A Guide To The Different Evil Eye Jewelry Protection
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A Guide To The Different Evil Eye Jewelry Protection

You might have seen adornments with eyes or symmetrical hands and wondered what they are for. They look aesthetically funky and intriguing at the same time. We will help you discover the mystery, wonder, and interesting history behind evil eye jewelry.

What is the symbol of the evil eye?

The evil eye, as it has been known for millennia, is the spiritual negative effect brought about by jealousy and envy. It can cause things from bad luck and misfortune to bodily effects like nausea and general weakness. It is an effect that can be given knowingly or unknowingly.

To negate this, elders and mystics have crafted talismans based on either luck or the same negative effect to nullify. This usually blue amulet shaped like an eye or a hand is the usual evil eye protection you would see being worn.

The famous Eye of Horus in Egyptian mythology is also believed to be a symbol of protection but not specifically to the evil eye. The most common and recognizable symbol is the Nazar Boncuk or the blue eye bead. There is also the Hand of Fatima or Hand of Miriam or commonly known as the Hamsa Hand, which is an asymmetrical hand. It also has the color blue as the major color. The reason being is that the color of the sky and the sea is both negative and positive. There is also the belief of blue-eyed individuals carrying the evil eye.

Whatever the symbol or color of the talisman is as long as it is from a trusted individual, it will be sure to protect you.

What is talisman jewelry?

Evil eye jewelry is talismanic in effect, giving protection and warding off bad luck and evil. These can come in various forms - amulets, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and more.

History has dated evil eye jewelry back to ancient times and in various locations. The origins of the talisman are spread out at best. Ancient Greeks have eyes painted on their drinking cups or kylixes to keep away envious lookers. There are also mentions coming from Africa, Europe, and the Middle East about the belief of the evil eye and protection against it. Africa, more specifically, believes in the power of the stare. Being in line with the belief of the Greeks, some thespians see the evil eye like a bolt of energy coming from the caster. That bolt of energy hits various parts of the body, hence explaining bodily effects, illness, and, even worse, death.

There is also the red thread of fate or the red string bracelet of the Kabbalistic Jewish belief. It has a rich history - from Japan and China to early biblical times, most especially Jacob and Rachel's story. There is also the red color and belief that negative elements negate negative intentions, hence the aspect of protection.

We also have the Hamsa Hand or the Hand of Fatima, which is the daughter of Muhammad who is akin to a Catholic Marian figure in Islam. The belief that protection is being bestowed on people by a prominent female or mother figure of the faith is strong. If you want to know more about the history of evil eye jewelry in every region, we have articles that you can read here.

All in all, these various interpretations have made way to creating evil eye protection and jewelry. Their rich history has made them all the more intriguing and esoteric to the regular patron.


What is the purpose of evil eye jewelry?

So here comes the part where you might be wondering what the evil eye jewelry is for. What is its use and purpose for the wearer? The reasons may be more individualistic and universal at the same time. It all depends on what you want to achieve out of it.

Protection against bad luck and negative energies

There are a lot of people in the world, the good, the bad, and everything in between. As anyone would like their lives to be worry-free, evil eye jewelry is a saving grace here. From as small as an earring to as large as beads being hung at home, these will protect against any negative energies.

There's also the indication when the talisman breaks, it has served its purpose of protection by absorbing it. Once it does break, say a prayer of thanks and replace it immediately.

Spiritual healing and cleansing

As it is mainly for protection, so it is for spiritual healing as well. The cleansing rituals from Greeks when it comes to the evil eye are a testament to the history behind the talisman's strength against evil.

Fashion or special occasion accessory

Wearing one does not mean that it isn't made to be fashionable. It does! The designs can range from simple to beautifully intricate and ornate. Also, it would be safer to wear one at a gathering. You will never know when somebody in the crowd will bring and give you an evil eye.

A valuable gift to someone

As believers, you would want to bestow the same fortune and protection to your family and friends. It is also a great and trendy gift! You would not want any people close to you to be in danger, right? Better safe than sorry!

Family heirloom

Some families keep amulets that they pass on to the next generation. This is to ensure the continuation of fortune and blessings to the family. Along with the rich history and stories from generations in the past, it is sure to be an eye-catching addition to the house or your wardrobe

Expression of faith or deity

This is about religious ties, especially the Kabbalistic red string bracelet. This is also connected to the biblical figure Rachel, who is the mother of Joseph the Dreamer. When she died, it was said that a long red string was tied around the tomb, which was then cut to bracelet length threads.

In modern-day Jerusalem, many old women will call your attention if you are a tourist. They will try to sell you the same red string bracelet with seven knots - Seven being a prominent number in a majority of faiths. These may or may not be from the purported tomb of Rachel, given that the location is now off-limits to the general public. But these are interesting souvenirs all the same. There's no harm or loss in believing anyway. As it may not be the common blue eye or the Hamsa hand, it also is a protection talisman.

The status symbol for the wearer

The impetus being the wearer of the evil eye jewelry's status is a dead giveaway. Look no further than Meghan Markle, Hollywood actress and now royal being the wife of Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex. She is almost always seen with an evil eye necklace.

There is also the Kabbalistic red string bracelet which is popularly worn by A-list celebrities. Kim Kardashian, Madonna, Britney Spears, Ashton Kutcher, and more.

Showcase a fine art in jewelry form

As artisans of today keep incorporating evil eye protection on some pieces of jewelry, some give it an artistic taste. There are varied design choices on how to put it in the eye and how it looks in general.

What are the different types of evil eye jewelry protection to use?

Evil eye jewelry is not only limited to one article of clothing. We'll see what other types of evil eye jewelry are available.

Evil eye earrings

It looks like any other set of earrings, only with a distinct eye design. It can be in stud design or dangling.

Evil eye necklace and pendant

An evil eye necklace can either have a fixed design at the end or a pendant that has the evil eye design.

Evil eye bracelet

It can either look like a string with an evil eye bead, a red string bracelet with an evil eye bead, or a set of beads.

Evil eye ring

The centerpiece, of course, is an eye. It can be the usual blue or it can also be varied.

Evil eye anklet or ankle bracelet

It can be the same as a necklace where there is an evil eye pendant hanging or a bracelet where it's a set of beads interlinked.

Evil eye brooch

It is a brooch with an evil eye design. Like any brooch, it can be fastened with a pin or a clasp.

Evil eye stud and nose ring

There are nose rings that are pierce-based and a majority of what you see are non-piercing. And the centerpiece is the blue evil eye.

Evil eye beads

These beads are the most common and can be articulated on most of the evil eye jewelry on the list. These can also be hung at homes and one spot in Greece, a tree!


Who can wear the evil eye?

Anyone, of course! Man, woman, young or old. It is either in preference or belief. Infants have either the blue eye beads attached to their cribs or wear the red string bracelets. It can also be hung at home and inside or outside your vehicles.

There is no rule that no certain person or age group should not wear evil eye jewelry. The concept of envy and jealousy is as old as the stories of the Bible so there is no harm in wearing one.

Is it okay to gift evil eye jewelry?

Of course! It is a perfect gift to give. As long as you provide the proper context to what you are giving. You can gift this to family members and friends that are close to your heart and who you would want to protect. The intention to gift the evil eye jewelry as a trendy addition to your friends' everyday wear is also valid.

However, there are exceptions where religion supersedes the belief. In this case, it's Islam. Much of superstition is either forbidden or looked down upon by the faithful. It also happens that there is Islamic youth who, even in the context of faith, will wear evil eye jewelry. Christians may not be stricter but they also consider evil eye jewelry as superstition.

Where can you buy evil eye protection jewelry?

Some online jewelry stores have sections for the evil eye. There are also smaller online stores that have evil eye jewelry as their main merchandise.

We at Svana have our own that provides not only protection but is also very fashionable and unique to the eye of the beholder. Check out our designs here.

Tips on how to wear your evil eye protection jewelry

Now, assuming you have your evil eye jewelry, how would you go about it? Let's have a look at the tips below.

1. Just plain wear it. It is an accessory, so it makes sense to wear it. Bracelet, earrings, nose ring, amulet - wear it! You can also mix and match it with your other everyday accessories.

2. If you can't wear it, include it in your daily accessories. Evil eye pendant on a keychain along with your keys? Check! Clip an evil eye brooch on your formal wear? Got that right!

3. In terms of bigger beads that you can't wear as humanly as possible, hang them at home. By the door or inside, it keeps your home protected and ornate at the same time.

4. Hanging it is not only limited to your home but it can also be decorated on your car. So while you travel, you're safe from the evil eye. Especially if you're on Porsche, most definitely an object of envy.


As you would see, there is a lot of evil eye jewelry to choose from and adorn yourself with. It is up to you as the wearer on how you would put it as stated on our tips. You also best believe that this will protect you from bad juju. So if you don't have one yet, better get one from our store now! And may great blessings come to you, dear readers!