A Guide to Choosing & Wearing Cross Jewelry
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A Guide to Choosing & Wearing Cross Jewelry

The Cross or the Christian Cross symbolizes the crucifixion of Jesus on a wooden cross. The cross, by large, represents Christianity. The cross jewelry is generally worn by Christians, symbolizing their faith in their religion and love for Christ. Different people wear cross jewelry for different reasons. Some feel safe and protected from evil by wearing a cross necklace, while others may simply wear it for propagating their religion.

What is the History of the Cross Symbol?

Although today, the cross is widely recognized as a symbol of Christianity, the history of the cross can be traced back to the pre-Christian era. The cross is believed to have originated from the ancient Babylonians before spreading to Syria, Greece, Egypt, Mexico, India, etc. The ancient cross was also a religious symbol used in parts of Africa, Greece, Persia, etc., in the 6th century BC. Historians are of the view that the symbol was used for worshipping Gods and performing rituals.

Later, the Christian cross came into light after the time of Constantine. Even before the crucifixion, many Christians privately used the cross for restricted purposes. In other words, the Christian cross was acknowledged as a symbol of Christianity after Constantine. But after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, the cross got a whole new meaning and importance.

Who Invented the Cross?

Various people introduced the cross at different times in history. However, it is still unclear who invented the cross initially. Alexander the Great introduced the cross for crucifixion in the eastern Mediterranean region around the 4th century BCE. By the 5th century BCE, the Phoenicians brought the cross to Rome for similar purposes. In Rome, the cross crucifixion existed for more than 500 years.

In his Histories, the Greek writer Herodotus mentions that a Persian general was executed at the hands of Athenians in about 479 BCE. According to Herodotus, the Athenians nailed the general to a plank and hung him. Constantine later prohibited the cross crucifixion in the 4th century AD.

What Does the Cross Necklace Represent?

The person wearing the cross jewelry may have different ideologies and beliefs, but mainly, the cross jewelry signifies good fortune, safety, peace, prosperity, and belief in God. The symbol is also believed to ward off evil, the evil eye, and protect the person from the wicked.

The cross jewelry represents the following meanings:

  • Christian Cross or Crucifix: The cross necklace or pendant represents one’s belief in Christianity. It is a way of remembering Jesus Christ's sacrifice for humanity and redeeming the importance of his Passion and death.
  • Symbol of Faith: Along with the Star of David and Angel, the cross is also a symbol of faith for Christians. People wearing cross jewelry showcase their faith in Christianity. The faith in Christianity leads people to believe that every person is created in God’s image.
  • Symbol of Hope and Love: People wear cross jewelry as a symbol of hope and love. People generally give cross necklaces, earrings, etc., to their loved ones as a mark of love, affection, and hope.
  • Comfort and Peace: Jesus Christ died and suffered because of our sins. He showed humanity that everyone will go through pain and suffering and that we must carry our cross. Our life is parallel to that of Christ on the road to Calvary. Therefore, the cross jewelry signifies comfort and peace amongst followers of Christ.
  • Belief in Praying to Christ: Cross jewelry also represents one’s belief in praying to Jesus Christ. Prayer is considered a way of communication with Him. Christians pray for God's grace and guidance by wearing a cross necklace.
  • Declaration of One’s Salvation: One must have noticed Bishop and church priests wearing cross necklaces and jewelry. Wearing cross jewelry represents the declaration of one's salvation, meaning the person has detached himself from the power and effects of sin.
  • Protection from Evil Spirits or Harm: Wearing jewelry items such as cross necklaces, cross earrings, cross rings, the Star of David necklace, etc., is considered auspicious. It protects the person from harmful and evil spirits such as Buri Nazar.
  • Remembrance of the Bubonic Plague and the Crusade: The bubonic plague was a highly infectious disease. The victims were locked in a house to die, and the house was marked with a red cross. The Crusades were the military expeditions taken by the Roman and the Christian powers to win the Holy Land from Muslims. Wearing cross jewelry also marks the remembrance of soldiers who died in the Crusades and people who died in the Bubonic Plague.

How many different types of Crosses are there, and what do these Crosses Symbolize?

The cross symbol is associated with religion and ancient history. From the prototype history to the modern-day era, the cross has had a different meaning in different civilizations and eras. Every civilization associated with the cross had different theories of origin, practice, and significance.

Following is the list of different types of crosses and their significance:

  • Latin Cross: Latin cross or the crucifix symbolizes the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It represents the Christian religion. The Latin cross depicts God's Passion and sacrifices for mankind.
  • Greek Cross: The Greek cross is also associated with the Christian religion. It was mainly used in the initial years of Christianity, before the crucifixion of Jesus. Unlike the Latin cross, the Greek cross has all four arms of equal length.
  • Celtic Cross: A Celtic cross is similar to the Latin cross, with all four arms of the same length. The cross has a circle surrounding the center of the symbol. The symbol was used in Ireland, England, and France between the 9th and 12th centuries. The Celtic cross is also a symbol of Christianity.
  • Papal Cross: Also known as the Papal Triple Cross, the Papal cross has two additional lines parallel to the horizontal line of the Latin cross. The additional parallel lines are smaller lines than the preceding lines. The Papal cross represents the office of the Pope.
  • Calvary Cross: A Calvary cross is a Latin cross with three steps beneath the Latin symbol. It is also an emblem of Christianity and marks the structure on which Jesus was crucified.
  • Canterbury Cross: Designed after a Saxon brooch, the Canterbury cross is another cross that symbolizes the faith of Christians. It is an important symbol of the Anglican church. The design of the cross was believed as native to Canterbury.
  • Forked Cross: The forked cross is a Gothic symbol similar to the letter Y. It signifies the Holy Trinity and can be seen on clerical vestments. It was also known as the Thieves’ cross.
  • Gnostic Cross: The Gnostic cross is an ordinary cross featuring a ring or nimbus. It can be seen on the pages of the Gospel of Judas. It is also known by names such as the Coptic cross, the cross of Novgorod, and the ringed cross.
  • Russian Orthodox Cross: The Russian Orthodox cross contains an additional horizontal line above and a slightly diagonal line below the center of the figure. The top bar signifies the head of Jesus Christ.
  • Coptic Ankh: Coptic Ankh is a symbol adopted by the Coptic church of Egypt. It signifies eternal life through Jesus Christ. The Coptic symbol depicted the eternal life granted by the Gods.
  • Plague Cross: The Plague cross consists of two parallel horizontal lines. The top line is smaller than the other line. The Plague cross was a symbol marked on the building/houses with Plague patients.
  • Cross of Constantine: The Red Cross of Constantine is a Christian fraternal order of emperor Constantine. Constantine had marked the soldier's shields with the symbol of the cross of Constantine. He saw the symbol in a dream.
  • Tau Cross: Also known as Saint Anthony Cross, the Tau Cross is reserved for Catholic Saint Anthony. It is a T-shaped symbol. Unlike other crosses, the Tau cross only has three arms.
  • St. Peter’s Cross: The St. Peter's Cross or Petrine Cross is an inverted Latin cross. The unique aspect of the symbol is that traditionally it was used as a Christian cross, but in recent times it has become an anti-Christian symbol.
  • Maltese Cross:  Maltese cross or the Eight Pointed Cross is a symbol that depicts distinct V shapes. The inward-pointed figure is commonly associated with Knights Hospitaller.
  • Jerusalem Cross: The Jerusalem cross is an ideal, regular cross with four small crosslets in each quadrant. The crosslets symbolize Jerusalem’s coat of arms during the early 19th century.

Why do people wear Cross Jewelry?

Today, there is a wide variety of cross jewelry items available in the market. People wear a gold cross necklace, diamond gold necklace, silver gold necklace, etc., for different purposes. While some may wear cross jewelry to pay tribute to people who lost their lives during Black Death or Crusades, others may wear it to profess Christianity.

Following are the top reasons why people wear Cross Jewelry:

  • The profession of their Faith: Since the cross is an emblem of Christianity, people wear cross hoop earrings and cross necklaces to profess their faith in Christianity and Jesus Christ.
  • Remembrance of Christ’s Sacrifice: Jesus Christ was crucified on a Latin cross for our sins. Wearing cross jewelry is a way of paying tribute and remembering the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.
  • Fashion Statement: Wearing a sideways cross necklace or dangle cross earrings can look stylish and complement one's outfit of the day. People around the world wear cross jewelry to look good and fashionable.
  • Remembrance of a Historical Event: Cross is associated with several historical events in the past. For example, the bubonic plague, the Crusades, the kingdom of Constantine, etc., have deep links with the cross. People wear cross jewelry to remember these events.
  • Support to the Church: Christians wear cross jewelry and chains to support the church. For example, people can wear cross jewelry while organizing fundraising programs and events.

Who wears a Cross Necklace?

The government and national authorities of maximum countries do not have any regulations governing cross jewelry wearing in public. But generally, Christians wear cross jewelry to profess Christianity, showcase their faith in Jesus Christ, and remember His sacrifice for mankind.

  • Christians: From celebrities to laypeople, numerous Christians can wear cross jewelry. As discussed above, Christians generally wear a cross necklace to commemorate Jesus Christ’s Passion and sacrifice. They honor His blessings and teachings by always carrying a cross symbol with them.
  • Non-Christians: Although cross jewelry is not very commonly seen in non-Christian communities, there is no hard-and-fast rule that allows only Christians to wear cross jewelry. Following are some of the answers to the frequently asked questions:
    • Can an atheist wear a cross? Yes, anyone can wear a cross, irrespective of being Catholic, atheist, or agnostic.
    • Why do goths wear crosses? Goths wear crosses to show their belief in the cult and Satan.
    • Can anyone wear a Crucifix? Yes, anyone can wear a crucifix.
    • Countries that ban the wearing of the cross? No country bans wearing a cross.
    • Anyone with strict religious practices that are not related to Christianity? Although the cross is an inevitable symbol of Christianity, it symbolizes oppression for Jews.

Why is Cross Jewelry so Popular?

Cross Jewelry is pretty famous, especially in the Christian communities. Since the cross is considered an auspicious symbol, cross jewelry is a good gifting option for religious rites such as First Holy, Communion, baptism, and Confirmation. Also, the simplicity and universality of the cross allow more personalization, which makes it more widespread.

Where can I buy Cross Jewelry?

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There are multiple cross jewelry stores available in the market. But not all stores have a wide variety of jewelry cross articles. For instance, ordinary shops might only have regular, less stylish cross necklaces and cross earrings.
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Final Words

Cross Jewelry has a lot of religious (mainly Christianity) importance. The cross recalls the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, which redeems the benefits of His Passion and sacrifice. Several types of crosses, for example, the Greek Cross, the Eight-Pointed Cross, etc., are linked to Christianity with different religious importance.
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