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Angel Numbers for Money, Wealth, and Prosperity

Lou Siday

Our guardian angels love to send us signs via numbers. These numbers work according to the  theory of numerology, which tells us that all numbers have a specific meaning. Certain sequences of numbers have special messages regarding money, wealth, and prosperity. 

When we see these angel numbers in the world around us, we know that our guardian angels want to tell us something! We can also work with these numbers to attract wealth and prosperity into our lives. 

Let’s look at angel numbers for money, wealth, and prosperity. 

Angel Numbers That Represent Money

Whether you see these numbers in the universe or want to work with them to manifest money, let's look at the best angel numbers for fortune. 

Angel Number 444: Attracts Financial Stability 

Angel Number 444

The angel number 444 holds the energy of stability and security. Its vibrations let you focus on financial stability, providing you with the space to create progress and consistency. 

Seeing the number 444 does not mean that a financial windfall is coming your way. Its energy of security allows you to create a stable financial situation for yourself. 

You can work with this angel number to manifest financial stability. Write down 444 on a piece of paper and place it in your wallet or purse. 

Angel Number 666: Attracts a Good Attitude Regarding Money 

Angel Number 666 on peach background

Angel number 666 represents balance and harmony. It is strongly linked to money, with its vibrations allowing you to harmonize with money positively. 

By working with angel number 666, you are able to curate a healthy and balanced relationship with money. Its energy will remove materialistic wishes from your mindset, allowing you to view finances and money realistically. 

When you feel overwhelmed by money worries and concerns, take a moment to meditate with this number. Write it down in your journal and focus on this number. 

Angel Numbers That Represent Wealth

Certain angel numbers have clear messages regarding wealth. Let’s take a look at the angel numbers for wealth and abundance. 

Angel Number 888: Attracts Wealth

Angel number 888 on peach background

If you want to attract wealth and abundance into your life, 888 is the perfect angel number to work with. In numerology, the number 8 represents prosperity and completeness. With the angel number 888, this energy is amplified. 

If you often see the angel number 888, it is a huge sign that wealth is coming your way. You can work with the energy of this number by writing the number in your journal every morning, inviting its vibrations into your life. 

Angel Number 234: Attracts New Avenues for Wealth

Angel number 234 on peach background

An ascending angel number holds the energy of progress and change. If you are starting a business or applying for a new job, working with angel number 234 allows you to open up new avenues for wealth. 

Angel number 234 is full of energy of creativity and personal development. It allows you to go after what you truly dream of, bringing wealth and prosperity to you. 

If you have a job interview or a business meeting, write the angel number 234 on your wrist. This allows it to bring the needed progress and change into your life. . 

Angel Numbers That Represent Prosperity 

Working with angel numbers allows you to bring prosperity into your life.

Angel Number 1111: Attracts Prosperity For Businesses

angel number 1111 on peach background

Starting your own business can be overwhelming. However, your guardian angels are on your side and want to help you attract prosperity and success for your new business. 

The angel number 1111 represents new beginnings and manifestation. If you are seeing this number, it is a sign that your businesses will prosper. 

If you have an office space for your new business, hang the angel number 1111 on your wall. This allows its energy to be constantly affecting and improving your business. 

Angel Number 771: Attracts Prosperity in all Areas of Your Life

angel number 771 on peach background

The angel number 771 is an incredible message from your guardian angels. It will usually appear if you have been going through a difficult time. Perhaps you have been working hard but are yet to reap the rewards. 

If you see this angel number, it is a sign that prosperity will appear in all areas of your life. You have put the effort in and will soon see a positive change around you.

Angel Number to Recover Money Through Manifestation

You can work with angel numbers to manifest and recover money. When wanting to manifest money, you should turn to angel numbers that include the numbers 8 and 0. 

The angel number 808 is a fantastic way to recover money. In numerology, the number 8 holds the energy of prosperity and abundance. In contrast, the number 0 represents opportunities and fresh starts. 

The angel number 808 brings a mix of new beginnings and success to manifest and recover money. It ushers in a time of financial security, allowing you to have a new relationship with money. 

Write this number down on a piece of paper every morning while repeating affirmations for money and prosperity. 

Angel Numbers for Good Fortune

Certain angel numbers have a clear message of good fortune and success. 

Angel numbers to work with for manifesting good fortune:

  • Angel number 789: Brings good fortune for money and finance 
  • Angel number 222: Brings good fortune for love
  • Angel number 1126: Brings good fortune for businesses
  • Angel number 777: Brings general good fortune 

You can work with these angel numbers for fortune in many ways. Writing angel numbers on your wrist every morning allows their energy to be with you throughout the day. 

You can also journal angel numbers or meditate with them. Everyone connects with angel numbers differently, so take the time to find out what works for you!


  • Which number is associated with money? 

The number 8 is associated with money and abundance. 

  • What does 444 mean?

The angel number 444 reflects stability and security. 

  • What does 333 mean?

The angel number 333 usually appears when you need to focus on balancing your mind, body, and soul. 

  • What does 777 mean?

The angel number 777 is usually a sign of good luck and fortune.

  • How can I attract money?

Working with numerology and angel numbers can help you attract money into your life. 

  • What does 1111 mean?

The angel number 1111 represents new beginnings, allowing you to manifest your dreams.