25 Popular Celebrities Wearing Hollywood Body Jewelry
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25 Popular Celebrities Wearing Hollywood Body Jewelry

The evil eye concept is so popular and common these days that even renowned celebrities are getting spotted wearing evil eye protection bracelets and jewelry. Is it just an ongoing fashion trend, or is there any superstitious belief associated with it? What is the need for Hollywood body jewelry, and why celebrities are wearing it? If you are also eager to know the answers to all these questions, read this article till last. Check out which of your favorite Hollywood celebrities are keeping up with the recent fashion trends.

Why do Hollywood Celebrities wear Evil Eye Jewelry?

The evil eye is not just a superstitious belief but a malevolent glare cast by an individual on someone or something out of their negative emotions such as anger, greed, hatred, jealousy, etc. When these negative energies cumulate inside a person's body, it emanates in the form of an evil glance at a person or a thing whom he wants to hurt or is jealous of. 

Usually, people who receive lots of praise or success are vulnerable to evil eyes, and Hollywood celebrities qualify these criteria. Here are three prominent reasons why these celebrities prefer to wear evil eye jewelry in their day-to-day lives:

  • Hollywood celebrities are vulnerable to envy, jealousy, and other malicious intent because they receive lots of praise due to their success, personality, looks, and achievements.
  • Evil eye, hamsa, and red string can also add to their Hollywood fashion statement.
  • Some Hollywood celebrities also profess their spiritual beliefs. They wear evil eye protection jewelry for sacred protection and spirituality.

What is the Most Common Evil Eye Protection Jewelry worn by Hollywood Celebrities?

There are currently three famous protection symbols you can witness to wear as jewelry by Hollywood celebrities. These are Hamsa Hand, Evil Eye, and Red String. Let's see why these stars prefer this protection jewelry set the most.

Hamsa Hand

Celebrities like Rihanna, Madonna, etc., wear the Hamsa Hand jewelry to ward off the evil spirits. This hand-shaped protection amulet with an evil eye symbol has great significance in Jewish and Muslim culture. 

It is one of the most popular spiritual symbols that bring good luck, positivity, faith, and wealth. Each of the five fingers of this Hamsa/Khamsa hand signifies one particular attribute like fortune, good health, money, etc. This protection symbol can usually be worn as:

Evil Eye

The evil eye symbol is a popular and sacred protection symbol that wards off the harmful effects of the evil eye curse. This symbol first appeared in Greece and Turkey, and almost every culture believes in it. 

This blue color glass bead has concentric white and yellow circles with a black dot in the center. This evil eye symbol reflects the negative energies back to the person who cast it. Celebrities generally wear this evil eye jewelry in the form of:

Red String

Many renowned celebrities like Leonardo Dicaprio, Ariana Grande, etc., have been seen wearing red string bracelets recently. Many people believe that this red string bracelet is a sign of faith. Apart from being a symbol of faith, this Kabbalah red string bracelet also wards off the evil eye curse. 

The craze of red string bracelets started after the pop star Madonna wore one in her social gatherings and events. By wearing this red string bracelet, she reflected her Kaballist faith and influenced other celebrities such as Britney Spears, Ashton Kutcher, and Demi Moore.

List of Hollywood Celebrities who wear Evil Eye Protection Jewelry

Many renowned Hollywood celebrities wear Evil Eye protection jewelry for protection against evil energies and misfortune. Apart from protection, they wear it as a fashion statement or due to their spiritual or cultural beliefs. Here is the list of 25 Hollywood celebrities who wear evil eye protection jewelry to give us major fashion goals:

1) Madonna

Many celebrities are pairing evil eye jewelry these days with their attire to protect themselves from hostile glances and bad intentions. Recently, the famous Pop-Star Madonna has posted pictures on her social media account wearing an evil eye bracelet and a red string bracelet to influence her followers and show her beliefs in these spiritual symbols. 

She had also made a fashion statement lately by wearing an oversized version of a hamsa hand pendant in her thick gold chain.

2) Leonardo Di Caprio

Following Madonna, another popular celebrity named Leonardo Di Caprio has been seen wearing Kaballah's red string bracelet. He embraces the beliefs and practices of Kabbalah, and the red string bracelet is a sign of it. 

People have seen him wearing this bracelet in various award shows where he has received trophies. People believe that after being directionless for a long time, Leonardo finally found something to believe in. This red string bracelet brought good luck and fortune to his life.

3) Britney Spears

During her tour to the City of Light, Britney Spears was spotted wearing the Judaism symbol "Red String Bracelet". After studying the Judaism mystical aspects, she started wearing the red string bracelet to keep evil eyes and bad energies away. 

After the birth of her first son, she ditched Kabbalah, believing that her son is her religion. But recently, she has been spotted wearing this sacred Christian protection jewelry again during her return from Louisiana.

4) Beyonce

Beyonce, a renowned celebrity known for her marvelous fashion sense, also believes in Spiritual jewelry and protection symbols, especially after this pandemic. Time and again, through her spiritual jewelry, she influences people to believe in good and positive energies.

5) Demi Moore

Just like Madonna, the gorgeous Demi Moore had hyped the spiritual movement by wearing Kabbalah's Red String Bracelet. She posted a few pictures on her social media handles wearing the spiritual red string bracelet to keep negative energies away. Those red string bracelets that Madonna and Demi Moore have worn are now for sale at Target for $25.99.

6) Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie recently came into the spotlight after her breakup with Brad Pit when his former wife (Jennifer Aniston) was spotted wearing evil eye jewelry.

7) Ashton Kutcher

Recently, Ashton Kutcher has also been spotted wearing Kabbalah's red string bracelet as her faith in spirituality and Kabbalah's practices. In 2011 as well she was spotted visiting the Kabbalah center with Demi Moore. Both of them believe in the power of Kabbalah and wear red string jewelry as a sign of faith and protection against the evil eye.

8) Miley Cyrus

Miley Cirus has also been spotted wearing Native American style turquoise blue necklace. This necklace holds great significance in Americans and Tibetans. They believe that this turquoise blue stone brings good luck, positivity, love, and wealth to the wearer's life. 

According to Tibetans, turquoise color is the blessing of God that brings together the spirits of sky and water together to keep the wearer protected against the evil spirits.

9) Rihanna

Famous Pop-Star Rihanna, known for her statement jewelry, has also been spotted wearing an evil eye pendant a few years back. Recently also, she came into the spotlight for wearing Lord Ganesh’s pendant as fashion jewelry.

a model wearing bracelets on both of her arms

10) Zac Efron

Zac Efron, along with Lauren, has been spotted lately wearing a hamsa hand charm that has spiritual significance. It brings protection against the evil eye and misfortune. He has also been spotted wearing a crimson-colored bracelet resembling Kabbalah's red string bracelet. But his bracelet had no religious significance as it was just statement jewelry.

11) Jennifer Aniston

After the separation of her ex-husband Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston was spotted wearing an evil eye necklace to ward off the negative vibes. Critiques believe that she wanted to message the world to leave her out of the drama through her necklace. Not only an evil eye pendant but she was also spotted wearing a hamsa hand necklace a few times as a spiritual believer.

12) Michael Jackson

In his latter days, Michael Jackson was spotted wearing Kabbalah's red string bracelet for a long time. People believe that his old and good friend Elizabeth Taylor, a supporter of Kabbalah, advised him to wear this red string bracelet to protect against negative vibes and evil eyes.

13) Gwyneth Paltrow

Just like Madonna and other popular Hollywood celebrities, Gwyneth Paltrow also followed the craze of hamsa hand pendants. Lately, She flaunted it several times in public gatherings and advertised it on her lifestyle website.

14) Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande is also a believer of Kabbalah and was later spotted wearing a red string bracelet in her left hand. In Kabbalah, this red string bracelet is a sign of protection against the evil eye and negative energies. It is made from thin scarlet wool knotted seven times to bring positivity, fortune, good health, and money to the wearer's life.

15) Michael Cohen

Trump's former lawyer, Michael Cohen, was also spotted wearing Kabbalah's red string bracelet during his testimony in front of the House Oversight Committee. According to him, this sacred red string was his mom's custom. She used to tie it to protect him from misfortune, evil intentions, and bad energies.

16) Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton has been recently spotted wearing Asprey's London Round Pendant at the celebration of Canada Day. This pendant holds sentimental and spiritual values to her. After that, this pendant became so popular, as it also resembles an evil eye pendant.

17) Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle recently made an appearance wearing an expensive ($175) blue topaz evil eye necklace. This visionary charm necklace is inspired by Vintage Coins of Asia. It is a protection symbol that wards off the evil eye and protects the wearer from negative vibes. 

Wearing protection jewelry is not a new thing for Meghan Markle, as she previously has been spotted wearing Alemdara Hamsa Necklace and Edge of Ember pendant.

18) Cara Delevigne

Like other Hollywood celebrities, Cara Delevigne has also been spotted several times wearing an evil eye necklace and bracelet to the red carpet. Recently, she paired an 18-karat gold evil eye multi-stone necklace with her black laced outfit to a VIP party.

19) Justin Bieber

Recently during his concert in India, his name came into the highlight about the evil eye bracelet that Riddhima Kapoor Sahni has exclusively designed for him. But Justin Bieber hasn't acknowledged it, so maybe we can see him wearing the same in the future.

20) Lindsay Lohan

When appearing for her plea-bargain for a theft case, Lindsay Lohan was spotted wearing 18 Karat Gold Chain with an evil eye pendant.

21) James Van Der Beek

James Van Der Beek has also been spotted several times endorsing and wearing evil eye jewelry just like other Hollywood celebrities. Recently, she,her husband and baby, all family members, were spotted wearing kabbalah's red string bracelet to ward off evil eyes.

22) Heidi Klum 

Like Rihanna and Madonna, Heidi Klum also hyped the craze of Hamsa evil eye necklace by wearing it often. This necklace brings good luck, wealth, and fortune by keeping evil eyes away.

23) Gigi Hadid and 24) Zayn Malik

An A-Lister Jeweler, George Khalife, recently shared the pic of beautiful couple Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik wearing her special evil eye bracelets to keep evil eyes away. These 14K gold evil eye bracelets are designed to keep the couple protected from the negative energies and haters.

25) Kim Kardashian

Last but not least, the famous Kim Kardashian has recently worn the House of Harlow 1960 3 Strand Evil Eye Headpiece in Los Angeles. This headpiece costs around $165 and has spiritual significance due to the evil eye symbol. This symbol was not protecting her from evil eyes but also kept her popularity high like always.

5 Tips on How To Wear Your Evil Eye, Hamsa, or Red String Jewelry Like a Hollywood Celeb

Just like these popular Hollywood celebrities, you can also ace the recent trend of evil eye jewelry by following these five fashion tipss:

  1. As evil eye jewelry is the recent fashion trend, you can twin it with your loved ones or best friends to keep evil eyes away and slay the current trend simultaneously.
  2. Apart from the evil eye necklace, you can also choose other accessories like evil eye earrings or red string bracelets to pair with your attire on a casual day.
  3. If you are a fancy bag enthusiast, you can choose the trendy evil eye handbags or purse with your attire to slay the look.
  4. You can wear an evil eye ring or anklet to give chic vibes for a simple and casual look.
  5. Hamsa hand T-shirts are so cool and comfy these days, which you can pair with cool joggers or rugged jeans to hit the floor like a celebrity.

Final Words!

Celebrities always give us major fashion goals, and recently, they have been doing it by flaunting Hollywood body jewelry. Evil eye and spiritual jewelry is not just a fashion statement these days but also protects you and your loved ones from bad vibes and negative energies. 

You can take inspiration from Hollywood fashion and pair them fashionably with your attire, just like our celebrities do. So ace the floor with our stylish and elegant evil eye jewelry!