Everything you Need to Know About Evil Eye Jewelry and Buri Nazar
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Everything you Need to Know About Evil Eye Jewelry and Buri Nazar


The evil eye is among the most popular beliefs and myths. The evil eye and related rituals are taken very seriously in various cultures around the world, especially in the Indian sub-continent. As per a folklorist named John Roberts, about 40 percent of the world's cultures believe in some form of the evil eye. The context of Buri Nazar or evil eye is found in the Greek texts, Roman texts, the Bible, the Koran, and Jewish, Buddhist, and Hindu traditions. Many believe that evil eye jewelry such as a nazar amulet, evil eye pendant, or evil eye earrings can offer protection from evil eye curses and myths.

What is Buri Nazar?

Buri Nazar or evil glare is the concept that causes injury, harm, or damage to others. A supernatural phenomenon believes in transferring negative vibes or evil from one person to the other by sight. It may not be necessary that the perpetrator intends to harm the victim, for even a glance of admiration can be recast as Buri Nazar. Some believe that Buri Nazar intends to bring misfortune and bad luck, while others believe it to be a paranormal force that emits malicious sight back upon those who wish harm to others.

The concept dates back to the ancient Ugarit, where the city was destroyed in the Bronze Age. The evil eye is also mentioned by Plato, Aulus Gellius, Heliodorus, Theocritus, and many other historical authors in classical Greek antiquity. Thus, different cultures and religions have different strategies and methods to ward off the effects caused by an evil eye. To cure the evil eye, people generally wear evil eye jewelry, use an egg to ward off the evil, find a six-sided mirror, etc.

How does Buri Nazar affect people?

The evil eye can be cast accidentally as well as intentionally. Some cultures believe that Buri Nazar can be cast accidentally. For example, it can be cast by an animal or while praising and complimenting someone. If you're happy, successful, or talented, and people are praising you, there are chances that Buri Nazar affects you. In case of accidental Buri Nazar, the victim and the assailant are unaware of the incident.

Intentional Buri Nazar on the other hand, is often caused by envy, jealousy, or any other forms of subtle hostility. An envious stare or look from a hostile person is sufficient for the evil eye to affect the victim. For example, if someone is jealous of your new car or clothes and looks at it with envy, there are chances that your belongings are damaged or spoiled.


How do I know if someone has placed a Buri Nazar on me?

Interestingly, it is believed that the evil eye affects adults and children differently. Adults generally have mental and psychological effects, whereas children show physical symptoms. In case you are wondering if you are suffering from the Buri Nazar, you must take note of the symptoms that you are going through. The following are the symptoms of Buri Nazar:

  • Gross Body: Buri Nazar can have terrible and long-lasting effects on the body. For example, it may lead you to suffer through blackouts, severe headaches, numbness, nausea, body shiver, weakness, pain in the eyes, etc.
  • Mental Body: Evil eye can also affect the mental body of a person. It may lead you to overthink, put you under the negative influence of the assailant, get angry, have mood swings, discomfort in social gatherings, etc.
  • Subtle Body: If the symptoms of the evil eye continue to haunt you, the body eventually becomes tenuous. Eventually, the subtle body of a person is disturbed, which can lead to the death of a person.

Other ways you can be affected by the Buri Nazar curse

Getting afflicted by the Buri Nazar can have multi-dimensional effects on you or your belongings. While you may be totally normal on the outside, mentally, you could be struggling with your thoughts and ideas. Following are some of the other ways that can be harmed by the evil eye:

  • Physical Problems: Buri Nazar can result in the adoption of bad habits such as smoking, gambling, and drinking. It can also lead to the occurrence of visible medical conditions like skin allergies or a cut on the finger.
  • Mental Problems: Buri Nazar can bring on negative influence and mental problems upon the victim; for example, the person might begin to have suicidal thoughts, constant tension, depression, etc.
  • Financial Problems: Evil eye can bring about a financially bad phase in a person’s life. He might lose his job, experience frequent losses, business shutdown, etc.
  • Educational Problems: Evil eye can contribute to a lot of educational problems as well; you may lose your studying capacity, fail in exams, experience forgetfulness despite sharp memory.
  • Relational or Marital Problems: You may encounter marital or relationship tensions with your partner, and females may experience miscarriage, premature birth, etc.

Why should you be aware of this curse and its effects?

The evil eye is a widespread practice. It is so familiar and bizarre that even a mother's unintentional Buri Nazar can cause harm to her own child. Having basic knowledge about the evil eye, its effects, its symptoms, etc., is very crucial as it can be afflicted upon anybody and at any time. By knowing the symptoms and the treatment, a person can quickly diagnose the problem and treat it accordingly.

With the increasing influence of social media in our daily lives, learning about Buri Nazar and related concepts is more important than ever. When you post pictures of your Dubai trip on Facebook, you are flaunting much more than photos. It could lead people to assume that you are rich, independent, and whatnot, exposing yourself to Buri Nazar.

Are there other types of curses that can be cast on me, like Jadoo or Black Magic spells?

Apart from the evil eye, numerous curses and spells are exercised on people for selfish purposes or to destroy someone physically, mentally, or financially. Different curses have different techniques and different outcomes. Amongst others, black magic (witchcraft), Kahuna Anaana, Jadoo (magic), and Voodoo are the most famous forms of sorcery and have been practiced for centuries in the past. The symptoms and treatment are similar to that of Buri Nazar. All these curses and spells are pretty dangerous to one’s life and must be paid attention to at the earliest. The sorcery can be performed using one’s hair, the mud of the feet, clothes, etc. Therefore, it is vital to be cautious and use necessary precautions at all times.


What are the ways to remove the Buri Nazar curse?

In today's time, it is more important than ever to be cautious of Buri Nazar. Buri Nazar can claim lives, destroy families, and can do anything that could possibly be bad to anyone of us. By changing the negative vibes and aura around us cannot only keep Buri Nazar and other curses at bay but can also attract positive vibes and fortune in your favor.

Following listed are some of the best ways to treat Buri Nazar or evil eye:

  • Prayer or Chanting: One of the best ways to attract and radiate positivity is by praying or chanting. No harm, curse, or magic comes close if you pray to God daily.
  • Casting Off Buri Nazar Mentally (Drushta): By praying to Deity Maruti, or Hanuman, one can ultimately cast off Buri Nazar. It is believed that Deity Hanuman Himself casts off the Buri Nazar if one prays wholeheartedly.
  • Salt and Red Chillies: In the Hindu culture, it is believed that red chilies and salt attract predominant waves called Raja-Tama. By waving the mixture of two ingredients around the victim, the effects of Buri Nazar fade.
  • Lemon: Lemon attracts negative, Raja vibes in gaseous form when hovered in front of the victim in clockwise order. Generally, people use lemons with lines to get rid of Buri Nazar.
  • Salt and Mustard Seeds: When a mixture of salt and mustard seeds is slowly rotated in front of the victim, the effects and curses of Buri Nazar are drawn into the mustard seeds. The mixture is later destroyed in a fire.
  • Alum: A person can get rid of Buri Nazar by rotating alum over the head seven times and later throwing it far away in the southward direction. One should not look back after getting rid of alum.
  • Camphor Aural Cleansing: Camphor or Kapur is known for harmful energy cleaning. By burning the camphor and letting its aroma reach the corners of the house, the afflicted Buri Nazar vanishes.
  • Coconut Ritual: Coconut, through its purity, can cast off any Buri Nazar energy. An individual can pray to Deity Hanuman for drawing all the distressing energy into the coconut.
  • Egg Remedy: By passing the egg over the person's body and keeping the egg in a bowl beneath the pillow overnight, one can get rid of the Buri Nazar.
  • Evil Eye Bead and Dill Herb: Hanging blue-colored evil eye beads or Dill Herbs at the entrance of the main door of the house or office can ward off the unwanted focus by visitors to the premises, preventing Buri Nazar.
  • Magnet: Magnets with Bible quotes or Buri Nazar repellent sayings such as Buri Nazar wale, tera muh kala (meaning - O evil-eyed man, may your face be blackened) on the fridge, car dashboard, etc., can keep evil-eyed people away.
  • Black Cumin: Black cumin seeds or black cumin oil are incredibly effective in treating Buri Nazar and negative energies. Apart from Buri Nazar, it also treats asthma, bronchitis, and other inflammatory diseases.
  • Mirror Talisman: By carrying a mirror talisman or wearing mirror talisman necklaces can effectively discard Buri Nazar. Mirror talisman consists of a tiny mirror framed inside a shadowbox.
  • Palm Leaves: Palm leaves that are generally found in Asia are one of the most excellent repellents of Buri Nazar. Other than actual palm leaves, people also carry palm leaf bags to avoid the evil eye.
  • Protection Jewelry: Evil eye jewelry such as evil eye earrings and evil eye pendants protect you from hostile forces and energy. It also brings good fortune and prevents adverse effects on your overall well-being.

How can I protect myself and my loved ones from Buri Nazar?

Although Buri Nazar has several cures and treatments, still, individuals are advised to take precautions from attracting unwanted energy and vibrations. While sharing posts and stories on social media platforms, one must be careful as you have no idea who might get jealous of your new car or latest achievement. There is also no harm in wearing evil eye jewelry as the evil eye protection bracelet or pendant will bring good fortune and hold back the Buri Nazar.

It is highly recommended to keep your love life, financial status, and personal achievements as private as possible and only share with people who genuinely care about you because everyone who smiles at your success is not happy.

Bottom Line

The evil eye is a belief that is believed to be cast by an envious glare that can be given intentionally or unintentionally. The Buri Nazar victim is generally unaware of the incident when he is afflicted with the evil eye. The superstitious belief has roots in almost all the cultures and communities of the world and is said to have existed for a very long time. The effects and results of Buri Nazar can be seen immediately or after some time, which may include sickness, depression, damage to the belonging, financial loss, physical injury, dispute with a loved one, etc. There are a number of ways to treat a Buri Nazar victim, such as: wearing evil eye jewelry, hanging nazar eye beads at the entrance of your home, praying & chanting, etc.

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