22 Most Popular Evil Eye Jewelry for Men and Women
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22 Most Popular Evil Eye Jewelry for Men and Women

What is the Belief in Evil Eyes?

Many ancient cultures believe that people with bad intentions can cast a cursed look, called evil eyes, on someone. That evil eye look is so powerful that it can cause an actual disaster to the receiver. This belief has led to the use of evil eye jewelry and talismans.
Giving someone the evil eye glare can also cause bad luck and bring negative energies to the unfortunate person. The evil eye look comes from people full of envy, and everyone can be vulnerable and unaware. However, it can also be given unknowingly.

What does Wearing an Evil Eye Mean?

Various cultures tried to find a way to block the negative effects of the evil eye look and came up with amulets or charms. Wearing an evil eye means you’re protecting yourself from the malicious glare and negative energies. Some charms can also reflect the evil glare to the caster. In addition, wearing an evil eye amulet can attract good luck and fortune.

What are the Benefits of Wearing an Evil Eye?

Wearing an evil eye has many benefits and uses in almost all aspects of your life. From health to financial and life in general, there’s an evil eye charm that will suit your needs.

  • To Protect Oneself and Loved Ones from Encountering Someone with the Evil Eye

    Wearing an evil eye can provide you with a shield that will block a malicious look from someone with an evil eye. This is particularly common for people who want to protect their loved ones, especially their children who are traditionally primary victims of evil eye glares.

  • To Bring Good Luck

    An evil eye charm blocks misfortune, so you only attract good luck into your life.

  • To Increase Positive Energy / Vibes

    An evil eye amulet guards against negative energy, turning it into a neutral or positive one.

  • To Shield One from Danger

    The evil eye glare is strong enough to cause real danger to the unfortunate receiver. Wearing an amulet shield you from the ill-wishes and protects you from danger.

  • To Invite Good Health (Be Free From Any Illnesses)

    Negative energies brought by a cursed look can make you mentally and physically sick. An evil eye amulet blocks such negativity, so you can boost your health and avoid illnesses.

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Different cultures have created different evil eye talismans, which have evolved over the years. Here are some of the most popular ones.

  1. Evil Eye – It’s traditionally designed in the shape of an eye and comes in the colors of blue or green.
  2. Blue Nazar Bead – Most frequently seen in Turkey, a blue Nazar bead is a blue glass eye that is believed to have talismanic power to defend the wearer against destructive power.
  3. Hamsa Hand – It’s most popular in the Middle East. It symbolizes the hand of God, which signifies protection against evil spirits.
  4. Red String – The Kabbalah red string is a talisman from the Jewish culture. It’s worn around the wrist to seal protective energy against the evil eye.
  5. Eye of Horus – In ancient Egypt, this represents healing, sacrifice, and royal power to protect both the living and the dead.
  6. Egyptian Sun God Ra – It’s an ancient symbol that can repel negative energy and restore harmony. Pharaohs in ancient Egypt used the Eye of Ra talisman to defend themselves against the enemy of the government.
  7. Cornicello – It’s a twisted horn lucky charm that Italian culture believes to protect against the evil eye.
  8. Turquoise AmuletsTurquoise is an enchanting sea-green stone that ancient people believed to have a profound power to protect against the evil eye and bring tranquility, hope, and good fortune.
  9. Silver Jewelry – Silver is perceived to be pure, as well as powerful in detecting poison. Ancient history used silver against vampires, werewolves, and other supernatural beings.
  10. Om Symbol – In Hinduism, om is a protective symbol that represents the five states of consciousness. Om is also considered a sacred sound and the greatest of all mantras.
  11. Horseshoe – It’s a protective symbol that originated in Roman culture. It’s believed to have the ability to shield the wearer against misfortune because evil spirits are afraid of the iron that resists flames.
  12. Ankh – In ancient Egyptian culture, the ankh is a symbol of the key to long life and health.
  13. Bagua Mirror – It’s a classical feng shui symbol of protection that can deflect negative energies. Bagua mirrors are typically placed outside of a house or building.
  14. Lotus – It’s a protective symbol in different cultures, such as Egyptian, Buddhism, and Hinduism. It represents spirituality, prosperity, purity, and tranquility.
  15. St Benedict Amulet – It’s a Christian religious symbol of protection against evil, curses, vice, and diseases.
  16. Christian Cross – It’s a representation of the crucifixion of Jesus and a personal statement of Christian faith. The wearer feels protected against evil.
  17. Chai Symbol – Chai is a Hebrew word that means life. It’s predominantly used in Jewish culture as an amulet, usually along with the Hamsa hand or Star of David.
  18. Mala Beads – It’s a string of 108 beads plus a guru stone as the anchor and 109th bead. It’s commonly used in Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism as a symbol of connection to the divine being.
  19. Crystals – They are believed to have properties that have the power to protect and defend you.
  20. Wishbone – It’s a good luck charm used to attract good fortune. It also symbolizes the promise and untapped potential of human beings.
  21. Clover Leaf – It’s a universal symbol of good luck, which is also used in evil eye amulets.
  22. Elephant – It symbolizes strength, power, wisdom, and stability. The elephant can be seen as an additional symbol in evil eye amulets.

What are the Different Ways to use the Evil Eye Talisman?

You’re probably more familiar with evil eye jewelry, but there are other ways to use the evil eye talisman.

  • Jewelry protection for yourself, family, friends, or special someone – Wear them as a necklace, bracelet, ring, earrings, or anklets and be protected anywhere you go.
  • House protection hung on door entrances or windowsEvil eye protection charms can be found in house decors that you can hang by the windows or doors to deflect evil spirits and negative energies, preventing them from entering your home.
  • Property protection such as cars, livestock, or other assets – Evil eye charms can also be used in your cars, livestock, and pets to keep them protected and safe from harm.

Where can you find an Evil Talisman?

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Evil eye talismans are popular souvenirs you can buy in Turkey. But you don’t have to go there to get one. Today, you can find an evil talisman in eCommerce shops and small online businesses. SVANA, for instance, has a wide range of evil eye charm collections to choose from.

Final Notes

Anyone can be vulnerable to the evil eye glare. Get yourself an evil eye jewelry talisman today and feel protected against harm while also attracting positive energies and good fortune into your life.