Evil Eye Color Meaning - Understanding Each Evil Eye Color Before Wearing One
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Evil Eye Color Meaning - Understanding Each Evil Eye Color Before Wearing One

What is the evil eye color meaning and why do we wear it?

The ancient belief is that there is an evil eye that can bring bad luck to your life. They come from the stares of the envious people. Different cultures have come up with different evil eye amulets to ward off the ill intentions of those who cast an evil eye glare.

Evil eye amulets come in different designs and colors. Each color has a meaning that connects to people’s hearts and emotions. You can choose the kind of protection that you need based on evil eye beads color meaning.

Dark Blue Evil Eye Meaning

Wear a dark blue evil eye if you’re seeking protection against karma and fate. It’s also useful if you want to stay calm and relax. The dark blue evil eye also promotes an open flow of communication and integrity.

In color psychology, dark blue signifies depth, power, seriousness, and knowledge. It also represents responsibility, trust, and dependability.

Light Blue / Turquoise Evil Eye Meaning

If you want general protection from all the evil intentions directed your way, a light blue or turquoise evil eye is what you need to wear. Light blue evil eye meaning brings you peace and solitude.

Color psychology associates light blue and turquoise with peace and calm. Light blue is also a symbol of sophistication and feminine appeal. Turquoise is also associated with health.

Orange Evil Eye Meaning

Wear an orange evil eye if you seek happiness and protection. If you want to stay motivated for commitment, an orange evil eye is what you need. The orange evil eye meaning is also helpful when you want to increase your creativity, playfulness, mental health, and vitality.

Based on color psychology, orange means enthusiasm, creativity, and youth. It brings fun and vibrancy to your life.

Dark Green Evil Eye Meaning

You need a dark green evil eye to attract happiness and balance in your life. It’s also a good symbol to carry if you seek freedom to pursue new ideas.

In color psychology, green has been the color for nature, good luck, renewal, generosity, fertility, jealousy, envy, vigor, and misfortune. It also represents growth, like how plants and trees bloom in spring. Green also means rebirth, money, prosperity, and stability.

Red Evil Eye Meaning

A red evil eye will boost your courage, energy, and enthusiasm. Wear it if you want protection against anxiety and fear based on the red evil eye meaning.

Red means passion and love, but it also means danger and aggression. In some cultures, red can also mean happiness and appetite.

Brown Evil Eye Meaning

You need a brown evil eye if you want to connect with nature. It gives you protection from the elements. It also provides you with a sense of stability and support.

Brown is linked to the color of the earth and nature. It symbolizes warmth and honesty, as well as friendliness and dependability.

Purple Evil Eye Meaning

If you constantly face obstacles and spiritual challenges, a purple evil eye is what you should wear. Purple evil eye meaning removes obstacles and brings balance to your life. It also boosts your imagination, wisdom, and spirituality.

In color psychology, purple symbolizes royalty and nobility, as well as transformation, mystery, temperance.

Yellow or Gold Evil Eye Meaning

You need a yellow or gold evil eye for health protection, a shaper mind, and better concentration. Yellow evil eye meaning is also for those who seek happiness, wealth, prosperity, and success.

Yellow is the color of the sun and summer. It brings hope and symbolizes spontaneity and friendship.

Light Green Evil Eye Meaning

If you seek good health and contentment, a light green evil eye is for you. Light green evil eye meaning is linked to success in reaching your dreams.

In color psychology, light green represents good luck and optimism. It’s also associated with health, renewal, money, growth, and wealth.


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White Evil Eye Meaning

If you want to showcase the purity and stay focused, wear a white evil eye. It will also remove obstacles and clear clutters in your life. A white evil eye meaning is also good for those who wish to start fresh.

White represents birth and reverence. It’s also the color of peace, cleanliness, minimalism, precision, humility, simplicity, and innocence. In some cultures, however, white represents death.

Pink Evil Eye Meaning

A pink evil eye is for the protection of your friendship. A pink evil eye meaning exudes that feeling of calm and relaxation, and it represents contentment.

Pink is the color of femininity, sensitivity, tenderness, and romance. Pink is also a symbol of caring and acceptance. Pink can also be playful, making you seem approachable and sweet.

Gray / Grey Evil Eye Meaning

A gray evil eye gives you protection against sorrow and sadness. It brings you calm and security.

Gray is the color of neutrality and balance. However, it’s also been associated with loss, old age, and depression. Still, grey also means strong and steady.

Black Evil Eye Meaning

You need a black evil eye to protect yourself against misfortune and bad events. It’s a symbol of power and prosperity protection. The black evil eye meaning helps you prepare for the unknown and unlock the door to mystery.

In color psychology, black represents elegance, power, and sophistication. It’s also associated with fear, evil, sadness, mystery, and death. Meanwhile, black also means wealth, depth, and austerity.

Tips on how to wear the colors of the evil eye

You can incorporate the evil eye in your life by wearing evil eye jewelry or keeping an amulet at home.

You can hang the evil eye at the entrance of your home, which will give your family protection. It will ward off negative energies and prevent them from entering your house. You can also hang an evil eye in your garden to promote a harmonious environment that is free of bad energies from the envious.

Wearing a piece of evil eye jewelry has also been popular in recent years. You’ll see celebrities wearing evil eye necklaces, earrings, or bracelets, so they’ve become trendy. When you wear evil eye jewelry, you can be protected wherever you go.

Where to buy evil eye jewelry online

Finding a piece of evil eye jewelry online is easier than ever. You don’t have to visit ancient cultural locations to find an evil eye talisman. You can find them in leading eCommerce stores, which can ship you the product wherever you are. You also have a variety of options when you buy evil eye jewelry online. SVANA, for example, has curated an evil eye jewelry collection. From necklaces to bracelets to anklets, you can choose the evil eye protection that you need.