Evil Eye Meaning and History From Past to Present Day Beliefs
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Evil Eye Meaning and History From Past to Present Day Beliefs

Just like any other spiritual jewelry, the evil eye has become quite a popular trend these days. People love to wear it as a stylish jewelry statement to keep bad vibes away. They believe that this spiritual jewelry is charged with positivity. But are you aware of the actual evil eye meaning and history? If not, then there are certain things you must have known before wearing the evil eye symbol for your safety and good luck.

Is the evil eye good or bad? Why do people wear evil eye jewelry? These questions, along with their history of origin, are crucial to understanding the potential of this symbol. So, let's begin with its meaning.

What is the meaning of the evil eye?

The "evil eye" (mati or μάτι) is a Greek culture curse passed through many generations and is present to date. According to ancient beliefs, the evil eye is the sinister look or stare to inflict harm, cast by a person envious of you.

For centuries, this evil eye meaning has been symbolism in almost every culture like Christian, Indian, Buddhism, etc.

To keep them safe from this curse, people wear Evil Eye Amulets as protection. Designed in the shape of the eye, this amulet or talisman comes in blue or green, generally as a spiritual protection symbol.

Why do people wear the evil eye?

According to ancient beliefs, the cure to this evil eye curse is to carry this symbol as a talisman or jewelry on your body. Upon wearing this evil eye repellent, the sinister look is reflected back upon the part who cast it.

People believe that wearing this symbol blocks negative energy and misfortune. It is spiritual protection that brings good luck and protects you from any ill will.

Where did the evil eye originate?

Evil Eye symbol and superstition is one of the most powerful symbolic representations in the world. This symbol has a history of as far back as 3,000 B.C. Every culture has mentioned this symbol in different ways.

According to some ancient evidence, this symbol is mentioned in Greek and Roman Texts, along with the Quran and Bible. In every culture, this symbol has been represented as a solid malicious appearance, causing pain, harm and misfortune.

Is the evil eye Turkish or Greek?

The earliest known evidence suggests that the Evil Eye curse originated in Greece. In the 6th century B.C, the symbol was found on the classing Greek antique drinking vessels. After that, many classical authors like Plato, Hesiod, Plutarch had described its function in their style.

Who invented the evil eye?

Although the evil eye curse was first evident in Greek and Roman times, the ideology quickly spread into the Middle East and Turkish Culture.

People of these cultures believed that this curse was a threat to all overpraised for their achievements. They think that God punishes those who are overproud or with too much self-admiration.

So, to protect from this evil eye curse, Turkish people invented Nazar Boncuk Charm. Also known as the Turkish Eye bead, this bead is characterized by a dark eye set against the blue background.

What does the blue eye symbolize?

Mostly, the evil eye talisman comes in the blue eye, which has its unique significance. In both Greek and Turkish culture, water is precious due to scarcity in many areas of these countries. The blue color of water symbolizes purity, growth, and prosperity.

The Turkish eye bead comes in two shades of blue- dark and light along with white/yellow color. Being the color of the sky, blue also represents Truth, Positivity, and Good Karma to protect against the evil energy across other cultures.

Amid the centre of the bead, there is a black dot representing a powerful and protective eye.

Is it good luck to wear an evil eye?

Yes, wearing an evil eye amulet or bead prevents the negative energies cast by another person on you. It guards against misfortune happening in someone's life to bring prosperity, positivity, and good luck.

Its protective qualities shield you from negative energy and any ill will that otherwise can harm you or your loved ones. It has the potential to nullify the curse and bad intentions cast on you.

Is it bad or disrespectful to wear evil eye jewelry?

No, wearing evil eye jewelry shields yourself from misfortune and harm cast by other people. It acts as a protection symbol to prevent negative energies from affecting your health.

Although most people prefer to buy evil eye jewelry themselves, it is more beneficial when someone gifts it to you. If the evil eye breaks, it means that bad energy has been averted and did its job. In such a case, you must replace it with a new one as soon as possible.

Is the eye symbol evil?

The eye symbol in the evil eye curse represents the malicious look or stare someone cast on you when they are envious. On the contrary, the eye symbol in the evil eye amulet works represents spiritual protection against that wicked stare. It keeps the negative energies and bad luck away from you to bring positivity and fortune.

What is the evil eye charm used for?

As the evil eye charm nullifies the effect of the evil eye curse on someone, it can be used for various purposes, like:

  • To Serve as Protection from Evil and Danger: The evil eye charm reflects the malicious and harmful appearances that can otherwise bring infliction, illness, and loss.
  • Good Luck Token: The evil eye charm brings the Good Karma by shielding against the negative power. You can give it to someone as a Good Luck Token or Protection charm.
  • Display of Spiritual or Cultural Values: Evil eye charm as spiritual jewelry supports the positive energy flow in nature by blocking the negative energies & influences. Also, in every culture, the evil eye charm has its own significance and perception. When you wear such jewelry, the cultural values and beliefs get nurtured.
  • Status Quo Symbol: Spiritual jewelry, like the evil eye charm, acts as a status symbol of an individual. People with more wealth prefer to wear more jewelry often.
  • Rites of Passage: Elders pass this protection charm to newborn kids or their children on their special day.
  • Accessory for Special Occasions: As evil eye jewelry is both stylish and valuable, you can carry it on various occasions with your outfit.
  • A Definition of One's Fashion Sense: It is a stylish statement one likes to make to sync with the trends and reflect their fashion sense.
  • To Accentuate One's Body Parts: The evil eye charm is a protection symbol that provides strength and positive energy to you. It keeps you healthy by keeping illness away.
  • A Representation of Relationships: People love to gift their loved ones a protection charm for good health. It brings prosperity, reflecting their true love towards them.
  • Self Expression: As the evil eye charm keeps flowing the positive energy, you feel more confident and express yourself in a better way.

How do you know you have the evil eye?

When someone casts an evil eye on something, that thing starts deteriorating. The evil eye can be cast on anything living or non-living. The hostile glance lets terrible things happen with you or your belongings upon which it has been cast.

You can start witnessing the adverse effects like troubles, bad luck, illness, misfortune, etc.

How can someone cast an evil eye?

The evil eye can be both intentional and unintentional. According to the ancient beliefs, there are three types of evil eye:

  • Unintentional/Unconscious: This harms people and things without intending to do so.
  • Harm: This is cast upon things and people with the intent to harm.
  • Hidden: It is hard to see or recognize, and thus the evilest one.

It is believed that Evil Eye witnessed all the evil in the World and eliminated poverty and ignorance. Many cultures believe that most of the time, it is unintentional. Sometimes, it is casted  accidentally by the death of an animal or any living thing.

But in case it is intentional, it is mainly because of the envy one has against you or your success. In such circumstances, they cast their envious glaze on you to bring bad luck or misfortune.

Why do people get cursed with an evil eye?

When someone attracts too much praise, they also attract envy and jealousy, which leads to an evil eye curse. In general, if you are successful, beautiful, or overpraised, you are at more risk from the evil eye. Here are the three most common reasons why people get cursed with an evil eye:

  1. When someone gets envious of your achievements or fortune
  2. When you display your achievements and fortune openly
  3. When you get too many people who admire you

Signs and Symptoms of the evil eye curse

When someone casts an evil eye curse on you, your health starts deteriorating without any known cause. In such a scenario, one can face ill symptoms like:

  • Headache
  • Lack of Energy
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Vomiting and Stomach Ache
  • Irritability

How can you be affected by the evil eye?

The evil eye curse affects both children and elders in different ways. Kids are more susceptible to this curse than the elders because of their beauty, innocence, or other reasons. This curse not only brings illness but can also affect an individual in various ways, like:

1) Physically

As the symptoms stated above, the evil eye curse can affect your physical health. It can cause fever, injury, anxiety, nausea, and many other severe health conditions that have no known cause.

2) Mentally

When this curse is cast upon a person, negative energy flow increases, leading to mental changes like depression, anxiety, overthinking, loss of thinking, etc.

3) Emotionally

A person also witnesses unexpected emotional changes like anger, mood swings, anxiety, fear of darkness, discomfort in social gatherings, fear of loneliness, etc.

4) Financially

Financial loss is the common effect of an evil eye curse. When someone is jealous of your success or fortune, they cast a hostile glance on your achievements. So you start witnessing downfalls like losing your job, robbery, loss in business, bankruptcy, and many more.

5) In Relational Areas

Sometimes, when your relationship gets too much praise, or you over-express joy towards someone, an envious glance can negatively impact your relations.

You can experience more arguments, breakups, or any other loss in your relational areas in such scenarios.

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How do you protect yourself from the evil eye?

The evil eye charm or bead is a sacred symbol against the evil curse, which people like to wear in various forms. In every form, the symbol provides you mystical protection against misfortune and harm. No matter from which religion you are, the Karmic essence of this sacred symbol remains the same.

Every form has its own significance, which you must know before opting for the right one.

Evil Eye Amulets and Talismans

Originated in Greece, the Evil Eye Amulet is known as "Apotropaic Amulet," referring to reflected damage. Designed with concentric blue and white circles, these evil eye amulets are known as Nazar.

Evil Eye Amulets and Talismans are the protection charms designed to repel the effect back on the evil that cast the curse. From Egypt, these Talismans and Amulets were passed to the Middle East, Europe and Mediterranean.

The evil eye beads in amulets and talismans reflect negative energy to the bystanders. It is believed that the typical blue color protects you from any intentional or unintentional harm.

There is a unique reflective mirror used in these talismans to reflect the negative energies. These amulets can be hung on any place or belongings which a person wants to protect from harm.

Apart from the amulets, the evil eye charm can also be used in various jewelry forms, like:

Who can use the evil eye?

Evil eye charm can be used for both people and objects. When a person wears evil eye amulets or jewelry, it protects them from negative energy, misfortune, and harm. It is safe to use for both newborn kids and adults irrespective of their age and religion.

Similarly, when someone is envious of your belongings, whether a new house, new car, etc., they cast an evil eye for harm. By using evil eye amulets on such objects, you can guard them against bad intentions.

Does the evil eye have to be gifted?

Yes, the evil eye charm is auspicious spiritual jewelry you can give to your loved ones for protection, prosperity, and good luck. It works well when someone gives it to you. But otherwise, you can also buy it yourself.

The Meaning of Every Talisman or Charm Paired with Evil Eye

1) Red String with Evil Eye Meaning

In Kabbalistic culture, the red color represents courage, blood, bravery, and protection against misfortune & harm. The kabbalah red string evil eye bracelet is meant to wear on the left wrist. It deflects the negative energies by converting them into positive vibes. The red string must be knotted seven times to seek protection against the darkness and evil intentions.

2) Hamsa Hand and Evil Eye Meaning

Known as the Hand of Fatima, Hamsa Hand is the popular evil eye amulet in the Middle East and Africa. It is a hand symbol with evil eyes in the palm. In Jewish culture, it is known as the "Hand of the God'' or "Hand of the Miriam," which offers protection against negative energies and misfortune. It brings security and safety to the home.

3) Evil Eye with Elephant

An elephant is a symbol of Strength, Wisdom, Power, and Stability. Combining it with Evil Eye brings all the courage and power you require to defeat negative energies.

4) Evil Eye with Four Leaf Clover

The Four Leaf Clover is the universal symbol of Good Luck and Fortune. The evil eye amulet with Four Leaf Clover brings good news and luck to the home while protecting against envy & ill intentions.

5) Evil Eye with Horseshoe Meaning

Horseshoe is a superstitious symbol since ancient history used to fight against the devil. It is a symbol of good luck and protection against dark forces. Evil Eye with Horseshoe protects an individual or an object from negative energies and harm.

6) Evil Eye and Cornicello (horn)

Also known as Italian Horn, Cornicello is an iconic protection symbol against "Malocchio" (evil eye). Malocchio is a silent curse people cast on others. Evil eye amulet with Cornicello protects against this silent curse to nullify its harmful effects.

7) Evil Eye and Crystals

Crystals and Gems also offer protection against various maladies. Like, emeralds act as an antidote to poison. Similarly, there is an Italian Greenstone named malachite that wards off the Evil eye. Sri Lankans wore blue star Sapphire to protect against the evil eye curse.

8) Evil Eye Fish

Universally, the Fish symbol represents Good Luck, Harmony, emotions, and success. The evil eye fish charm brings fortune, good news, and success to your life by protecting you from jealous glares.

9) Crucifix and Evil Eye

Crucifix or Cross is the sacred symbol of Christianity. The symbol represents Goodness and Happiness. Many people wear this symbol with an evil eye bead to seek protection and happiness against the darkness.

10) Star of David and Evil Eye

The Star of David represents the overlapping stars and the relationship between the Gods and Jews. It indicates the dual nature of God and Evil to offer protection against evil spirits.

11) Yin Yang and Evil Eye

The Yin Yang symbol has been quite popular since ancient times. It represents the coexistence of both Good and Bad in everything. Yin represents Shadow, silence, cold, and softness, while Yang indicates light, hardness, masculinity, and noise.

The Yin Yang symbol blended with the evil eye symbol represents the relationship of harmonious duality.

12) Dreamcatcher Evil Eye

The dreamcatcher evil eye protects an individual from bad dreams and negative thoughts while sleeping. It captures the negative energy to pass only the positive dreams and powers to the unconscious mind.

13) Tree of Life and Evil Eye

Tree of Life with Evil eye provides protection, fortune, and happiness. It brings all the good luck and wealth by warding off the negative thoughts and energies away.

14) Evil Eye and Heart

Evil eye charm in heart shape indicates love, passion, and long life. It is a token of love to someone whom you wish to protect from negative energies.

15) Evil Eye and Celtic Knot

The Celtic knot represents unity and eternal spiritual life. The Celtic knot has the same beginning and endpoint. With the evil eye, it means eternal spiritual happiness and fortune with no negative thoughts or energies.

16) Evil Eye and Om

Om is the ancient Indian symbol that represents spirituality and positive energy. It is the mother of all Mantras. Om is a primordial sound that created this Universe. Evil eye symbol with the auspicious Om emblem offers Urja and positive energy against darkness and evilness.

17) Evil Eye with Birthstone

When combined with birthstone, the evil eye works as a powerful spiritual jewelry to protect against evil forces and darkness. It harnesses harmful energy and negativity to offer good health and fortune.

18) Azabache (St. Benedict Medallion) and Evil Eye

Together Azabache and Evil Eye work as two powerful elements to combat negative energy. The St. Benedict Medallion is a religious medal in the Christian tradition that opens doors to new openings and protects against illness, curses and evilness.

19) Evil Eye Sun

The Sun is the Universal bestower of Light, Warmth and Vibrant energy. It acts as a source of Wisdom, Positivity and Life. Evil eye sun grants the wearer a vast amount of positive energy to diminish the darkness and negativity.

20) Evil Eye and Moon

The moon symbol represents the Feminine side and the cycle of rebirth & fertility. Combined with Evil Eye, it grants ultimate life protection to newborns and loved ones against dark intentions. Together it helps to maintain the balance of nature.

21) Horus Evil Eye

The eye of Horus is an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection based on an old myth. In a war, the son of God Osiris, named Horus, was attacked by his father's brother, named Seth, and lost his eye. However, the Lunar God "Hathor" reconstructed his eye.

This restoration came to symbolize the process of Healing and Victory of Good over Evil. Since then, the symbol has been used as a protection charm in amulets to protect an individual against harm and the devil.

22) Evil Eye Bagua

Bagua is a famous Chinese Feng Shui mascot that mystically represents Yin and Yang. It is believed that this symbol can ward off evil spirits by offering wealth, good luck and positivity. Evil Eye Bagua expels negative energies so all the fortune and good luck can come to you.

23) Coin and Evil Eye

Evil Eye coin resists bad things and offers you wealth, happiness, good health and fortune. This coin has a protective, lucky meaning.

24) Owl and Evil Eye

From ancient times, Owl is symbolized as the source of Wisdom, Spirituality and Intellectual. It wards off the negative spirits just like an evil eye amulet. Together their power combines to provide the wearer wisdom, success and fortune against malicious spirits.

25) Pyramid and Evil Eye

The Evil Eye Pyramid is a symbol of Positivity and Good Luck. It represents the powerful energy that any evil intentions or interactions cannot alter. Both Pyramid and Evil Eye charm are the sources of eliminating the negative energies and thoughts.

26) Evil Eye and Lotus

Lotus is an ancient symbol of purity and beauty. It represents how one can stay beautiful and pure even after being surrounded by bad things. The evil eye and lotus together indicate self-regeneration, purity, enlightenment and protection against the bad.

27) Evil Eye and Mandala

The mandala is the ancient spiritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism, consisting of multiple circular patterns. These circles represent that everything is connected and life never ends.

This symbol refers to the individual's spiritual journey. Together with an evil eye, it seeks relaxation and protection against destructive thoughts.

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The Meaning of Every Precious Metal Evil Eye Jewelry

Evil Eye Jewelry is available in various metals and styles these days to make a fashion statement along with its spiritual value. But each metal has its significance and value, which you must know.

1) Gold: There is no doubt that Gold is one of the precious metals known for its purity and royalty. Yellow Gold represents Faithfulness and Purity. You can have evil eye jewelry in Pure Yellow Gold to protect your health, sharp your mind and for better concentration.

2) White Gold: White Gold represents Friendship, and if you wish to give your loved ones or close friends this protection symbol, you must go with this metal. It represents Fresh beginnings, Purity and success.

3) Rose Gold: It is not pure gold but a combination of multiple alloys like Silver, Copper and Gold. Rose Gold represents love. So if you wish to gift your partner this evil eye jewelry, rose gold is the preferred metal.

4) Silver: This metal offers huge protection and value among various cultures. Silver represents purity, spirituality and calmness. It sharpens the psychic capability and improves intuition to calm an individual's spirits.

How does each country, culture, and religion define the evil eye?

Every country, religion and culture holds the unique significance of the evil eye that needs to be understood. Here is the brief about them.

1) Turkey

The evil eye charm has been deeply rooted in Turkish culture since ancient history. It has a deep symbolic significance in the entire culture. In Turkey, the evil eye amulet or Nazar is made from handmade glass consisting of concentric circular patterns. There is a white, yellow, light blue, and black teardrop shape in these blue concentric circles.

In Turkey, people believe that everything that deserves high praise is at the risk of an evil eye curse. And thus, to protect their houses, cars, belongings and even individuals, they use these evil eye amulets or Nazars. They hang these Nazars in homes, offices, cars, children's clothing or wear them as jewellery.

2) Greece

The evil eye charm is considered as an "Apotropaic" visual device to ward off the hostile glance. The symbol was first witnessed in 6th BC on Greek drinking vessels. The Greeks believed that there are some ways to ward off the evil eye curse by performing some processes like:

Xematiasma: In this process, the healer silently recites the powerful secret prayer of their elder grandparents (usually of the opposite gender) on the victim. It is believed that this prayer must be recited under specific conditions. Otherwise, the healer would lose their ability to cast off the evil eye.

Oil Drop Test: In this test, the healer puts one drop of olive oil in holy water. As oil is denser than water, it must float in the usual conditions. But in the case of an evil eye, it sinks, confirming the affliction.

Similarly, there is another drop test in which two drops of oil are placed in a glass of water. If both remain separated, there is no evil eye curse. But if they merge, then the curse is there.

Clove Test: In this test, the healer pierces a few cloves together in a pin and crosses over the afflicted. After crossing, the cloves are burned with a lighter. If the cloves burn quietly, then there is no evil eye. But if it explodes with noise, then the person is cursed. The cloves must be extinguished in water and later buried in the garden along with the pins to remove this curse.

Greeks used to believe in the Evil eye curse and refer to it as devil and envy glare. They believed that demonic forces influence people to cast an evil eye on others intentionally or unintentionally. To ward off these bad intentions, they remain humble and often spit when praising someone/something.

3) Israel / Jews - Middle East

The Bedouin folk culture in the Middle East believes that Evil Eye is the most dangerous force to destroy anyone's life in untold ways. They fear the misfortune and harm it can cause due to envy. The standard Arabic name for Evil Eye is "ayn", and there are two types:

  • Humankind - known as Insiya
  • The Jinns - known as Jinsiya

They believe that the evil eye can cause mental, sexual and physical impairment to all ages and genders. To protect from the evil eye, they use Amulets, Charms, Spells, Sacrifices, Incantations, Vows and so on.

4) Islamic Countries

The Islamic people believe that any individual has the power to cast an evil eye on someone/something out of envy or bad intentions to cause misfortune and harm. That is why they believe that If a compliment is made, the person should reply with "TabarakAllah" ("Blessings of God") or "Masha'Allah" ("God has willed it") to ward off the evil eye.

Apart from it, there are some other words like Sura Ikhlas, Sura Al-Falaq and Sura Al-Nas. Reciting these words from the Quran, three times after Fajr and Maghrib, also offers protection against evil intentions or glare.

5) India

According to the religions and regions, India has different names and protection methods to guard off the Evil Eye. In North regions like UP, Punjab, Haryana, etc., the evil eye is known as "Nazar" or "Buri Nazar". People use slogans, charms, bracelets or other objects like Nazar Bhattu to keep the evil eye away.

In India, people believe that newborn babies and infants are more prone to Evil Eye. Thus they usually put Kajal or Kaala Teeka to them to keep the evil glares away. Some people often preserve the umbilical cord of a newborn baby and cast it into black thread or metal. Babies can wear this as a bracelet or pendant to banish harmful energies.

In southern regions, the Evil eye is commonly known as "Disti" or "Drusti". To eliminate it, people use several items like rock salt, red chillies, lemons coated with kumkuma, white pumpkins, oiled cloth, etc. They rotate any of these items over the victim and burn or dump it to keep the evil spirits away.

6) Italy

As per the ancient beliefs, The Wielder of the Evil Eye is known as Jettatore, having a striking facial appearance and high arching brows with an evil glare. He had a reputation for possessing dark powers and magic to harm successful people.

So, people in Italy use a twisted-horn shaped amulet called Cornicello (little horn) to keep the Evil Eye away. They are usually carved out of gold or silver or out of red coral. This amulet protects people from negative energies, misfortune and harm often caused by the evil eye.

7) Spain and Latin America

Spain is the origin of Evil Eye superstition in Latin America. In Spanish, the Evil eye is referred to as Mal de Ojo. People use an Evil eye amulet to prevent infants and people from misfortune and harm caused by the evil eye curse.

There are some traditional cures in Latin America to ward off the evil eye, like:

Raw Egg Method: In this process, a Folk healer (Curandero) sweeps the raw chicken egg over the victim's body to absorb the power of the evil eye. Then this egg is broken into a glass of water and placed under the bed of the patient. If the egg looks like the cooked one in the morning, the curse has been eliminated.

Sometimes the raw egg turns into a cooked one, which confirms the presence of an evil eye. When raw eggs transform into cooked ones, Mal de Ojo is transferred immediately into the egg, and the patient feels better.

8) Assyria

Assyrians believe strongly in the Evil Eye curse. They wear a blue/turquoise bead in the necklace to protect themselves from negative energies and evil spirits.

According to their belief, people with blue or green eyes are more prone to evil eye curse. They can protect themselves by making a cross sign with their hand and pointing Index and Middle finger towards the source.

9) The United States

The Americans and Britishers believed in the Evil Eye very lately. The initial generations never heard about it, but the upcoming generations faced the harmful effects of the evil eye.

To protect the people from the evil eye curse, the author named occultist Henri Gamache published a book in 1946 titled "Terrors of the Evil Eye Exposed!". Later the book was republished with the title "Protection against Evil" to offer preventive methods against the evil eye curse.

In South America, people attach a red ribbon to their precious belongings to keep the bad glare away.

10) The Caribbean and West Indies

In the West Indies, particularly in Trinidad and Tobago, the evil eye is referred to as Maljo. People believe that Maljo is more harmful when it comes from an envious person with bad intentions. To ward off Maljo, people opt for some protective methods like:

  • Religious people believe that only prayers and spiritual rituals can take away the Maljo in extreme cases.
  • Non-religious people believe that the Blue colour can ward off the maljo. Thus they prefer wearing blue clothes, using blue ornaments or hanging the blue bottles of milk of magnesia on trees outside their home.
  • People also use Jumbie (poisonous seeds of Rosary Pea tree) and Jet beads in bracelets to protect newborn babies and loved ones from the evil eye.

11) Other European Countries

People in European countries believe that only certain people, including the witches, own the power to cast an evil eye on someone with their bad intentions. While some people possess this power with an evil spirit, others unintentionally or curse to birth with it.

People use blue evil eye amulets or jewelry to ward off these evil intentions, darkness and negative spirits for ages.


In every culture, religion and country, Evil eye amulets and jewelry hold unique and spiritual significance. It is a powerful protection charm to keep negative energies and evil intentions away from you and your loved ones.

There are various kinds of protection amulets available to guard against the evil eye curse, and you can choose the right one for you with the help of this article. Think Positive, Stay Positive!