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11 Meaningful Bonus Son Gifts

Being a good stepparent begins with establishing a unique connection with the stepchild. If you have a bonus son, you may want to be more than who married their parent. 

You have to make them feel that you are someone who will bond with them and care for them. You are going to be someone who will be part of their life. That said, it would help if you could explore some ways to connect with them. Start by giving them bonus son gifts. But before diving into the types of bonus son gifts from stepmom and stepdad, let’s first define what a bonus son is. 

What is a Bonus Son?

A bonus son is another term for step-son—your partner’s male child. As a step-parent, you will have the parental role through marriage to their biological parent, and your partner’s child is your bonus child. 

Most people find it more appropriate to use the term bonus son than calling them step-son. 

Having a new family set-up has an uncomfortable association between “step-daughters” and “step-sons.” It makes them feel an outcast of the family you and your partner are building. Calling them bonus sons can help patch the bond you need to create.

#1 To My Bonus Son, I’m So Proud of You Double Row Bracelet

To My Bonus Son, I’m So Proud of You Double Row Bracelet in white backgroundBuy Now: $24.99

Having a bonus son is a blessing to a stepmom, and she would do everything to let him know how much she cares for him. There are many precious moments that stepmoms wouldn’t want to miss sharing with their bonus son. Her guidance helps him achieve so much in life, such as practicing good values, studying well, and being respectful to others.

This double-row bracelet will be perfect for him if you are looking for bonus gifts from a stepmom. It has a heartwarming message saying how proud you are to have him in your life. The bracelet is made of authentic braided leather with stainless steel charms. It is 8 inches in length, which would fit many wrist sizes. Your bonus son will love the bracelet’s composition.

#2 To My Bonus Son Leather Bracelet

Bonus Son Leather Bracelet in a white backgroundBuy Now: $24.99

Did you know that a leather bracelet symbolizes power and strength? More so, if it’s embellished with a touch of silver, like this bonus son bracelet. It’s common for a bonus son to have mixed feelings. There will be times when they will feel disheartened by the entry of a new person into their life. This is a special gift you can give them to show them that you understand his feelings. You serve as a support to help him become stronger and feel empowered. 

This gorgeous bracelet features two rows of genuine braided leather. It’s durable enough to wear every day. It also comes with hypoallergenic and stainless steel charms, so you don’t have to worry about allergic reactions. The clasp is also sturdy, features an ergonomic design, and measures 8.6 inches. 

#3 To My Son Pray Through It Leather Cross Bracelet

To My Son Pray Through It Leather Cross Bracelet in white backgroundBuy Now: $26

Sleek yet masculine enough to comfortably wear any given day. This bracelet is one of those bonus son gifts you won’t regret giving. More than the design, its special meaning goes deep to the heart. First is the incredible mix of leather bracelets. This piece has wide, narrow, flat, rounded, and braided bracelets in one. If your son loves layering their accessories, they can achieve that with just one item. 

Second, the cross design signifies spirituality. If they are in a rough patch, this symbol is enough to remind them they can surpass any difficulty. They just need to pray through it. Lastly, the “love you forever” message. It’s simple but holds a lot of meaning. You will be that one person who will love them forever, even if they are your bonus son. 
This bracelet is made of genuine leather and has a stainless steel charm. 

#4 To My Son "Love My Son" Bracelet

"Love My Son" Bracelet in a white backgroundBuy Now: $23.69

This bracelet features the same design as the To My Bonus Son Leather Bracelet on this list. But this time, the special message inside does not say “bonus son.” Instead, it’s “love my son.” Still, it’s a perfect stepson bracelet to remind your son that as a stepparent, you don’t consider him an outsider. In fact, he’s very much part of the family. He belongs in your circle of trust.

Made with hypoallergenic material, this bracelet is embellished with stainless steel clasps and charms, giving it that edgier look. It’s perfect for everyday wear but also worth wearing for a special event. Maybe a date with you after being apart for a while?

#5 To My Son, I Love You Link Chain Necklace

To My Son, I Love You Link Chain NecklaceBuy Now: $26

Are you looking for some simple gifts for bonus sons to give on their birthday? If your son prefers wearing simple yet impactful accessories, this link necklace is the one you should get him. This piece is easy to pair with any wardrobe they have.

It also comes with a special message card bearing the words: 

“I squeezed this chain really tight and filled it with my love & light. If I'm ever not here & you need a hug just hold this close to feel my love.”

Short but powerful. You may not be the person who gave them life and brought them into this world, but it conveys the feeling that you may find hard to say in words. 

This necklace with a length of 45 cm is available in silver and 14K gold-plated stainless steel. 

#6 To My Son, Enjoy The Ride Compass

Compass necklaceBuy Now: $29.99

Sometimes it’s easy for a bonus son to drift away. There may be times when they would feel like they are unwanted. When this happens, it’s important to make them feel they are a part of the family - that you understand them. Make them realize that you don't judge their decisions. This compass, engraved with a special message, can be that gift to remind them. 

This compass will show them the way if they get lost. It will show the way back home to you. It will make them remember that they will always have a home in you. 

Don’t be fooled. It's not only a significant accessory. This compass is 100% working. It uses special technology to make sure it’s accurate and sensitive. It has the ability to measure the azimuth angle, deflection angle, level measurement value, length, and height of an object and read data wherever they may be. So, if they are literally lost, they can always find their way back home. 

This compass is available in gold and is made of copper and acrylic. 

#7 To My Son, Love Dad Pendant Necklace

To My Son, Love Dad Pendant NecklaceBuy Now: $29.90

Perhaps one of the best bonus son gifts from stepdad is this pendant necklace. The message prominently displayed on the pendant shows how proud you are of your son, even if they are your bonus son. It’s extra special because you compare your love to God’s love - unconditional and without judgement. You send the clear message that you, as his father, will love, protect, and encourage him with whatever plans he may have. 

This necklace features a thin but durable cable chain that measures 45 cm and is extendable up to 50 cm, perfect if they prefer to wear it long. The material is made of copper with gold plating. 

#8 To My Son "I Am The Storm" Bracelet

"I Am The Storm" Bracelet in white backgroundBuy Now: $24.99

This double-row bracelet made up of durable braided leather perfectly encapsulates how strong they are. If you think your son needs a little boost, a nudge, or encouragement, give them a bracelet like this one. 

The inscription, “I am the storm,” is their answer to other people who may be discouraging them. This is particularly common among bonus sons and daughters. 

Some people may whisper discouraging things. But, when they have this bracelet in their arms, they can simply run their fingers through it, and they will know they have you cheering them on.

Aside from its durability, one of its highlights are the stainless steel clasps. They are ergonomically designed so they are easy to wear and remove if need be. 

#9 To My Son Pillar Bar Necklace

To My Son Pillar Bar Necklace in a white backgroundBuy Now: $29.90

Having a bonus son is not an ideal family setup. But it doesn’t mean that your family is less than others. In fact, what you have is rather special. You have the chance to build a relationship with your bonus son. By giving them a gift like this pillar bar necklace, you somehow indirectly say the two of you serve as a pillar to each other. Both of you have someone to lean on whenever things get tough. 

This piece comes with a card with a meaningful message, “Every day may not be good, but find something good in every day.” It’s like saying that your son can use this necklace to have a pillar of good luck and abundance. 

This adjustable bonus necklace gift is made of stainless steel. The gold version has gold plating, so prevent it from tarnishing to maintain its stunning appearance.

#10 To My Son Personalized Minimalist Cuff Bracelet

Personalized Minimalist Cuff Bracelet for boysBuy Now: $29.90

If your bonus son is a bracelet guy and prefers minimalistic accessories, this piece is the perfect gift to buy for him. It’s simple yet stylish enough. They can easily mix and match with any of their looks. 

They can wear it to work or for any formal event they may have to attend. This bracelet can be an emotional booster for them, especially whenever they feel alone. 
When they feel weary, they can look back at the message that comes along with this bracelet, “Follow your dreams, believe in yourself, and remember to be awesome.  I'll always be with you. Love you forever.” With this message alone, they can feel the encouragement they need even if you are miles apart. 

This bracelet also makes for a great bonus son wedding gift. You can have this customized to bear their name or a date to commemorate their wedding. This stainless steel bracelet can have up to 12 characters. It’s also available in silver and rose gold. It measures 160mm by 63 mm, but since it features an open cuff design, it will fit most wrists. 

#11 Adjustable Plume Ring

Plume ring with gold platingBuy Now: $39.90

Not all bonus sons are a result of a broken marriage. 

Say your partner has previously lost their partner before they met you. It’s most likely that your bonus son considers the parent they lost as an angel who guides them. If you’re looking for a way to let them know that you feel their pain and longing, this plume ring is the one.

When you give them this gift, you somehow tell them that you are in no way trying to replace the parent they lost. This feather ring will remind them that you are giving them special love and guiding them like their guardian angel. 

This ring is customizable and can accommodate up to 8 characters. The adjustable ring can fit sizes 6 to 11 and is available in silver and gold-plated copper.