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The Complete List of 5 Angel Numbers for Protection

Leah Goldberg

Angel numbers are a select group of numbers that mean different things. Certain angel numbers indicate protection. When you see these guardian angel numbers, know that the angels are watching over you, and guiding you to make the right decisions.

The following article covers the specific angel numbers you need to look out for, which indicate that a higher power is looking after your well-being, and protecting you!

What Angel Numbers Mean Protection?

Angel Number 1111 for Protection

1111 is a special angel number for protection. It is a number that symbolizes fresh and new beginnings. Are you in a toxic relationship that you need to get out of, or in a job where you aren’t appreciated and treated poorly? Seeing 1111 is a message to get out!

When you see angel number 1111, know that a spiritual awakening is upon you. If you are missing a dearly beloved person that has passed on, the angels are guiding you, protecting you, and telling you that this person is near.

Angel Number 222 for Protection

222 is a precious protection angel number, literally guided by the light of the Moon, as the number 2 relates to the Moon in Astrology. When you are in love, or single, wishing for love, seeing the number 222 indicates that your soulmate is near.

Triple 2 also indicates financial abundance, as Taurus rules the 2nd house of the Zodiac, which governs money. If you see 222, buy a lottery ticket, invest in stocks you have researched, and go for gold! The angels are protecting your financial decisions.  

Angel Number 444 for Protection

444 is a very strong angel number for protection. In numerology, 4 is a number of stability and structure. In Astrology, the 4th house is ruled by Cancer, a Zodiac sign synonymous with love, care and nurture.

Angel number 444 means you are being guided and protected, it is a sign from the angels to become more practical. They are telling you to go with your gut and put roots down, to build a solid life filled with love, security and joy.

Angel Number 777 for Protection

777 is a lucky number that means protection, and it consists of three 7’s. The 7th house of the Zodiac is Libra, symbolizing love, fairness and justice. If someone has done you wrong, seeing 777 is a message that your angels are protecting your rights.

Model wearing an angel number 777 necklaceBuy now

Wear angel number 777 close to your heart, as it will protect your best interests, when it comes to love! Know that the Universe supports you, and you are safe from harm. Just always use your gut in any situation that may seem dangerous!

Angel Number 999 for Protection

999 is a special angel number, where your angels are protecting you, by indicating that your current situation is near its end. If a situation in your life is troubling you, seeing this number means that you won’t have to worry for too much longer.

Sagittarius on a time loop wheel

Also the 9th house in Astrology is related to Sagittarius, and the Greek god Zeus. Zeus was the father of many of the gods and greatest ruler of the sky. Seeing 999 means you are heavily watched over by a mighty, higher power.

Wear a necklace with the numbers 999 when going on independent adventures, such as hiking in the forest, and traveling abroad, as this number will help protect you! 999 is one of the best angel numbers for protection.