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What Does Angel Number 555 Mean in Love?

Leah Goldberg

Do you keep seeing the numbers 555, 5:55, or $5.55 wherever you go? Well, this is not just a coincidence. This is a powerful angel number, bringing you an important message from a higher realm.

When it comes to love, angel number 555 is telling you that change is on its way, and it is for joyous reasons. Something needs to change in your love life, so that a new life can be experienced.

So what does angel number 555 mean in love? Seeing 555 in terms of love, means that you need to assess your current relationship, and realize that change is imminent for the longevity of it. If single, it indicates your love life is about to change! 

What does 555 mean when you are in love?

When you see 555 it has specific meanings when it comes to love:

Seeing 555 in a relationship

So, what does 555 mean in relationships? The number 5 resonates to Mercury - the fastest planet. Mercury rules the nervous system and the intellect. If your relationship has been stressing you out lately, 555 is telling you to relax, and communicate with your partner.

By having relaxed communication with your partner, things can then change for the better, and a more fulfilling relationship can be established. Do things together that stimulate your minds, so that you can have interesting experiences together and grow from it!

Seeing Angel number 555 while single

In astrology, the 5th Zodiac sign is Leo and represents the 5th house. The 5th house is all about physical pleasure, being creative, and spending time with children. When single, and seeing 555, the angels are indicating to get creative and have fun with others.

By having fun with others, whether it’s an art or cooking workshop, you’re opening yourself up to meeting new people, who can also introduce you to others. Change will then be on its way, and your love life will turn around for the best! 

What does 555 mean spiritually in love?

Spiritually, 555 means that you should look deep into whatever situation you are going through and meditate on it, as change is on its way. The angels are giving you the spiritual strength to handle the change that is on the way.

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Change is what makes life the way it is. When you meet someone for the first time and like them, you then start seeing them more and finally become a couple. You then end up going through a honeymoon phase.

A relationship can often bring you close to the divine, as the divine is unconditional love, and in the beginning of a relationship, that is often what you have for your partner. If you see 555, it indicates that things are about to change, and it will bring much joy.

Seeing 555 angel number when thinking of Someone

When you think about someone you like, and see the number 555, it often indicates that an intimate relationship will occur between the two of you, and lots of fun will be had!

Seeing 555 when thinking of ex

Angel number 555, and the meaning of your ex, indicates that things in your life will change, and you will meet someone new that will bring you much joy and happiness. Change was good, and your ex now belongs in the past.

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As it is a triple 5, and 5 indicates the Zodiac sign Leo, it often means that this person will be very regal in stature and status, and will treat you like royalty! They will also be extremely self-confident and will bring out the confidence in you.

555 meaning after a breakup

Breakups are never easy. Once you loved your special “person,” and now they’re gone, and you may have been experiencing many lonely nights in front of the TV watching Netflix with a big tub of ice cream.

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However, now you start seeing 555 wherever you go! This is a wonderful sign from the angels that you can wipe away your tears, and that they’re there for you, even if you can’t see them. They are bringing romantic change in your life, and a beautiful new relationship will blossom!

555 Angel number, Twin Flame, and Love

555 is a very powerful number when it comes to your twin flame. The 5th card of the Tarot is the Hierophant or the Priest, and 555 indicates that your partner is your twin flame, and your relationship will be traditional and full of commitment.

If you are single, the 555 angel number meaning in love, which relates to the Hierophant, indicates that a friend of yours has a crush on you, and is your twin flame. This friend will become your partner and you will have a very special relationship.

555 Angel Number, Soulmate and Love

When you see 555, you need to know that there will be change within your relationship, but at the same time, your partner is your soulmate. You have lived many lives together, and are creating something beautiful in this lifetime. 

If you are single and see the number 555, know that adventure and change are coming. You are going to meet someone that is going to turn your life around for the best, and this person is going to be your soulmate - you have a “spiritual contract”’ together in this lifetime.


The 555 angel number in love and relationships go hand in hand. Know that the 555 love meaning holds great power, as change is coming, and all you need to do is keep the faith and hold on tight for the amazing ride!