Butterfly Jewelry: History, Meaning, And Their Symbolism
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Butterfly Jewelry: History, Meaning, And Their Symbolism


Artists express the legend of the butterflies in their creations. From sketches, expressive paintings, or captivating shots of images. In hopes of bringing the vision of butterflies into an aesthetic product.

The idea of a butterfly has long since spread across the world— life changes, love, luck, hope—you name it. And at last, it reaches into the world of jewelry design, which arranges this thought into a tangible form.

If you want to mark a significant landmark in your life or if you're looking for a reminder of your growth in life. The butterfly jewelry would be the ideal pick for you.

What does wearing a butterfly mean?

Butterflies are important figures across many cultures with their unique folklores. The unique characteristics of butterflies made them symbols to various belief cultures. There is so much representation that each person adds with butterflies. And each adaptation holds particular connotations that are even so valid for someone. Let’s learn more about butterfly symbolism and what it means around the world:

Good Omen and Blessing

Butterflies mean something no matter what culture people believe. That is why when one sees a butterfly along their journey, it will always be a symbol of blessings and luck. If you are hesitant about anything or have a pending decision, seeing a butterfly is a good omen of what is yet to come. It means that whatever action you pursue, you will find your purpose in it.  

Transformation / Metamorphosis

A profound shift occurs during the silence in moments of transformation. This is the time when new phases of life appear from within. A reminder that we will always learn to continue evolving ourselves for the better.


Butterflies are flighty creatures, never dwelling in one place for very long. Catching a butterfly is a beautiful moment that lasts a few seconds until they move to the next flower. A true form of symbolic gesture to reorganize the way of our pursuits to achieve our objectives.

Life Cycle (Birth and Death)

Butterflies begin as caterpillars that go quiet and dormant. They die as they transform into their cocoons (tombs). Then coming out as something captivating, mystical, and converted on all levels. This transformation of butterflies associates with radical changes a person experiences.

New Beginnings

If you think about a butterfly's life, they start out as a caterpillar. And they have to endure significant transformations to become their final, beautiful self. Butterfly, which dies at metamorphosis, rises anew in its own cocoon as rebirth. This celebrates the start of life origins in life or beginning over with a restored disposition and hope for the better days.

Passing of a Loved One

People go through periods of doubt and grief when someone we love departs from this world. Nothing lasts forever in our world. That's the kind of message butterflies tell us, as the circle of life, and across our great divide with the dead. They transform from their human form to another. And as for the popular belief, butterflies soaring are our loved ones' departed souls.

Association to the Soul

The butterfly is thought to symbolize the human soul in some cultures, especially as one of our ends in the afterlife that further reflects immortality. We aren't perfect beings. Mistakes happen any time we allow ourselves to take action or find some perspectives. Yet, we do pursue it because we like to learn new things and reach new heights. And in fulfilling those pursuits, we fill ourselves with happiness as well.

Spiritual to Physical Realm Messenger

Butterflies are special messengers from the spirit world that send signals to help guide us through life. To receive the meaning, we need to open our hearts and minds. Like angels, butterflies are thought to symbolize messages from the spirit world as they take the wishes of the beloved dead to those still living.

Family Happiness

There is a familial connotation attached to the butterfly. As people think, it is an act of filial piety. For instance, they are pretty passionate and gentle. They symbolize family and devotion. The butterfly spirit serves as a reminder to us to never take our loved ones for granted. To make time out of the busy days and spend it with them as best as possible.

Loyalty and Devotion

The act of devotion and loyalty is an essential trait to move forward. Pursuing the greater good is becoming a butterfly and having a fitting dedication to a specific cause, working hard, and remaining faithful to your visions. The journey will be full of temptations that lure you out of your destination. But with the right philosophy, you can counter any obstacle in the path towards success.

Beauty and Symmetry

Humans discover symmetrical patterns to be more appealing than asymmetrical ones. Butterflies have two wings that display a left-to-right symmetry. It has a delicate and beautiful appearance worthy of the geometrical perfection title. By looking at a butterfly’s wings, it is easy to understand the concept of symmetry. It celebrates the beauty of colors, pattern, and shape in any form of expression.

Freedom and Inspiration

Butterflies embody freedom from the chains that bind us. Free to roam, gracious creatures that can pull themselves from danger when needed.

What each butterfly color mean

Butterflies have a profound symbolism all around the world as the sign of life and its cycle. There are many different shades of butterfly wings from an evolutionary view. Each color has a meaning and taps into the very emotions of a person. Whether it’s spiritual or cultural significance.

Due to this belief, butterflies later became a part of the society's belief structure. Here are some things that can have an impact on the meaning of every butterfly wing color:

Red Butterfly

Something monumental is coming towards you when you happen to spot a red butterfly by chance. It could be a piece of life-changing news or seeing years of happiness ahead of you. Red means intensity, passion, and power. Be extra careful because bad luck will soon follow the person if treated wrong.

Brown Butterfly

A brown butterfly is considered by many as a sign of a good omen. It demands patience from the person. Some cultures believe that a person can expect a long-awaited answer to something that one has been waiting for if seen inside their home.

Yellow Butterfly

The sun gives us happiness and optimism in life. Like a sun, yellow butterflies harbor messages aside from pleasure, hope, and transformation. It also symbolizes mental clarity as we face a challenge that requires our alertness. This means if a person is successful in their mission, it is only a matter of time before they break free.

Orange Butterfly

Orange butterflies are symbols of focus and passion. Free-willed persons see this as going with their gut instincts. Spotting one is usually a sign that an opportunity or a change is coming. And we have to stay active and optimistic to get the most out of the situation. Orange butterflies tell us not to lose focus on our goals and a warning not to get swayed with our emotions.

Blue Butterfly

Known for its rarity in nature, a blue butterfly could be a sign to look forward to a unique journey. Brace as this is a far different path from what is more traveled by. Blue is often associated with purpose, joy, and eccentricity. Sometimes, a blue butterfly is viewed as guidance to start living your truth. This way, you can achieve peace and satisfaction with your life.

Green Butterfly

A green butterfly is an omen of affluence and growth. It indeed tells us that we are on the right track. Moreover, if a green butterfly is flying over our head and making circles, then expect prosperity and healing to be on their way towards your path. You might experience development in your life, either personal or professional growth.

Black Butterfly

Black butterflies are a relative rarity. Different cultures see it as harbingers of death, but that does not mean the belief is true. Black is not always an evil-bearing connotation. Sometimes, a black butterfly may hint that a person may witness the end of something in their life. As well as the beginning of something good in the future. People who happen to glimpse a black butterfly should not be afraid. Take this time to explore some things in life. See what needs to end for the better.

White Butterfly

White butterflies represent spirituality, divine brightness, and purity. A white butterfly guides a person whenever they find themselves with nowhere to turn.If a white butterfly lands on you, they message your spiritual journey. Often, it implies a deceased soul of your loved ones making their presence known.

People are transforming their ideas and way of thinking more aligned with self-expression. Through reinvention, expression, and reflecting their personality through what they wear. The butterfly jewelry collection was famous in the '90s to 2000's era. From being a mainstream art-pop. This has become a recurring motif to add hints of magical elements into their style. They are one of the sought-after popular jewelry themes. And in this section of this article, we’ll take a look at different takes about why butterfly jewelry is so popular.

  • Aesthetic Value - It has this lasting aesthetic value that connects people across generations. Due to its artistic versatility, people find butterfly jewelry attractive regardless of age. That is why artists and designers create selections in many stylish arrangements. Often in fashion arrangements such as bracelets, earrings, and necklaces.
  • Declaration of Spiritual Beliefs - usually represented with butterfly wings or as a butterfly. It is said that it defines the tests and torments our soul must undergo to reach complete happiness. The second reason for its popularity for many people is not only a form of adornment. A piece of butterfly jewelry can document the spiritual affinity we stick to in our life.
  • Easy to Pair with Any Wardrobe - An excellent choice that can match any type of outfit. Butterfly jewelry pairs with plain wardrobe choices or experimental fashion materials. You can look at the color wheel for the inspiration behind blending cool and warm outfit shades. You can also strike opposites to give your whole ensemble a more stylish and chic look.

A golden necklace with a butterfly pendant that is embedded with beautiful gemstones

Where to buy butterfly jewelry

No matter your style, butterfly jewelry pairs with any look. If the ring fits, look no further than SVANA's jewel-toned jewelry collections. Our jewelry pieces are made with hypo-allergenic materials for many unique designs. It's perfect for anyone. Some of the customer's all-time favorites is celestial-themed jewelry. Not your cup of tea? you can also go for personalized bracelets, and evil-eye earrings. Fancy taking on a beautiful set of butterfly jewelry? Then SVANA can definitely help add the cherry-on-top compliments to your everyday outfits!

Diamond Studded Triple Butterfly Adjustable Ring

If you want the perfect accessory to go for a formal, sleek look, the diamond-studded triple butterfly ring is an exquisite choice to consider. The Triple White Butterfly Ring in timeless colors of white and gold is a must-have on your list if you plan to go for a more simplistic look that incarnates refined elegance. These charming diamond stud earrings feature got a band made from gold with dancing three butterfly-centered designs. It’s evez`n adjustable so it will accommodate most sizes.

Butterfly Red String Bracelet

A reflective gift needs to convey the recipient’s values. Moreover, you can now sense the meaning of wearing a red string bracelet around your wrist. The perfect accessory symbol always makes the person feel known and increases the depth of this meaningful connection. You might want to consider this next butterfly design inspired by the red string motif. It is a simple, slim, red string bracelet with a small butterfly charm studded with assorted gemstone colors.

White Butterfly Gold Charm Bracelet

Don't forget those charms! You can wear one, or even stack them! Either way, the white butterfly gold charm bracelet will make the perfect gift and will add style to any of your fashion choices. This dainty, delicate, and elegant charm bracelet is perfect for everyday wear. It is made up of a white butterfly as the centerpiece, with a gold-plated copper beads chain style intricately crafted and created to keep from tarnishing.

Final Words

The magic of the butterflies continues to influence the world of designer collections. Its mysteries sparks the craft of reinvention paired with today's most popular trends. People create many interpretations that can range from personal to spiritual.

Our store assembles fresh butterfly designs to keep modern trends at the core of our design sets. With others hinting a touch of spiritual influence. We design some of the classic spread of wings by gold and pearl to achieve the regal look of its wearer. If that caught your interest, you might find a lot more exciting pieces on our website.