Model wearing a bonus daughter necklace gift from step mom
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10 Bonus Daughter Necklaces

In life, there are some things that we cannot change or control. This includes falling in love with someone who has kids from a previous relationship. If your partner has a bonus daughter, it’s a fact that you have to accept and deal with. You may ask, “what is a bonus daughter?”

A bonus daughter is your step daughter or your partner’s biological daughter from a previous relationship. While some may find such a setup tricky, it’s not always the case. 

Yes, it’s possible to get along with a bonus daughter. 

It’s possible if you both keep an open mind of the things beyond your control. But, what’s great about having a bonus daughter is that you always have a chance to build a relationship with them. 

How do you show them they are more than a step daughter to you? Give them any of these bonus daughter necklaces. 

#1 Love Letter Necklace

"Love Letter Necklace" letters L.O.V.E chained together in a necklaceBuy Now: $39.90

Love is about caring for someone and sharing your life with them. Having a bonus daughter means you are extending your love for her and making her feel that she is part of the family. It is natural for every parent to show affection for their bonus daughter and give their all to bind a stronger family.

Every member of the family must work together and show appreciation for taking care of one another. As a parent, you can give your bonus daughter a simple gift to show how much you love her. A bonus daughter necklace would be an ideal gift for her. She will like how you show your affection for her.

This necklace is made of copper with gold plating. It has pendants of the letters L-O-V-E, which will always remind her of you and the whole family. Its stone is AAA Grade Cubic Zirconia, making it more valuable for your bonus daughter.

#2 To My Daughter Highs And Lows Necklace

Highs and lows silver plated necklace with white backgroundBuy Now: $29.90

Life is full of surprises, and you’ll never know who you will meet and eventually end up together. Many couples are in this experience, and some will have bonus daughters. Some may experience difficulties in having new relationships, and others don’t have any problems dealing with the new family.

Whatever you are in with your new family, you need to do everything you can to keep every member together. Your bonus daughter may be having difficulties with the situation, which is your responsibility to make her feel your love. You can start by giving bonus daughter gifts such as this highs and lows necklace.

This necklace has a silver plating finish on copper with AAA-grade cubic zirconia. It also has a chain length of 42 cm and is adjustable to 3 cm more, which can fit almost all neck sizes. This necklace is a reminder to your bonus daughter that you will always be there for her through her highs and lows.

#3 To My Daughter Forever Linked Together Round Interlocking Necklace

To My Daughter Forever Linked Together Round Interlocking Necklace in a white backgroundBuy Now: $29.90

There is always a special bond between a mother and a daughter where they spend most of their time together. Moms will always treasure having a special relationship with their step daughter. It is important to them to witness and be a part of every milestone of their step daughter’s life.

There are many events that every daughter experiences, such as birthdays, prom nights, recitals, graduation, and wedding. One of the important highlights of womanhood is their wedding. Moms look forward to this special day as they watch their step daughter create her own family. Before the big day comes, most moms would like to search for a wedding gift for their step daughter.

One of the best wedding gifts that you can give to your step daughter would be forever linked together with a round interlocking necklace. It has gold plating on copper with a chain length of 37 cm. The interlocking pendants represent your forever bond with your step daughter.

#4 To My Daughter Sunflower Fidget Necklace

Sunflower fidget necklace for kidsBuy Now: $29.90

Every member of a family needs each other to get through everyday activities. Everyone must help each other, especially if you are building a new family. You also need to make your bonus daughter feel she is part of the whole process. Some would experience difficulties adjusting to a new life, and you can mend this situation by letting your bonus daughter feel that you love her. 

One of the best ways of showing appreciation to your bonus daughter is by giving her some simple things that would remind her that she’s part of your inspiration. Tell her that she is giving you the courage whenever you feel down. If you are looking for unique bonus daughter gifts, the sunflower fidget necklace would be nice to give her.

This necklace is also a stress-reliever for her, where she can spin the sunflower whenever she feels lonely. It has a gold plating on copper composition with AAA-grade cubic zirconia, making it a high-quality item. It has a 40 cm chain length that would fit any size.

#5 To My Daughter, You Are My Sunshine Personalized Necklace

Personalized sunflower necklace with silver and gold platingBuy Now: $35.00

Building a new family takes a lot of hard work and sacrifices. If you are a stepmom, there would be huge adjustments, especially for your bonus daughter. Some have difficulty understanding why you and your new husband are together. Part of your obligation is to show her that you love her like your true daughter.

Make her feel your love by giving simple gifts that will remind her that she is special to you. This gesture is a great way of building a new family and new beginnings. As a stepmom, it is important that you establish a strong bond between you and your bonus daughter. You can find bonus daughter gifts from stepmom, like this personalized necklace.

The necklace is customizable, lead-free, cadmium-free, nickel-free, and hypoallergenic. It also has an adjustable size from 48 cm to 53 cm that will fit any size.

#6 To My Daughter, “I Love You” Secret Sentiments Personalized Necklace

Personalized Necklace with hidden message saying "I love you"Buy Now: $39.90

There’s nothing more important in the world than your family. As a parent, you will do your best to provide for your family and make them feel that they are your priority in life. Having a wonderful daughter is also one of the greatest fulfillments in life. They bring so much happiness in the family that helps keep the bond in the family stronger.

You can make your daughter feel more special by giving her simple gift items. A necklace that has a secret message may seem perfect for your daughter from a stepdad. It will remind her of how much you love her and are thankful for having her in your life. 

This necklace is also customizable, with a chain length of 18 inches, and has a 14K rose gold plating on brass. The necklace is your way of sending a message to her that you will always be there for her forever.

#7 To My Daughter, You Will Always Be My Baby Girl Necklace

You Will Always Be My Baby Girl Necklace in a white backgroundBuy Now: $29.90

Do you know what this step daughter necklace signifies with its elegant design? It says that you consider your daughter as a special part of your life. Someone you want to wrap your arms around. Look at the center stone - doesn’t it remind you of your step daughter? She is a precious gem that must be protected and cherished for a lifetime? The overlapping paved metal perfectly hugs the center stone, showing how much she means to you. 

The twisted chain complements the pendant and makes it shine even more. Of all the bonus daughter gifts from step dad recommendations out there, this one takes the crown. Why? It comes with a special message card that shows how a dad is there to make her feel like royalty. 

#8 To My Daughter, Our Hearts Are Always Linked Together Interlocking Heart Necklace

Our Hearts Are Always Linked Together Interlocking Heart Silver NecklaceBuy Now: $29.90

Two hearts that beat as one. This interlocking necklace is the perfect example of how two hearts can remain connected. If you are a stepdad, give this necklace to your step daughter if you want to make her feel that no distance can break the bond that you have. It’s a perfect gift if your daughter is moving away for college or starting a new life as a married woman. It’s perfect for everyday wear, but it can also liven up any look. 

This interlocking necklace comes with a unique chain with silver plating. The chain length measures 40 cm, but it can extend up to 45 cm. It’s best for layering with the other necklaces that she has. 

#9 Mother & Daughter, Forever Linked Together S925 Necklace

Mother & Daughter, Forever Linked Together S925 NecklaceBuy Now: $39.90

A mother and daughter’s love is forever, step daughter or not. Your relationship doesn’t change the fact that you have a special bond, just like this elegant necklace. This special piece screams nothing but pure love. The pendant features an exquisite design that you won’t find anywhere. Paved with stones and engraved with the word “forever,” this beautiful piece is reserved for a special person. 

Do you also know how this can signify the unbreakable bond you have with your daughter? The chain. This necklace comes with a box chain, known as one of the sturdiest types of chains in the market. Its box shape gives the links more stability. The chain length is 40 cm but can be extended by 5 cm more. This piece is available in silver and gold. Stones are AAA Grade Cubic Zirconia. 

#10 Family Gift Personalized Heart Puzzle Piece Necklace

Family Gift Personalized Heart Puzzle Piece Necklace good for 5 peopleBuy Now: $34.95

A bonus daughter is a puzzle piece that completes your family. How do you make her feel this way? Well, you can take things literally by giving her this personalized necklace. For this one, you can personalize it with your family’s name. Each puzzle piece can come together to form the heart. 

What’s unique about this piece is that you can customize the number of puzzle pieces! Do you have three in the family? Request to have three pieces! Four members? Have it customized accordingly! You can have up to 5 pieces for this exquisite necklace!

The material is made of stainless steel and features a pendant size of 45 mm by 35 mm. The chain is longer at 45 cm and is adjustable up to 50 cm. Please allow 2 to 4 weeks of lead time for this custom piece.