buy everyone matching bracelets, so no one will be left out.

This bracelet is designed best for everyday use since they match any casual wear. This makes it a perfect daily reminder of the bond that you share with each other. 

#4 Rare As Is True Love, True Friendship Is Rarer

Silver bracelet with heart warming message about true friendship Buy Now: $19.90

Friendships come in many forms. We can have work friends, family friends, and even school friends. But, some friends are on a whole new level. Their presence in our lives is incomparable.

These friends are rare to find. Yes, even rarer than your true love. They are the ones who will stick by you even when your true love hurts and leaves you. These kinds of friends are the ones who should treasure? What’s the best way to do that? Gifting them this BFF jewelry for adults. 

Like the previous ones, this bangle is made of 100% Nickel-free stainless steel. Its design also features two arrows facing each other and a special inscription. The bracelet measures 6.2 inches but can be adjusted thanks to its open cuff design. 

#5 This Is The Beginning Of A Beautiful Friendship

A bangle with printed message about new found friendshipBuy Now: $19.90

If you’re on the hunt for friendship bracelets for women, this stainless steel bangle is the one. 
This is perfect for giving someone you’ve recently shared a special bond with. Do you think it’s too early to give something as meaningful as this? Believe us when we say that this bangle will be a treasured gift. It’s a way to gauge whether you’re on the same page in your relationship.

Give this, and when you see them wearing every time you meet each other, you’ll know your friendship is for keeps. The message may not be deep, but it can help convey your wish for a blossoming friendship. Remember, a beautiful friendship can make a difference in your life in more ways than one.

#6 We’ll Be Friends Until We’re Old And Senile Then We Will Be New Best Friends

Bracelet with message about friendship that will last eternityBuy Now: $19.90

Think about it. What was the first instance that made you realize that your best friend is the one you can rely on for almost anything? Often, it’s because you share the same humor. If your dear friend makes you smile at the silliest things and make you laugh until your bellies hurt, get this bangle. Buy this for them and let them know how much happiness they bring in your life. 

More than that, this message, while funny, holds a deep meaning. “We’ll be friends until we’re old and senile, then we will be new best friends,” is like you saying you’ll be friends for a lifetime. It says that you will still choose your friend to be your best friend even if your mind forgets your relationship. It means that the bond you share is beyond memory itself. Your connection runs deep, and no medical illness can make your heart forget. 

#7 Not Sisters By Blood But Sisters By Heart Bracelet

Silver bracelet with touching message "Not sisters by blood but by heart"Buy Now:  $19.90

Have you watched the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants? Their story of friendship is a perfect example of what a bond of best friends feels like. They are different people with different tastes (and sizes). But the bond they share is highly similar to sisters. 

In fact, they treat each other as sisters, being there when times get tough. They understand what each other is going through without having to exchange words. 

Well, gifting pants that would fit each one of your best friends is not really possible in real life. But, this bangle is one that you can be sure will fit no matter the size. If you have a friend you consider a “sister from another mother,” buy them this beautiful bracelet.

#8 Love Package “Not Sisters By Blood But Sisters By Heart”

2 pieces of jewelry with message sisters by heart braceletBuy Now: $26.80

If you’re feeling extra generous or plan to gift this item for a special occasion, we suggest getting this package. Aside from the stunning bangle bracelet, you also get a key ring with beautiful charms. One is the round charm that bears the same message as seen on the bracelet. It’s accompanied by an angel wing and cute pearl charms. 

This piece will be an ideal gift to present to someone with a deep relationship with you. The charms can remind you that you will be with them every step of the way.

The charmed key ring, like the bracelet, is made of stainless steel, Nickel-free material.  

#9 You Are The Sister I Got To Choose

Silver bracelet with a cute message saying "You are the sister I got to choose"Buy Now: $19.90

Do you consider your best friend your sister? Even if you’re not bonded by blood, you feel a unique connection with that person. Take this scenario: You need someone to run to you bearing a pint of ice cream at 3 am because you’re feeling down. Who’s the first person that comes to mind when you feel like you’re crushing hard over a new guy? If only one name comes to mind, then you sure have a soul sister in that person. 

How do you tell them that you consider them your soul sister? Give them something special. You can choose from various meaningful friendship bracelets, but this one takes the cake. The message may be simple but the word “choose” says something. It tells that it was a conscious decision on your part to make them your best friend. 

#10 Sisters By Marriage, Friends By Choice

"Sisters by marriage, friends by choice" message printed in a piece of silver braceletBuy Now: $19.90

Marrying into the family isn’t always smooth. It’s understandable because you may have different backgrounds and experiences. There may be times when you have to woo new family members and prove that you are worthy of becoming part of the family. 

Giving them friendship bracelets for adults can be a good start towards a meaningful relationship. Lucky enough to be loved by the family, especially your sister-in-law, that you’re marrying into? Then, give this bangle as a token of appreciation. The message, “Sisters by marriage, friends by choice,” conveys that even if you’re association is by law, your bond is more than that.

As soon as you buy this for them, you can expect them to give you a call and make you a part of their little circle. Yes, you can enjoy having that bond and doing things together like what close friends do.

#11 Not Sisters By Blood But Sisters By Heart New Bracelet

Sisters by heart printed messaged in a cuff braceletBuy Now: $26

If you’re looking for a simple option when it comes to the message design, this bracelet is the one. The message shows that not everyone who shares a special bond with us should be family. There are times that a female best friend will provide you with the kind of love and concern that you would typically find among family members. You can call them your soul sister if you want. You may not be related, but you consider each other as sisters. 

This piece is among the elegant friendship bracelets that you can find. Note the engraving at the edge of the cuff. It depicts winds blowing, which can mean that no matter where the wind blows, my thoughts are with you. 

With its high-grade material and premium style, this item can be mixed and matched with any outfit and will be best to wear for any occasion.

#12 A True Friendship Is A Journey Without An End

Message printed in a silver-plated bracelet saying a true friendship is a journey without an endBuy Now: $19.90

This minimalistic bracelet is a perfect example of a simple yet impactful gift to give someone special in your life. You’ll know that your best friend is for keeps when you constantly think about them when something good happens in your life. The same goes if you feel like you’re facing many challenges. Sometimes, even a thought of them is enough to bring comfort. 

When you have a friend like them, treasure them because they’ll be the one who will walk with you in your journey. If you feel like the roads have many bumps, you can expect them to take your hand and guide you through it. 

They may not be able to shield you from everything that life throws at you. But you can be sure that they will make everything a little better. Make sure they know this through this lovely bangle bracelet. 
This item has a width of 2.5"/0.24" and a length of L/6.2". It has adjustable opening, designed to fit most wrists.

#13 We Are Best Friends Because Everyone Else Sucks

Silver bracelet with a silly message saying "we are best friends because everyone else sucks"Buy Now: $19.90

It can be surprising to meet a sister from another mister. But, it isn’t really impossible to find someone who will tick off all the boxes in your best friend list. Often, you’ll realize how in sync your brains are. While your best friend may not always finish your sentences, you’ll notice that you have some sort of “telepathy” going on.

This message, “we are best friends because everyone else sucks,” can be a close description of how you are together. Other people won’t get you the way your best friend does. 

Some will frown to know that you put mustard on your eggs. But your best friend won’t. In fact, they’ll be the ones to drizzle it all over your omelet. Why?

Because your best friend gets you. They understand what makes you happy. They know your quirks, and they love you for it no matter. Do you think you suck at life? It doesn’t matter to them. You will still be their favorite person. 

#14 A True Friend Is One Soul In Two Bodies

Message printed in a bracelet saying that a true friend is one soul two bodiesBuy Now: $19.90

One soul. Two bodies. How often do you find someone who will share an invisible connection with you? It’s rare. Too rare that it must be given importance and treasured forever.

A best friend will be there for you forever because you give the same energy to them. When you share the same soul, you don’t have to tell them when times are tough. They will feel your sadness even when you don’t say a word. For sure, they will be ready to give you a listening ear and a sounding board whenever you need it. 

There may be times when they will have this unexplainable feeling whenever something is about to happen or is happening to each other. Best friends with souls connected have that bond.

That said, this bracelet is the perfect present to give your best friend. Once they receive it, they’ll know what you mean.&

#15 I Never Let My Friends Do Stupid Things...Alone

A silver cuff bracelet contains a funny message saying "I never let my friends do stupid things, alone"Buy Now: $19.90

People are prone to doing stupid things. Some things that we won’t be really proud of. But, if you have someone to share this with, everything becomes better or more bearable. One singer even mentioned before this particular quote: “If we gather our embarrassment together, it’ll become confidence.” This phrase if particularly true because it’s easy to feel comfortable when you have someone to share your embarrassment. 

So this quote on the bracelet can mean two things. One, “I’ll never let you do stupid things,” means that a true friend will not tolerate any action that you’ll regret later on. They will tell you, scold you if need be. They will make sure that you’ll remain grounded. But, don’t be fooled because they will be your best secret keeper. They will protect you from any embarrassment. 

That said, it doesn’t mean they won’t be willing to share the embarrassment with you. They are made like that - to complement you. Sometimes, it feels nice to have someone who will let you be a little reckless while keeping us in line, right?

#16 My Best Friend Is The One Who Brings Out The Best In Me

Cuff silver-plated bracelet with a message saying "My Best Friend Is The One Who Brings Out The Best In Me"Buy Now: $19.90

Best friends bring out the best in us. It’s true. It’s easy for them to do this because they know us from the inside out. They know your biggest assets, and they will cheer you on every chance they get. They also know what situations you don’t feel confident at all. They know your flaws and help you overcome them. 
Of course, they will cry with you. They feel your pain. But, they will also be a constant reminder to you about the good things in the world. Yes, they will be the ones to tell you what makes you beautiful. 

Giving best friend bracelets for adults holds a lot of meaning. This particular accessory can become their “safety blanket” whenever doubt clouds their mind. Whenever their fingers run through the inscriptions, they’ll know that someone knows their worth.

#17 Friends Forever Boys Whatever

Cuff bracelet with a message about friends before boysBuy Now: $19.90

For younger friends without a deep bond, it’s easy to accept that their relationship can be broken by boys. But, as you grow older, you realize that boys can be temporary. They will come and go. A friend, a true friend at that, will be there - wiping the tears away caused by some boy. 

One perfect example that comes to mind is the novel “One Day in December.” Two best friends/roommates who fall for the same guy. In the end, they didn’t let their friendship fizzle. In fact, it even made their bond stronger. One of the characters even gave her best friend a bracelet to tell her that she’s like a sister to her!

So, if you’re looking for adult best friend bracelets, this piece is a must-buy. Give it to your best friend to tell her that no boys will ever break your friendship. 

#18 A Good Friend Is Cheaper Than Therapy

A silver cuff bracelet contains a message saying "A good friend is cheaper than therapy"Buy Now: $24.90

Do you know why you’re more than willing to buy your best friend beautiful things? It’s because they are priceless. Whatever you spend on them will still be way cheaper than getting a therapy. Feeling depressed? Ring them and ask them to go shopping with you or eat a tub of ice cream, and they’ll be running to you in no time. 

There may be times when you feel stressed out when you see them wearing that sweater you recently bought (with a tag still on it!). But, you know that everything you own is essentially theirs as well. There’s comfort in knowing you have someone who can light up your day with their mere presence. 
Let them know how you feel about them with this piece. 

Did you know that you can customize this bangle bracelet? Aside from the special hidden message, you can choose a word that’s meaningful for you and your BFF. 

#19 Two-Tone Bracelet - Sister I Got To Choose

A  two tone bracelet with a sweet message in a pendant saying "You are my sister I got to choose"Buy Now: $29

For an elegant BFF bracelet, this two-tone bangle with an engraved charm is the perfect gift that you can buy. It’s stylish enough to match any type of wardrobe. Since it’s two-toned, your bestie can choose to wear it along with their other jewelry pieces. Whether they stack it with gold or silver pieces, it’s okay. This bracelet will not look out of place.

The message engraved on the charm is simple but imparts a meaningful message to your best friend. They are more than a friend to you. They are your sister. They are your family. 

Best Friend for Life

The most meaningful part of giving your best friend a bracelet is the thought and love you put into it. Best friend bracelets celebrate the bond between two persons. Your gift, with a special message, can make it more special. Any message will do. It can be a date you consider special, such as the first day you met or the first holiday you went on together. The message doesn’t have to be all serious as well. You can choose to put an inside joke that only the two of you know. 

Do you know what else will make the best friend bracelets even more meaningful? If you get a matching piece. Why not flaunt to the world how much you love your best friend, right?

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