12 Bonus Daughter Bracelets to Make Her Feel She Belongs
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12 Bonus Daughter Bracelets to Make Her Feel She Belongs

A bonus daughter refers to your step-daughter—a female child of your partner. If you’re assuming the parental role through marriage to their biological parent, then you earn yourself a bonus child. While it’s a step-daughter in a sense, many find it more appropriate and fitting to call them a bonus daughter. In a blended family set-up, “step-daughter” and “step-sons” may have a negative connotation. It can alienate them or make them feel like they aren’t part of the family that you’re building. Calling them bonus daughter makes the two of you feel like you’ve both won the lottery. 

Are you considering some bonus daughter gifts? Perhaps a bonus daughter bracelet in sterling silver?

Here’s our list of recommendations you can check out: 

#1 To My Bonus Daughter - I Love You

Bonus daughter bracelet placed on top of a cotton fabricBuy Now: $23.90

Daughters are one of the most precious things that could ever happen to you, even if they came as a bonus daughter in your life. Their memories are precious and priceless, such as going to her ballet lessons, watching her recitals, her prom night, and even her wedding. These are some moments that you will truly treasure and make sure to never miss out on.

If you are lucky to have a bonus daughter, you will do everything to provide her with her needs. You can also give the simple things that will remind her that she is part of the family. Make her understand that no matter what the situation, you will give all the love that you have to her. A simple bracelet would be one of the great bonus daughter gifts you can give her.

This bangle bracelet is made of stainless steel, which will not tarnish, corrode, stain, or fade. Its durability is of high quality, and you won’t worry about allergic reactions because it is nickel-free. The length of the bangle bracelet would fit almost all sizes with its adjustable openings.

#2 To My Bonus Daughter Bangle

To my Bonus daughter bangle bracelet in a white backgroundBuy Now: $23.90

There are many occasions that we celebrate with our loved ones. Every parent wouldn’t want to miss every moment and try to make every celebration precious and memorable, especially if it’s your bonus daughter’s wedding. It is an exciting event you need to prepare for, and don’t miss out on a single detail, such as your wedding gift for your stepdaughter. 

Before your bonus daughter’s big day, you can give her a simple appreciation for sharing her life with you. You may give her a special gift. 

Something that will remind her that she is important to you. A gift to remind her that you are always there, guiding her even after her wedding. She will appreciate a simple cuff bracelet and always remember you every time she wears it.

The cuff bracelet is durable for its 316L stainless steel composition. It also has an engraved message to make your daughter feel your presence everywhere she goes. The bracelet will never tarnish, stain, corrode, fade, or cause allergic reactions. If you are planning to surprise your bonus daughter, you don’t have to worry about the size because it is adjustable and will fit almost all sizes.

#3 To My Bonus Daughter, I’m So Proud Of You Bracelet

Bonus daughter I'm so proud of you braceletBuy Now: 23.90

Nothing beats having a complete family, especially if you have a bonus daughter. Having a bonus daughter is another opportunity to let them feel they are important and they are part of the family. 

It is also important that every family member would not feel left out, especially your bonus daughter. One way of letting her know that she is special to you is by giving her simple gifts like a bracelet. She will appreciate this gesture, and you will see how you make her feel happy.

A bracelet that is made of stainless steel would be an ideal gift for your bonus daughter, especially with an engraved message telling her how proud you are of her. It is nickel-free, so you won’t feel worried about her getting allergies. The bracelet also has adjustable openings, which fits comfortably on most wrist sizes.

#4 To My Daughter, Love You Forever Bracelet

To my daughter, love you forever bracelet in a white backgroundBuy Now: $26.00

Building a family is one of the hardest but most fulfilling tasks of being an adult, especially if you have a bonus daughter. Watching her grow and accomplish so many things in life is priceless. It would be wonderful to witness precious moments in her life, such as birthdays, finishing high school, going to college, graduating, and getting married. These are just a few events in her life that you would want to be a part of.

All of your bonus daughter’s achievements will make you a happy and proud stepparent. Her accomplishments are also yours, and it is enough reason to give her some token of appreciation. Make her feel special by finding unique bonus daughter gifts. You can give her a cuff bracelet with a meaningful message saying how much you are proud of her.

The bracelet is made of stainless steel to make it strong and durable. It is nickel-free and will not corrode, fade, stain, or tarnish. It also fits most wrists with its adjustable openings. 

#5 Mothers And Daughters Never Truly Part, Maybe In Distance, But Never In Heart Bracelet

Mothers And Daughters Never Truly Part, Maybe In Distance, But Never In Heart BraceletBuy Now: $19.90

Beautiful relationships bud from difficult situations - special, isn’t it? Many mothers often develop that special bond with their daughters, even if they are considered only family on paper. This bond often runs deep. Show your daughter how much she means to you. Remind her of your presence in your life. 

This bangle bracelet is one of the perfect bonus daughter gifts from a stepmom. Why? Because it sends a special message that no matter where they are, even if they start a new life away from you, they would always have a special place in your heart. 

This stainless steel bracelet features an open cuff design that fits most wrists and is easy to wear. So, if your daughter needs a little reminder, they can simply run their hands on the message and feel comforted. 

#6 To My Daughter, Promise To Love You Bracelet

Promise to love you braceletBuy Now: $26

One thing you have to understand about bonus daughters is they will constantly fear being left out. It’s natural. They are a product of a broken relationship. While your presence may give her the semblance of family, this fear of being alone will always be at the back of her head. 

Of course, you can’t promise forever with her. 

That would be unfair for both of you. But this bracelet is a reminder of one thing. You may not be together forever, but you can promise to give her the love she needs and deserves for as long as you live. This stepdaughter bracelet is more than just an accessory. It’s a reminder that she belongs.

#7 You Are My Sunshine Bangle

You are my sunshine bangle braceletBuy Now: $26

You are my sunshine. It’s a simple message, but it holds a lot of meaning. If you look at it, it’s hard to survive without sunshine. And that is what this bonus daughter bangle signifies. The phrase, “incomplete without the sun as I am incomplete without you,” shows the deep bond that you share. It’s nice to say thank you for accepting you as the mother who will keep her company. 

If possible, it would be nice to dig deeper into the meaning and origin behind the quotes and phrases. Here’s an alternate version of the description we can use:

“You are my sunshine” is a song that is now a Louisiana state song. No one knows who originally wrote the song, but it was first published by Jimmie Davis and Charles Mitchell on January 30, 1940.

This open bangle has the engravement with this timeless quote, ‘You are my sunshine.’ If you are a stepdad, this bonus daughter bracelet would make an ideal gift to make her feel that she is one of a kind and how important she is to you.

#8 I Will Always Be Here For You

I Will Always Be Here For YouBuy Now: $26

If your bonus daughter has an age that’s close to yours, you may not always see her as a stepdaughter. It may even be better if you consider her as a sister, a best friend you can rely on when times get tough. 

The message doesn’t say the kind of unconventional familial relationship you have but rather the special bond you share. This bracelet for your stepdaughter makes your unique relationship stand out. 

#9 I Love You Believe In Yourself As Much As I Believe In You

I love you bracelet placed on top of a grainy white sandBuy Now: $26

A mother and daughter relationship is special in itself. They share things that their fathers and sons may not understand. That’s why some daughters look at their mother as the anchor that grounds them and the compass that directs them. Just as this bracelet serves as a reminder that they shouldn’t let their insecurities eat them up. 

Give this bracelet to a bonus daughter if you want to encourage her to believe in herself. Remind her that no one is perfect, and even their imperfections make up their personality. 

#10 Two-Tone Bracelet-Bonus Daughter

Two tone bonus daughter braceletBuy Now: $29.00

Having a bonus daughter is a precious thing that could happen to a stepparent. This new chapter in life makes your relationship with her more valuable and special. This means you will do anything to make her feel she is part of the family. Of course, you cannot claim that you’re the one who gave her life. It’s unfair to her birth mother. Instead, you can make her feel that her birth is a gift that you would treasure for a lifetime. 

Looking for a bonus daughter bracelet in rose gold? This is a great alternative. It’s in two-tone metal, which makes it a great option for stacking and elevating any look. They can easily pair this with any of their existing accessories. 

#11 Two-Tone Bracelet - Straighten Your Crown

Two Tone Bracelet Straighten Your Crown in a white backgroundBuy Now: $29

Things will not always be perfect. Sometimes, your daughter will feel burdened by the many things happening around them. You can show them you are there to support them.

Remind them she is your daughter, and you will not let her succumb to whatever difficulties she is going through. Every problem is just a rough patch, a bump in the road. They can easily overcome. Wrap her in your warm embrace with this gorgeous bonus daughter charm bracelet.

#12 To My Daughter Dreamcatcher Bangle

Silver plated Dreamcatcher Bangle in a white backgroundBuy Now: $26

An elegant silver-plated bracelet is a perfect way to finish off this list. This stunning piece may not have a special message, but it sends the same anyway. It shows your bonus daughter that you’ve carefully chosen something for them. A special bracelet with exquisitely designed charms to make them feel that she belongs. 

Final Thoughts: She Belongs

Bonus daughter gifts from stepdad and stepmom are special, but it’s even more meaningful if it makes their children feel loved and cherished. Once they know that their parents are exerting the effort to build a relationship with them, it would be easier for them to be accepting.

Building a relationship with your new daughter takes time and effort. If things don’t go as planned, don’t quit just yet. Exert more effort. Become a present figure in their life. Once they feel assured that you are a permanent part of her life, she will open up.