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Best 12 Bestfriend Necklaces for Adults

Gifting can be a simple act, but it’s one of the most complicated ones you must carefully consider. This is particularly true when you have to gift someone special to you - someone like your best friend. Your gift should represent the bond that you share. 

A best friend is a person that will be there for you until you get old. As adults, we encounter many hardships, but your faithful friend will always be there to comfort you if you need them. This is why there are many moments when you want to give something special in return.

If you are looking for a gift to give to your best friend, there are many necklaces with special themes that you will like as an adult. Best friend necklaces have various themes and designs, with good quality materials and craftsmanship.

Tips for Buying Bestfriend Necklaces

For many, buying a piece of jewelry is a luxury. It’s something people don’t buy for themselves. Often, these pieces are given as gifts to make someone feel special and valued. Other wearable items, such as clothes, hats, and shoes, can make someone feel special. But, it’s not as sentimental as receiving a piece of jewelry, like best friend necklaces. So, if you plan to buy adult BFF necklaces or adult best friend bracelets, here’s a quick tip to help you get started: 

Set a Budget

Sure, you can choose from a wide variety of adult BFF jewelry from several shops. But, if any of these don’t fall within your budget, you’ll only end up with regret. The key here is to set a budget before scouring the internet for the exquisite pieces. If not, you’ll only disappoint yourself when you visit a site and explore their collection only to find out you can’t afford their pieces. 

Decide on a Style

Planning to buy best friend necklaces for 3 adults? You should decide on a style. Should you get matching pieces, or would you like to get the same chains but different charms? This is where you will factor in the style that matches their personality. Do they prefer longer chains or want something edgier? Once your gift is in line with their personal taste, you’d be sure to wear it every single day. 

Personalize It!

What makes a gift special is the thought behind it. Consider this: You can buy adult friendship necklaces for your tribe. But, you can take it a notch higher by customizing them and ensuring that your besties will treasure the gift for a lifetime. Don’t think these charms are exclusive for the young ones. Did you know there are best friend charms for adults that can be meaningful for you and your besties? 

When buying one, it’s best if you can choose the ones that best represent your relationship with each other. 

Do your best friends act like the stars in the sky, inspiring you whenever you’re feeling down? Then, a necklace with matching star charms is something you should consider.

Here are some inspirational friendship necklaces for adults that you can choose from: 

#1 My Badass Tribe Friendship Necklace

A model wearing a tribe silver necklace while holding the tip endBuy Now: $39.90

True friends are always there for us no matter what situation you are in. You would feel like both of you are in a tribe where you will face anything that will try to test your friendship. This necklace best describes your relationship with your best friend as your badass tribe partner.

The badass tribe friendship necklace comes with a meaningful message that reminds your best friend how grateful you are for coming into your life. It is made from sterling silver with platinum plating and cubic zirconia stone. The necklace also has an adjustable clasp that would conveniently fit any size.

#2 Friendship Anchor Necklace

A model wearing a friendship anchor silver necklaceBuy Now: $29.90

We all value our best friends and will do anything to keep them in our lives. Just like a ship, it needs an anchor to keep it stable, and it will not go away. An anchor necklace is a simple gift you can give to your best friend as a reminder of how your relationship keeps you grounded and is true at all times.

The friendship anchor necklace is a great item to represent a strong bond between you and your best friend. The chain is about 16 to 18 inches long with a 0.6-inch crown pendant. It is also plated with silver to help prevent it from tarnishing. The friendship anchor necklace comes with a touching message of keeping the friendship stronger.

#3 To My Best Friend Flip Flop Necklace

A model wearing a flip flop silver necklaceBuy Now: $39.90

Best friends are to stay in your life for as long as you want. Together, you and your best friend will experience great journeys in life. Both of you will remain true to each other and remind each other how special your friendship is.

The flip flop necklace is a lovely gift to give to your best friend and sends a message that you are looking forward to a long friendship. It has a platinum-plated pendant with blue opal inlay in an adjustable steel chain. The flip flop pendant symbolizes your journey together in life as best friends. Did you know it can also mean how the two of you always long for the beach?

#4 Family Gift Personalized Heart Puzzle Piece Necklace

A model wearing a heart shaped Puzzle silver necklaceBuy Now: $34.95

You can find true friendship with your friends and family and share your life with them. Your group of best friends will be your companion throughout your life. You can give them something unique that will mean your special bond with them.

The puzzle piece necklace is a perfect gift for your group of best friends. It is customizable where you can request friends or family members’ names engraved on it. This special necklace is made of stainless steel with a 45 mm x 35 mm pendant. The lace is 45 cm to 50 cm in length, which will look good on anyone who uses it.

#5 Magnetic Heart Couple Necklace

A model wearing a magnetic couple heart necklaceBuy Now: $39.90

Most couples became good friends before getting into a relationship. There are countless memories that you and your partner can make and build an unbreakable bond. The attraction between you two is like combining two hearts into one. 

The magnetic coupe heart necklace is perfect if you want to give something to your partner that represents a strong relationship. This necklace is made of alloy with a pendant of 2.5 cm x 1.8 cm in size. The chain length is 60 cm and extends 5 cm more. Your partner will feel loved if both of you have this.

#6 Work Bestie Luxe Heart Necklace

A model wearing a heart shaped necklace with gold and silver platingBuy Now: $29.99

Not all friends are childhood friends. Sometimes, you may meet people from work who will help you change how you view life. If you’re on the search for best friend necklaces for 2 adults, this elegant heart necklace is a must-buy. 

It’s made with AAA Grade Cubic Zirconia and comes with an adjustable 40 cm + 5 cm chain. From the exquisite detail on the charm to the high-quality chain made of silver-plated copper, this piece can warm any heart. More so if they read the beautiful message card sent along with it.

#7 Infinite Heart Necklace

A model wearing an infinity with heart attached necklaceBuy Now: $39.90

Infinite love - how do you show it to someone you treasure so dearly? This is an excellent gift if you consider your wife as your best friend for life. This heart charm intertwined with an infinite charm and studded with AAA Grade Cubic Zirconia stones is a great reminder of your undying love for your partner. 

It’s one of the unique pieces your wife or special someone will keep forever.

#8 To My Best Friend Four-Leaf Lucky Heart Necklace

Four leaf luck necklace with silver and gold plate placed on top of a canvasBuy Now: $29.95

This necklace is another meaningful piece to give your best friend. You can show how special they are to you with this item. How? The four mini hearts can show how much you love and value them. When they need a bit of good luck, they can fix it to become a four-leaf clover.

You can be sure to encourage your friend even if you may be miles apart from each other. What a way to show your support, right? It’s also great that your friend can wear this multi-functional piece for different occasions. Do they need something to give them luck for an important job interview? Fashion the charm as a four-leaf clover. Are they going out for a date? Then, let the mini hearts do their thing. 

This stunning piece is available in silver and gold and comes with an adjustable 45 cm + 5 cm chain.

#9 Moon and Heart Gold Necklace

A heart shaped necklace with moon print on itBuy Now: $39.90

Some people possess that light that shines upon us at the darkest of times in our lives. These people are like the moon. Do you see your best friend in this light? If yes, this gold necklace is an excellent way to let them know how special they are in your life. If you serve as the light on their darkest days, this necklace can also be a reminder for them. With you behind them, there will be no dark days because you’re always there supporting them. 

With a AAA Cubic Zirconia-studded heart border encasing a hollow crescent moon, this piece shows the true meaning of friendship. It’s plated with gold to prevent tarnishing and features a cable chain that matches well with the charm. Get this for your bestie now. 

#10 Cardinal Heart Memorial Necklace

A model wearing heart shaped necklace with cardinal bird shape in silver platingBuy Now: $29.90

A best friend who passed on to another life should never be forgotten. This memorial necklace designed with a red cardinal is an excellent reminder of someone’s special meaning in your life. Celebrate the life your best friend has lived. Getting friendship necklaces for 3 adults with this meaningful charm is one way to do it. The charm with the message, “Cardinals appear when angels are near,” can serve as a little nudge that an angel is always looking out for you. 

Make it even more special by engraving it with an angel number unique to your departed friend. 

#11 Calligraphic Heart Evil Eye Necklace

A model wearing a calligraphic evil eye necklace with gold platingBuy Now: $42.90

A necklace can hold special meaning to both the giver and the recipient. As a giver, choosing to gift a necklace with an evil eye means wishing good luck and blessings. To the recipient, it can represent a valuable and sentimental gift that conveys the type of bond that the two of you share. Aside from giving a gift to remember you by, you also provide them with the gift of protection.

Did you know that an evil eye offers protection from negative energy and bad luck? The evil eye’s power becomes double when it’s gifted by someone special.

While some may consider this piece as a talisman, this necklace’s exquisite design makes it an elegant accessory to wear for any special occasion. The heart charm studded with multicolored stones sure does make a great gift.

#12 Round Love Evil Eye Gold Tone Necklace

Round shaped evil eye necklace with gold toneBuy Now: $42.90

As mentioned, evil eye charms offer protection. If you plan to give your best friend something they can wear daily, this round love evil eye gold necklace is a great option. The evil eye is engraved along with other characters, so you don’t have to worry about a broken evil eye charm. Its gold-plated copper material also ensures you don’t have to worry about tarnishing.

Say Love With a Gift

Best friends are tied with you for life. Giving them a special gift, like best friend necklaces, is one way to strengthen your relationship. When buying a gift, always go for the one that’s within your budget, that matches their style, and that conveys the message you want to deliver. You can choose to buy any gift, and your best friend will treasure it. But, nothing beats giving a special necklace.

Explore our necklace collection, and you might just find that one piece that you can buy for your best friend or yourself. 

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