Repel Bad Luck, Danger, and Negative Energy with Evil Eye Protection
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Repel Bad Luck, Danger, and Negative Energy with Evil Eye Protection

Evil Eye Protection amulets and jewelry are so common these days that everyone must have encountered this symbol somewhere sometime. Some consider it as a trending jewelry piece or fashion statement. While others strongly see it as a spiritual protection charm against ill intentions and negative energies. In every culture, the Evil Eye protection symbol holds its unique significance and meaning. This makes its history and origin more interesting to know. 

So, if you are also curious to understand the power of this protection charm and how it repels bad luck and danger, here is everything you need to know. Let's begin right from its origin and meaning.

What is The Evil Eye Protection Meaning?

The Evil Eye Protection symbol is commonly referred to as "Repellent of Evil Eye". The Evil Eye or Nazar is a famous Greek curse passed through many generations and cultures & exists to date. According to ancient superstition, people believe that the Human Eye has the power to cast Evil Glance on someone or something they envy. This malign glare is powerful enough to cause harm, injury, bad luck, and negative energy in the receiver's life. 

The evil eye protection symbol shields a person from this curse's harmful and damaging effects by reflecting the ill intentions of the sender. It has served as a symbol of protection in various cultures since ancient times. This protection charm is generally available as a blue-colored crystal bead having concentric circles. There is a powerful black dot eye in the center of these circles to reflect the hostile glance.

The Origins of Evil Eye Protection Symbol

According to ancient history, the Evil Eye Protection symbol's origin is believed to be from Greece and Turkey as the first sign of this symbol was visible on antique Greek vessels in 6th B.C. But people also believe that the Evil Eye curse and protection symbol has originated on almost every continent as it has been popular in the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and Central America for ages.

In every culture, the Evil Eye appearance has been referred to and mentioned through various names. Like in France, it is Mauvais Oeil, Mal de Ojo in Spanish, ayin hasad in Arabic and Böse Blick in Germany. 

Egyptians and Greeks have believed in the Evil Eye Protection symbol for a long time. They think only the sacred evil eye symbol is powerful enough to take off the negative impact of a hostile glance. That is why tourists often stack up on Evil Eye Jewelry and Amulets when visiting such places.

Why does one get an evil eye curse?

There is no particular reason or cause for getting an evil eye curse by someone. Most often, people cast an evil glance on someone out of envy or jealousy. When someone achieves something great or successful in their lives, people overpraise them or get jealous of them. This is when the negative energies get cast in the form of Nazar or Evil Eye curse to cause harm.

People also believe that God punishes you through an evil eye curse when you are not grateful for your achievements or overpraise yourself. Thus one needs to be always thankful towards their accomplishments and success to keep the negative energies and misfortune away.

What Are The Evil Eye Types You Should Be Wary Of?

There are three different types of evil eyes most commonly found in every culture, i.e.:

  • The Accidental Glare - When someone unintentionally casts an evil eye on you by praising you.
  • Intentional Gaze - Evil eye cast on someone to cause harm or injury.
  • Hidden Stare - The most dangerous type of evil eye curse as it is hard to recognize and generally brings misfortune and harm.

Why do people believe in Evil Eye protection meaning?

The Evil Eye protection symbol is one of the oldest and most popular spiritual symbols that grants you protection against the negative energies and harm a hostile glance can potentially cause. People generally use Evil Eye amulets, Jewelry, and talismans for protection against the evil eye curse. 

The most common reasons to believe in evil eye protection charm are:

  • Avoid Potential Danger or Harm: Evil eye protection amulet wards off the negative impact of the hostile glance to protect the person from danger or harm.
  • Invite Good Fortune: Since the sacred amulet is charged with positive energies, it brings good luck and fortune in life.
  • Cleanse Oneself from Toxic Energy: The protection charm cleanses your mind and body to release negative energies and stress & balance it with positive vibes.
  • Protect Oneself and Loved Ones from People with Ill-Will: People often gift sacred evil eye jewelry and amulets to their loved ones as a token of love for their protection.
  • Reinforce God’s Presence and Protection: When you wear something sacred and spiritual, charged with the gratitude of protection, it makes you feel close to the Universe & God.

How to protect yourself from the evil eye danger?

There are various types of evil eye protection jewelry and amulets people can use to ward off the curse and ill intentions. Along with guarding the person against the negative energies and harm, these amulets and jewelry also bring Good luck, prosperity, happiness, and growth in a person's life.

  • Hanging Evil Eye Amulets: One of the most popular and oldest ways to use evil eye amulets is to hang them as door knockers or inside your home/office to bring positive energies and good luck.
  • Evil Eye Keychain: You can also place this sacred amulet in your favorite keychain to protect your precious belongings and vehicles.
  • Evil Eye Pendant & Necklaces: People often wear sacred evil eye amulets in pendants and necklaces for protection. These necklaces can be of any material like silver or gold.
  • Evil Eye Bracelets: For children, pregnant ladies, and newborn babies, people usually prefer evil eye bracelets as protection and good luck charm.
  • Evil Eye Rings and Earrings: Another common form of evil eye jewelry includes evil eye rings and earrings. It is pretty trendy these days as a fashion statement.
  • Evil Eye Anklets: Silver evil eye anklets can be worn to ward off Nazar both by kids and the youth.
  • Evil Eye Beads: Many people prefer to use crystal blue evil eye beads to wear as jewelry or hang as a talisman at their place to keep negative energies away.
  • Evil Eye and Hamsa: Both Hamsa Hand and Evil Eye have spiritual significance in many cultures. Both are powerful protection symbols against the evil eye curse. Thus most of the time, people prefer the Hamsa Hand evil eye amulet to bring prosperity, protection, and fortune to their lives.
  • Red String Evil Eye: Red is a sacred color that reflects power, protection, and religious values. People believe that Red String Evil Eye Protection charm has the power to keep the negative and dark energies away. Thus red string evil eye jewelry and amulets are common to use by people these days.


Three Evil Eye Accessories

What Are the Other Forms of Evil Eye Protection and Rituals?

There are various rituals, objects, and prayers against the evil eye that people generally use to cleanse and activate the protection charm before wearing it. Here are some of the most used ones:

  • Prayer: In every culture, prayer against the evil eye curse has strong significance. In different religions, there are various evil eye prayers available for granting protection against the hostile glance. People rant these prayers to let negative energies come out from their bodies.

For example, there are various prayers in the Bible to ask for protection against the evil eye curse, like: "O Lord protect me from evil eyes of men and women in Jesus Name".

  • Crystals: Various protection crystals that help to ward off evil spirits and ill intentions. You can use Black Tourmaline, Brown Stones, Smoky quartz, Snowflake Obsidian Crystals to feel protected and positive against the negative energies.
  • Salt: It is a crucial element representing Earth, and thus people use it to charge and activate any sacred amulet. It lets the positive energy drawn from the Earth give the charm the power to keep the negative energies and evil spirits away.

There is also a cleansing ritual where people use Salt to pass around the afflicted person twice or thrice and then put it into the fire.

  • Garlic: Mediterranean and western cultures, even in Vaastu, it is believed that Garlic cloves help to ward off the negative spirits and evil eye. It acts as a repellent against the negative energies surrounding your mind and body.

In Vaastu, it is recommended to tie a few garlic cloves in a cotton cloth and tie them where you feel the evil spirits to keep them away.

  • Holy Water: Commonly known as Gangajal, Holy water is used in every cleansing ritual as sacramental protection against bad spirits and evil energies. In Catholics, Romans, and every other culture, it is used for spiritual purposes.
  • Oil (often Olive Oil): From ancient times, Olive oil has been used to detect the evil eye curse through various rituals. Like, in one oil drop test, a few drops of olive oil pour into the bowl of holy water. If the oil drops remain segregated, the person is not afflicted with the curse. But if the drops clutter together, then there is the presence of an evil eye curse.
  • Mirror: As mirrors have reflective properties, they are placed in a strategic way to reflect the evil glance to the person who cast it. That is why people strategically place mirrors in their houses to reflect the evil glimpses. Also, people wear mirror jewelry and clothes to ward off the hostile glances cast upon them.
  • Magnet: People believe that a magnet has the power to pull off the evil energies from an afflicted person's body. There is a ritual of warding off the evil eye curse where a magnet is run over to the afflicted person's body, ending at the sole of the feet, twice or thrice. Then this magnet is thrown into the fire to remove the curse and harm.
  • Spit Method: You might have noticed that people often spit when praising someone or something to keep the evil eye away. In Judaism, it is a common custom of spitting three times when praising something so that no evil glances or intentions come to that thing. In Romans, this evil eye cleansing custom is known as "despuere malum".
  • Coconut Ritual: In Indian culture, coconut plays a vital role in any spiritual protection ritual. There is a ritual to remove the evil eye curse where coconut is a circle over the afflicted person's head thrice. While circling the coconut, the person imagines the visuals of evil forces affecting them. That coconut is then visualized as an evil eye filled with all the ill intentions and dark forces & smashed at the road away from the home to ward off the curse.
  • Mustard Seeds: It has a great significance in Astrology and Vaastu. In old-styled houses, people still scatter Black Mustard Seeds in the open courtyard to repel the negative energies and evil forces that could potentially cause damage to their homes and loved ones.

The other way to ward off the evil eye curse from someone/something is to take some mustard seeds (black or yellow) over the afflicted person's body from top to bottom seven times. Then throw these seeds in the holy water or at chauraha to ward off the dark energies. After performing this ritual, the person starts feeling upbeat and light as negative energies get removed from their body & mind.

Where to Get Evil Eye Protection Jewelry?

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Final Words!

Evil Eye protection jewelry and amulets are known for their spiritual significance and positive effects against the negative energies and evil eye curse. You can buy it for yourself or your loved ones as a gratitude of protection and love to bring all the good luck, positive energy, and happiness. 

It is crucial to put your faith in such sacred amulets before wearing them to activate their energies. Also, you must be kind and considerate towards others, so no ill intentions get transferred to others from you. Stay positive, stay blessed!