The Power Of Hamsa Hand With Evil Eye: How To Use It for Increased Protection
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The Power Of Hamsa Hand With Evil Eye: How To Use It for Increased Protection

Evil eye, also known as the "Nazar", is the famous ancient curse cast by someone through their malicious glare out of envy from your success or fortune. According to the Evil eye superstition, the hostile glare is powerful enough to cause illness, bad luck, and destruction to a receiver's life. Thus one needs a spiritual protection amulet to ward off these negative energies. This is where the Evil Eye Hamsa Combination comes into the picture. This protection amulet is quite famous these days, but do you know the Hamsa Evil Eye meaning?

What is a Hamsa Evil Eye?

Hamsa Evil Eye is an apotropaic hand-shaped protective amulet having a blue/green eye placed in the center of the palm. Hamsa Hand is the famous protection symbol in the Middle East, but its cultural values are prevalent in almost every culture.

The Hamsa Evil Eye amulet consists of five spread fingers. Due to these five fingers, it is referred to as Khamesh, Hamesh, Hand of Fatima (the daughter of Prophet Mohammad) in Islam and Judaism culture. In Sunni culture, Hamsa Hand is associated with the Five Pillars of Islam. People believe that this protection symbol has the sacred power to defend against the destruction caused by Nazar or the evil eye curse.

Why does the Hamsa have an eye?

In many cultures, it is believed that the sacred evil eye symbol can only ward off the Nazar or Evil Eye Curse. At the same time, some other cultures prefer the Hamsa hand for protection. So together, both these symbols act as a spiritual protection charm to keep all the negative energies, ill intentions, and harm away.

In Buddhism culture, the Five fingers of the Hamsa Hand represent the five chakras that cleanse your body and mind through positive energy. It is believed that the eye in the Hamsa Hand is sacred and powerful enough to repel the hostile glance back to the sender to keep the wearer protected and healthy.

What is Evil Eye?

According to ancient beliefs, there are three types of evil eye cast by people on someone:

  • Unconscious Evil Eye: The person has no intentions of harming someone. But unintentionally, their overpraise hurts things and people.
  • Injury/Conscious Evil Eye: The person intentionally casts a malicious glare on something/someone whom they want to hurt.
  • Invisible Evil Eye: As this one is hard to see or recognize, it is the evilest one.

To keep all these three types of evil eye curse away, people have been wearing the Evil Eye amulet/talisman as protection since ancient times.

The blue Turkish eye bead with a black dot in the center is an evil eye repellent. It sends back the negative energies and evil intentions to the bystander to protect people. The blue color in the bead represents prosperity, growth, and happiness. Thus the Evil Eye amulet believes in bringing good luck and fortune to the wearer's life.

Hamsa Hand and Its Meaning

Like the Evil Eye amulet, the Hamsa hand is another popular spiritual amulet. It has a significant value in the Middle East and Buddhist Religion. In various cultures, the symbol is known by many other names like Hand of God, Hand of Miriam, Hamesh Hand, Khamsa, and Chamsa. It is used as a protective sign in all religions against the evil eye.

People believe that wearing this protective amulet brings happiness, good fortune, wellness, and positive energy to their lives.

Hamsa Hand comes in two popular styles:

  • Stylized Hamsa Hand: It has two symmetrical thumbs.
  • Actual Hamsa Hand: Not symmetrical and looks like actual hands.

Both styles are believed to offer peace, prosperity, and protection against evil energies and intentions. The wearer can wear this amulet either facing up or down, irrespective of their preference.

The word "Hamsa" refers to Five. As the hand has five fingers, each finger has its significance and energy, like:

  • Thumb - Refers to Solar Plexus Chakra that represents the Fire element.
  • Forefinger - Refers to Heart Chakra that represents the Air element.
  • Middle Finger - Refers to Throat Chakra that represents the Ethereal elements.
  • Ring Finger - Refers to Root Chakra that represents the Earth element.
  • Pinkie Finger - Refers to Sacral Chakra that represents the Water element.

When these five energies are combined together in the form of Hamsa Hand, it regulates the flow of positive energy in the body. This positive energy keeps you healthy and strong against evil things and bad luck.

Why is the Hamsa Hand often used with the Evil Eye Symbol?

The hamsa has three extended middle fingers, but there is some variation to how the thumb and pinky behave. Sometimes they are curved outwards or just shorter than their respective counterparts on each side of a middle-sized hand; whatever shape this oddity takes it will always be symmetrical in form with an eyeball or evil eye symbol placed prominently on top for good luck and increased protection!

The protective charm comes at no cost thanks to its often displayed eyes which act as powerful barriers against all sorts of things ranging from negative energy sources (accordingly called "ayin hara" (עין הרע) to even bulletproof envy bullets fired by jealous people who covet what you have.

Both evil eye amulet and hamsa hand have similar significance and protection to offer. Thus people often wear them together to ward off destructive glances and intentions that come after their health, fortune, and success.

How to ward off the evil eye with hamsa evil eye?

Hamsa Hand Evil Eye amulet consists of an evil eye symbol amid the Hamsa Hand that protects you against bad intentions and harmful glances. You can use the Hamsa Evil Eye protection symbol in various forms to ward off the evil eye, like:

  • As a Jewelry - Necklace, Bracelet, Ring, Earrings, Anklet, etc.
  • As an Amulet or Talisman - Can hang outside your home or office or tie to your precious belongings.
  • As Decorative Element in the House - Can place it as a door knocker or Feng Shui item to protect the home.
  • As Keychains - Can carry it anywhere with you as a tiny protection charm to protect your belongings.

Who can wear Hamsa Evil Eye protection Jewelry?

Anyone who is at a high risk of getting an evil glance due to their success, fame or achievement, can wear the Hamsa Evil Eye protection jewelry. Most commonly, it is worn by people, like:

  • Successful and Wealthy People: Success brings both praise and envy into a person's life. People who achieve good things in their lives more commonly attract people's attention and thus need to be protected from an evil glance or ill intentions.
  • Pregnant Ladies: Intentionally or Unintentionally, people over praise pregnant women, which sometimes leads to bad happenings. As pregnant ladies are more susceptible to harm or injury, Hamsa Evil Eye protection charm is necessary.
  • Newborn Babies: Like pregnant ladies, the newborn baby's beauty and charm also attract praise and evil eyes. Thus to keep them safe and unharmed, a sacred protection amulet is generally given by elders.
  • A person with beauty and an attractive personality: Sometimes, the pleasing personality of someone keeps them in the spotlight. Often, such people get targeted to someone's envious glare and thus need a protection charm like Hamsa Evil Eye Amulet.

Which is better: Evil Eye or Hamsa?

Both Hamsa Hand and an Evil Eye Amulet serve the same function to protect you against the negative energies and evil force that brings destruction and misfortune. So you can go with any one of them. However, it is better to use both together as a Hamsa Hand Evil Eye amulet to unite the good luck and dispel the bad vibes.

The eye in the Hamsa Hand acts as an "Anti Evil Eye" that thwarts negative energies and brings positive vibes. While the five fingers of the Hamsa Hand together bring good fortune, prosperity and fertility to your life.

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Different ways of wearing an Evil Eye Hamsa for protection

Hamsa Evil Eye Protection symbol can be worn as jewelry or amulet in two popular ways, i.e., hands up or hands down. Both styles have their own meaning, which needs to be understood before wearing the symbol.

  • Hamsa Hand Meaning Up: It represents the Universal fighting symbol against evil. In the upper position, the fingers are spread enough to symbolize the gesture of fighting against bad intentions and evil energies. So, this position acts as a powerful protection sign against negative thoughts, bad luck, misfortune, and ill intentions.
  • Hamsa Hand Meaning Down: The downwards position of the Hamsa hand represents receiving fortune, prosperity, and happiness. Fingers pointing downwards attract all the positive energies and good luck into your life. It indicates that the universe is blessing you with kindness, and fertility.

So, in both ways, the Hamsa Evil Eye protection symbol attracts Good Fortune, Positive Energy, Wellness, and Protection in the wearer's life.

Why wear an Evil Eye Hamsa amulet necklace or bracelet?

Evil Eye Hamsa Necklace or Bracelet acts as spiritual jewelry that guards you against negative energies. It regulates the flow of positive energies in your body to bring good health, money, success, and happiness to your life.

Apart from acting as spiritual jewelry, Evil Eye and Hamsa Necklace/bracelet are also trendy fashion statements these days. It represents your status quotient and cultural beliefs. People often gift it to their loved ones and newborn babies as a token of love for their protection and good fortune.

Evil Eye Hamsa Amulet acts as a protection symbol against bad intentions and evil glances cast on you, your loved ones, and your precious belongings.

When hanging on your doors or precious belongings, this protection amulet repels all the hostile intentions, harm, and misfortune away.

Where can you get one online?

If you wish to buy Hamsa Hand Evil Eye jewelry online, you don't have to rush anywhere. We have a wide range of 100% genuine and best spiritual and protection jewelry that you can buy online without breaking the bank.

How do you bless your Hamsa Evil Eye Jewelry?

Any protection charm or amulet is just an ordinary thing until you put your faith and belief into it. Similarly, to activate the powers of Hamsa Evil Eye Jewelry or Amulet, you first need to bless it. There are multiple ways of blessing your protection charm, but here we are mentioning some of the most effective ones:

  • After buying or receiving a protection charm, hold it in your hands, close your eyes and put all your faith & gratitude of protection into it.
  • To cleanse the talisman then, put it in a sacred space and think of a reason to use it. Whatever the thing you want from this amulet, write it down on paper.
  • Now take four objects that represent the essential elements of this Universe, i.e. Salt (represents Earth) in the North direction, Incense Stick (represents Air) in the East direction, Candle (represents fire) in the South, and Water in the West direction.
  • Now place your Amulet in the Center of these four objects and light a candle & incense stick.
  • Consecrate the amulet with your prayers to activate its energy, and it will become sacred to wear.
  • Alternatively, you can wear this Amulet and access any water source (river or stream) near your house and imagine throwing all the dark energies in it. Once you feel the negative energies are drawn away, the talisman can only shower its fortune and blessings on you.
  • After wearing the sacred protection charm, you must show your gratitude towards the Universe for protection. Also, show your kindness towards everyone without hating anyone.

Final Words!

Evil Eye curse has been common since ancient history. But in recent times, people are getting more serious about protective amulets, and spiritual jewelry. Sacred protective amulets like Hamsa Hand Evil Eye help to ward off the negative energies and harm caused by this curse.

Now when you are aware of the Hamsa Hand Evil Eye symbol meaning and its benefits, you can get it for you and your loved ones to bring protection, happiness, and fortune in life.

Make sure you put your faith and gratitude for protection into the sacred jewelry or amulet you wear so it can shower its positive energy on you. Be kind towards others and let the Universe bring all the good fortune in your life.