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How to Unlock Your Zodiac Super Powers

Leah Goldberg

Bruce Banner turns into The Hulk, while Clark Kent turns into Superman, but what are your superpowers? As one of 12 Zodiac signs, you hold powers that no other sign has. The following unlocks all these secrets for you, and shows you how to be your own superhero!


Aries zodiac sign in the middle of zodiac sign wheel

What is Aries Superpower?

So, what are your Aries zodiac powers? All the superpower that energizes you comes directly from Mars. In Greek mythology, Mars is known as Ares, god of war, and that’s what you are - a born warrior! You were born to lead, face life’s challenges head on, and conquer all!

How to unlock Aries Superpowers

In order to reach your full potential and unlock all your Aries superpowers, you must train your body physically every day. You naturally have more energy than others, and must take advantage of this. Once your body is fit and strong, it will mentally prepare you to succeed.

The above are all ways how to unlock your zodiac powers Aries!


Taurus zodiac sign in the middle of a zodiac sign wheel

What is Taurus Superpower?

Oh Taurus, what an amazing stable rock you are for others. People lean on you for comfort and advice. But what about your personal superpower? Well, you rule money, and somehow always attract it! These truly are your Taurus zodiac powers. 

How to unlock Taurus Superpowers

You need to open your heart to others and be strong for them. Keep your mind stable by eating nutritiously. When it comes to money, hire a financial advisor early on in life, and put your money into savings, pensions, stocks and more, so that you can accumulate great wealth.

Keep everything mentioned in mind, as these are how to unlock your zodiac powers Taurus!


Gemini symbol on a white background

What is Gemini Superpower?

Want to know all your Gemini zodiac powers? Well, Mercury rules Gemini, and in Greek mythology, he is Hermes, communicator of the gods. Your special superpower is your “gift of the gab.” You know how to communicate and get your message across better than others.

How to unlock Gemini Superpowers

It’s really important for you to meditate and center your thoughts. You should also read books and go to workshops on effective communication, so that you can excel in your job, whether it’s advertising, public relations, content writing, or even teaching. 

These show you how to unlock your zodiac powers Gemini!


Zodiac sign cancer on a white background

What is Cancer Superpower?

You have really special Cancer zodiac powers. Your superpower is the amazing empathy you have for others, as well as your cooking skills! You are able to read people’s feelings and emotions before they even say one word, making you extremely intuitive.

How to unlock Cancer Superpowers

Make sure not to judge others, as you absorb their energy! Keep your energy “clean” by being conscious about the thoughts you have. Always stay grateful and you’ll attract positive things. Also - get in the kitchen and start cooking. You’ll be amazed at your dishes!

By doing these, you will learn how to unlock your zodiac powers Cancer!


Leo zodiac symbol on a white background

What is Leo Superpower?

The spotlight is always on you, isn’t it? You have amazing Leo zodiac powers! Your superpower is your awesome confidence! You light up any room, and always take center stage. You also make an amazing leader. Besides that, you also have a head of hair that is envious of most!

How to unlock Leo Superpowers

Take the lead in all projects at work, speak up, and be bold. Do fun things that will build your confidence, like karaoke nights and poetry evenings. Always maintain your hair, making sure it looks luscious and beautiful, as it will increase your confidence even more!

The above are all ways showing you how to unlock your zodiac powers Leo!


Virgo symbol on a white background

What is Virgo Superpower?

Oh, Virgo, you know what your Virgo zodiac powers are, don’t you? They’re your perfectionist streak, and your ability to serve others, work, and get the job done more efficiently than most! You also are able to lead a “cleaner” lifestyle more easily than other Zodiac signs.

How to unlock Virgo Superpowers

Wake up early with the sun and get to the gym every day. This will make you feel like you can conquer all the work you have easily. Stay disciplined, and always get through the hardest work first, so that you have some time to relax.

These habits will become routine, and that’s everything you need to know how to unlock your zodiac powers Virgo!


Libra symbol on a white background

What is Libra Superpower?

Your Libra zodiac powers are bringing harmony, beauty and peace to the world. Your ruling planet is Venus, known as Aphrodite, goddess of love, in Greek mythology. Thank goodness for you, as you balance out any evil in this world. 

How to unlock Libra Superpowers

If you are female, go to makeup courses, as no doubt you hold exceptional beauty. Enroll in courses like décor and design, or even a law degree, as you make such an amazing lawyer and judge. Stay objective and bring harmony where harmony is needed.

The above are all the keys you need to know how to unlock your zodiac powers Libra!


Scorpio symbol on a white background

What is Scorpio Superpower?

Scorpio, your superpowers are your magnetism and intensity. You can get anyone to do anything for you. You are extremely powerful, and hold transformational power within you, so that you can live many lives in one lifetime. Your Scorpio zodiac powers are very strong!  

How to unlock Scorpio Superpowers

Since you have such massive influence and power over others naturally, you need to only use it for good - that way your karma will remain positive for you. Harness your power within through meditation, keep crystals like smoky quartz close by, and visit the ocean often.

Be careful with all that power, as you now know how to unlock your zodiac powers Scorpio!


Sagittarius on a white background

What is Sagittarius Superpower?

Your sense of adventure and ability to spread knowledge through teaching and the media is what sets you apart from other Zodiac signs. You are an independent leader, who unites different cultures easily. Your Sagittarius zodiac powers make you wiser than others. 

How to unlock Sagittarius Superpowers

Study, and travel, as much as possible! Soak in as much information as you can from others, and become a worldly person. Become independent early in life, and explore what you can do in this world! Keep a daily journal, spread your wings and fly.

Being this adventurous and keeping a very open mind to all different cultures is how to unlock your zodiac powers Sagittarius! 


Capricorn symbol on a white background

What is Capricorn Superpower?

Your Capricorn zodiac powers come from Saturn, your ruling planet and great restrictor. It gives you the power of exceptional discipline, good work ethics, and excellent time management. You make a great CEO and are able to delegate duties well in life.

How to unlock Capricorn Superpowers

It’s important for you to start working at an early age and learn about how businesses are run. Setting the same time on your alarm daily, will give you the discipline needed to start your tasks early in the day.

Not many signs are as diligent as you. The above are all ways guiding you how to unlock your zodiac powers Capricorn!  


Aquarius symbol on a white background

What is Aquarius Superpower?

Aquarius zodiac powers are the ability to completely detach from both feelings and emotions. No other Zodiac sign can truly do this! You also have a natural affinity for science and technology, and thanks to you, the world is able to progress faster.

How to unlock Aquarius Superpowers

You need to get started with technology at an early age and tinker with things, taking them apart and putting them together again. You’re really good at your own personal development and should fully immerse yourself in courses to become the best version of you as possible.  

Weird, wacky, eccentric, unique and tech-savvy are all ways to describe you, and now you know how to unlock your zodiac powers Aquarius!


Pisces on a white background

What is Pisces Superpower?

Pisces, your superpower is unconditional love. You’re able to forgive others in a way that nobody else can. You believe in love, kindness and peace, and always see the glass as half full. Your Pisces zodiac powers make you a positive inspiration to most. 

How to unlock Pisces Superpowers

It’s important to always keep an open heart, have faith in others, and believe in goodness. However, don’t be too gullible and trust everyone, as people can step all over you. Gratitude and centering meditations are important for you to keep grounded.

Also, don’t forget to drink as much fresh water as possible during the day - after all, you are of the Water element! Keep all of these tips in mind, and you will know how to unlock your zodiac powers Pisces!