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22 Spiritual Necklaces for Protection Against Evil

How do we embody our spirituality? Spirituality often has to do with our inner feelings - the sense of purpose and the feelings of peace one has with oneself. While it’s not a general way to define it, it’s important to understand that different people have their own take on how to express their spirituality. 

In general, spirituality is a broad idea, a concept open to interpretation. It could be that invisible connection to a higher power that remains connected to us. When a person says they’re searching for their spirituality, it’s safe to assume that they are in their search for meaning in their lives. If you plan to give someone dear to you a sentimental gift, spiritual necklaces for protection are often the best choice. 

A powerful protection necklace can signify your deep care and concern for them no matter where they go. It’s like giving a part of yourself to that person even if they are miles away. 

In this article, we’ll list down different types of jewelry to protect from negative energy. This way, you can rest easy knowing that you’re loved ones are safe from harm. But, let’s first discuss some useful tips to help you choose the right necklace: 

Tips for Choosing the Spiritual Protection Necklace for Gifting

When buying a necklace, there are several considerations you have to keep in mind. While most gifts would be received with a happy heart, it’s still different actually to see the recipient use and treasure them. Here are some tips to help you get started: 

Know the Different Necklace Types

When you start browsing different necklaces, it will be easy for you to get lost in the variety of choices. 

But, you have to make sure you know the type of necklace you want. Why? It will matter because you’ll realize that every pretty little design will catch your attention. Once you add one to your cart, you’ll browse some more until you end up finding an even prettier option. 

So, it’s essential to know the necklace type you want. Know the different kinds of chains, including how thick or thin you want them to be. 

Keep the Recipient in Mind

As you get to know the necklace type, allow your mind to wander on what the recipient would want to have. 

Often, we get lost in the choices and end up with what we think looks good for us. It’s a common mistake. We want to give something that we prefer. Don’t forget to think about the one who will be using the necklace. 

Ask yourself. Do you want to give this special person something they can layer on? Or do you want them to own a choker-like necklace? Does the particular style you have in mind match their personality or preference?

Go for Protection Pendant Necklaces

Going for a protection pendant necklace is often the best option when you want to give a meaningful gift. 

One, it’s uncommon to find someone who’s willing to buy a “protection from evil spirits necklace” for themselves. Why? Maybe because most believe it would be most powerful when given as a gift. 

Two, giving protection from evil necklace is a great way to show someone how much you care. A pendant can become their constant reminder that someone is there wishing them good luck. 

Now that you know what to account for when buying a necklace to help ward off evil, here’s a comprehensive list of the protection necklaces in our collection.

Protection Necklace (Women’s)

Here are some pieces we find perfect for any woman’s style: 

#1 White Stone Hamsa Hand Necklace

White stone hamsa hand necklaceBuy Now: $42.90

One of the most common spiritual symbols that you’ll encounter while browsing for protection pendant necklaces is the Hamsa hand. This particular symbol has different meanings depending on one’s faith and culture. In Buddhism and Hinduism, the Hamsa hand represents the five chakras. 

In Judaism and Christianity, the hand symbolized protection from evil. The same goes for Islam, where the Hamsa hand refers to the “hand of Fatima” that also confers protection and good luck. 

This particular necklace, with its Hamsa hand pendant studded with high-quality stones, is an attractive way to attract good luck. The cable chain is made of copper plated with gold to prevent tarnishing. 

#2 Turquoise Stone Hamsa Hand Necklace

Turquoise Hamsa Hand necklaceBuy Now: $42.90

This turquoise-studded Hamsa hand is another powerful pendant for protection. Turquoise gemstones have long been believed to bring luck, security, and peace. This gemstone is often used in Feng Shui to restore balance in a home. 

When placed in the Hamsa hand, this precious stone help double the protective power it brings. Take note that this piece has the Hamsa hand down. This means that this pendant has the ability to usher in an abundance of goodness in your life. 

This necklace has a cable chain design and features the stunning Hamsa hand pendant paved with blue stones and a black middle stone. 

#3 Multicolored Stone Hamsa Hand Necklace

Multicolored hamsa hand necklaceBuy Now: $42.90

If you’re looking for a colorful way to ward off evil spirits in a piece of jewelry, this multicolored pendant necklace is the one. The Hamsa hand, covered with several AAA Grade Cubic Zirconia stones in multiple colors, is the perfect way to offer a gift of protection. This gift is particularly appropriate for the young ones (and even the young at heart).

It’s effortless to mix and match. Plus, this goes well with most outfits and any type of occasion. At first look, it doesn’t even give off that “spiritual” vibe. 

Take note, though, that the pendant on this piece is fixed. So you can’t remove it to use on a different chain. Make sure this cable chain fits the aesthetic. While this is made of high-quality material, remind the recipient to take care of the pendant properly. 

#4 Hamsa Hand Evil Eye Gold Chain Necklace

Hamsa hand evil eye gold necklaceBuy Now: $42.90

Sleek and beautiful. These are the best words to describe this exquisite pendant necklace. The cable chain highlights the beauty of the Hamsa hand paved with AAA Grade Cubic Zirconia. This protection pendant features the evil eye that bulges from the center.

As such, it offers the wearer double protection. With the Hamsa hand facing down, the wearer can attract abundance and good things in her life. The evil eye here helps block off any negativity from receiving abundance and good wealth. 

The evil eye is a popular symbol. Although, not many are aware of the power it holds. Some even wear this symbol without any idea that this is an amulet that can provide protection. So, if you think that your loved one will be in harm’s way for any matter, give them this protection necklace.

#5 White Enamel Evil Eye Mix Necklace

White Enamel Evil mix necklaceBuy Now: $42.90

This pendant necklace is one of the best sellers, and for a good reason. Aside from a gold-plated copper cable chain of high quality, the pendant features exquisite artistry. The round pendant has its borders paved with AAA Grade Cubic Zirconia. The centerpiece features an enamel finish with variations of spiritual symbols.

Let’s dissect the symbols, shall we?

It has a four-leaf clover. Each leaf of the symbol represents faith, hope, luck, and love. And since four-leaf clovers are in abundance in Ireland, you often hear the phrase - “the luck of the Irish.” As such, you give someone luck. The horseshoe is another one of the most recognizable symbols of good fortune and luck. Additionally, it can help ward off misfortune. 

The wishbone is another symbol representing luck and love, making it an ideal gift for someone whose wishes you hope come true. The elephant, on the other hand, symbolizes focused power and strength. The pendant also features the powerful symbols of

Hamsa's hand and the evil eye. In summary, this pendant is one powerful gift you can give your loved ones if you want them fully protected from harm. 

#6 Turquoise Evil Eye Necklace

Turquoise Evil Eye NecklaceBuy Now: $42.90

As mentioned, turquoise is a precious gemstone that helps attract peace, love, and protection. This necklace features a black evil eye paved with turquoise gemstones. Aside from shielding the wearer from malicious gaze, they can also enjoy the calmness and harmony it can bring them. 

In essence, they are not only great for aesthetic purposes, but they also have beneficial purposes. With its cube chain necklace, this piece is easy to pair with any outfit. Plus, they won’t look out of place on any occasion. 

The wearer can choose to put it on for a day at the office. Or they can also wear it for a day out with the kids. Either way, they can be sure to receive the full protection the protection necklace affords.

#7 Ray Evil Eye Medallion Necklace

Ray Evil Eye necklaceBuy Now: $42.90

Medallions are a type of jewelry that follows the shape of a medal and is adorned as a pendant. To many, it may only signify aesthetic choice. But did you know that it does hold a deep meaning? Medallions can also invoke guidance, luck, and protection. It can also serve as a stark reminder of the journey the wearer has gone through. It helps remind them they are warriors that have inner strength they can tap.

On top of that, this piece features the sun's rays. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you see the sun? Sunshine? When you associate it with someone, it can mean that person is beaming with sunshine or positivity. 

In ancient times, the sun was a revered symbol associated with the gods - Horus, Osiris, and Ra.

These gods represent the rising sun, the setting sun, and the zenith, respectively. Christians believe that the sun houses Archangel Michael, and the sun's rays represent Christ and Christ-like virtues. If you follow Greek mythology, you’ll know the sun means Zeus, known for his clarity, vision, and perspective.

This medallion necklace gives you (and the wearer if you’re gifting this piece) the same positive energy in your life. This will give you that mental and emotional focus to help you overcome challenges. 

#8 Multicolored Gems Evil Eye Necklace

Gems Evil Eye NecklaceBuy Now: $42.90

If you’re looking for a stylish protection pendant necklace. At first glance, you wouldn’t think it meant anything spiritual or symbolic. The rays surrounding the evil eye make it appear similar to a sunflower. But, if you look closely, you will realize that the center features a stunning evil eye that provides the wearer with protection.

The piece features exquisite paving of multicolored stones made of AAA Grade Cubic Zirconia. Its beautiful setting makes it the perfect item to give a loved one. Its design goes perfectly well with any outfit. 

You can also choose to layer this piece along with your other necklaces. Take note that the pendant is removable, so you can detach it from the chain if you feel like wearing a different one.

#9 Infinity Evil Eye Gold Chain Necklace

Infinity eye gold necklaceBuy Now: $42.90

Do you believe in infinity? The infinity symbol, which is essentially a figure of eight on its side, represents eternity or limitlessness. While this symbol is used in Mathematics to define the concept of something endless, it has also been widely used in love to signify the same. This infinity evil eye necklace can send the specific message: “My love for you has no end, and I wish for your eternal protection.

Love, in this case, isn’t always about romantic love. So, don’t think that you can only give this to a romantic love interest. A mother can give this to her daughter to show unconditional love, as does a father to a daughter. Even grandparents can give this to their granddaughters if they want to show undying love and affection.

#10 Horn Tooth Evil Eye Necklace

Horn tooth necklaceBuy Now: $42.90

Animal horns serve as their protection from predators. Animals will use their horns to attack or defend themselves from harm. That’s why it’s also a prized possession for hunters. Displaying horns can signify that they were able to overcome the animal’s strength and aggressiveness.

In the spiritual world, the symbol of a horn can also mean the same. They symbolize strength, power, and dignity. This is also the reason why horned gods serve as a representation of warriors and powerful animals. 

The Bible also mentions horns as an item that signifies the power of truth from good, as exemplified by this passage from David (Ps. 89:17, 18, 24, 26)

Thou art the glory of their strength, and in Thy good pleasure wilt Thou exalt our horn for our shield belongeth unto Jehovah and our king to the Holy One of Israel.
My truth and My mercy shall be with him, and in My name shall his horn be exalted.
I will set his hand also in the sea and his right hand in the rivers. 

When you give this pendant necklace, the wearer can exude their power while at the same time attracting power and truth from above. The inconspicuous evil eye serves as the shield from negativity. 

This necklace is paved with AAA Grade Cubic Zirconia on gold-plated copper. 

#11 Ancient Ray Evil Eye Medallion Necklace

Ancient Ray Medallion NecklaceBuy Now: $42.90

Another powerful medallion pendant necklace is this ancient ray evil eye pendant necklace. This round medallion, as previously discussed, signifies one’s journey to overcome challenges they face in their lives.

This is a perfect gift for a special person to whom you are privy to their struggles. It can remind them of their strength, vigor, and commitment to become better versions of themselves. The evil eye with ancient rays will protect them from experiencing malevolent glare.

Remember, the look of envy or malice isn’t always intentional. In fact, there may be instances where the same can be given by people they are close with. Afflicted persons often show symptoms of Mal de Ojo when given excessive admiration, love, or praise by their loved ones. 

Giving this to someone dear to you is the perfect choice to keep them protected at all times. 

This necklace is made of gold-plated copper and features an intricate engraving of the ancient rays surrounding the evil eye dotted with black AAA Grade Cubic Zirconia.

#12 Ancient Protector Evil Eye Gold Tone Necklace

Ancient Protection Gold tone necklaceBuy Now: $42.90

If you’re looking for a pendant necklace that doesn’t obviously look like a spiritual amulet, we recommend this ancient protector evil eye necklace. If you examine the round pendant, you’ll note that the evil eye design isn’t as apparent. The entire pendant is simply paved with AAA Grade Cubic Zirconia in varying colors of blue, black, and white stones.

But, in reality, it offers one of the most powerful forms of protection you can convey to your loved one. 

The evil eye in blue and black combination provides good health, safety, and power. In this regard, the white center stone welcomes purity and calmness in your life.

Overall, this combination ensures that the wearer can welcome abundance and block off negativity at the same time. 

#13 Calligraphic Heart Evil Eye Necklace

Calligraphic Evil Eye NecklaceBuy Now: $42.90

If you want to gift someone who belongs to the younger and trendier generation, this calligraphic heart evil eye necklace is a great choice. One, the heart design goes well with their age. In fact, it’s perfect if they want to attract love in their lives. The multicolored stones are ideal for elevating their look. 

But, of course, the highlight of this pendant necklace is the evil eye at the end of the heart. When you give this piece, you say, “I love you, and I will always protect you.”

This protection jewelry is made of gold-plated copper to prevent tarnishing and is paved with AAA Grade Cubic Zirconia.

#14 Eye Of Horus Gold Chain Evil Eye Necklace

Eye of Horus Evil eye necklaceBuy Now: $42.90

If the recipient is a firm believer in spiritual symbols, nothing beats giving them this exquisite piece. The Eye of Horus itself. This evil eye design symbolizes restoration, good health, and protection. 

Based on the Egyptian myth, the god of Horus lost his left eye during a battle. This eye was restored magically by Hathor. From then on, the restoration of the eye signified the process of healing and completeness. The turquoise stone paving encapsulates this symbolism as it also means health and balance. 

When you gift this necklace, you indirectly convey your wish for vital health and protection to the recipient. This stunning piece comes paved with AAA Grade Cubic Zirconia arranged on a gold-plated copper cable chain. 

#15 Round Multicolored Hamsa Hand Necklace

Round Multicolored Hamsa Hand necklaceBuy Now: $42.90

Who would have thought that love and care could be encapsulated in an elegant pendant necklace like this one? This beautiful pendant necklace features a bejeweled Hamsa hand with a center white stone that symbolizes the evil eye is one-of-a-kind.

Take note that the spiritual symbols are placed onto a white medallion charm. It’s sophisticated enough to wear at a special event. Still, it can also be worn as a daily accessory to help protect the wearer from any harm they may face daily. The white charm signifies peace and stability, particularly during times when there’s too much chaos going on in your life. 

#16 Round Medallion Hamsa Hand Necklace

Round Medallion Hamsa Hand NecklaceBuy Now: $42.90

The Hamsa hand brings protection and good luck. This meticulously designed piece features an upward-facing Hamsa hand known as the universal sign against evil. 

Aside from protecting you from external harm, it also serves as a shield from our inner thoughts. These inner thoughts can be in the form of jealousy, insecurities, and hatred. The white stone paving dotting the Hamsa hand represents welcoming calmness and purity so you can attract more good energy into your life. 

You can check out the meaning of the Hamsa hand positioning here. 

#17 Dainty Star of David Necklace

Dainty Star of David NecklaceBuy Now: $39.90

For those who don’t have deep spiritual understanding, this star pendant may mean nothing more than a representation of the celestial body. But for those with deep spiritual knowledge, this star is a clear representation of the Star of David. 

This symbol is adopted by the Jews as an emblem of Judaism, following the cross of Christianity. In Hebrew, this symbol is often referred to as the Magen David or Shield of David. This Jewish term refers to

God as the ultimate protector of David. Most of them have attached magical powers to King David’s shield. So, this pendant is more than just a celestial body. It is a shield that can protect the wearer from unseen harm that may come their way. 

This item features a cube chain in gold-plated copper. The star features white stone paving, perfect for elevating any casual look.

#18 Multi-Layered Star Of David Emerald Necklace

Multi layered Star of David Emerald NecklaceBuy Now: $42.90

Never thought that you could mix spirituality with style? Then, here’s the perfect proof that expressing your spirituality doesn’t mean sacrificing your style. This three-layer necklace features several protection pendants. 

The first layer features the rays that help welcome positive energy. At the same time, the middle layer has an emerald finish to signify truth and love.The final layer has the Star of David that serves as the shield. This combination can loosely mean that your love is true and you wish to protect your loved one from harm with the truth.

This necklace is a perfect gift to give a special person in your life. We can be sure that you’ll see this decorating their neck every day. Why? It’s stylish enough to adorn casual wear.

#19 Jeweled Blue Star Of David Gold Coin Necklace

Jeweled Blue Star Gold Coin NecklaceBuy Now: $39.90

If there’s a way to describe this pendant necklace, it would be elegantly stunning. This pendant necklace that features the Star of David surrounded by premium-quality Cubic Zirconia stones screams perfection. 

It’s also worth noting that the design is finished on a gold-plated copper medallion. But, what’s particularly beautiful about this piece is the majestic blue stone at the center. It’s a striking pop of color can help the wearer stand out.

Fret not. While this piece can command the attention towards the wearer, it’s powerful enough to protect them from negative energy. So, if you’re looking for an exquisite gift to give a special someone, it is this necklace. 


Looking for a protection pendant necklace that can be worn by both men and women? Here’s our recommendation:

#20 Personalized Memorial Cross Projection Necklace

Personalized Memorial Projection NecklaceBuy Now: $39.90

Unconditional love means conveying the same feelings even when the recipient has departed. If you’re looking for something that will help you keep a memory of a loved one, this memorial cross is the perfect choice. 

It comes with a special card with the message: 

Your memory is my keepsake,
with which I'll never part,
God has you in His keeping,
I have you in my heart.
You are Loved beyond words
and missed beyond measure
I will love you forever.

What makes this piece unique is that the center design can be personalized to project an image of your special someone. Make sure to send a clear copy of the image you want to project. The image you want to project should be in the middle so you can clearly see them through the stone embellishment. 

This necklace is available in silver and gold-plated copper. 

#21 Round Tree Of Life And Roots Gold Pendant Necklace

Round Tree of Life NecklaceBuy Now: $42.90

This round tree of life and roots pendant necklace can be worn by both men and women for its simple yet elegant design. The tree of life itself is finished in gold without any stone embellishment, except for the two stones at the base of the tree root.

Allow you and your loved one to feel the connection of your being with this piece. On top of that, give the gift of protection with this ancient symbol. It serves as a good representation of attracting great knowledge, wisdom, and protection as you move through life. 

For Men

Looking for something to give the special man in your life? 

#22 To My Love, Triangle Projection Necklace

Triangle Projection NecklaceBuy Now: $39.90

How do you say to someone you deeply love them? This necklace that comes with a special hidden message is one way. When you look at it, the triangle pendant surrounded by white stones may seem like the usual pendants out there. 

But, this one is a special piece. The center stone serves two purposes. One, it’s an evil eye that protects your loved one from harm. Second, it projects a message that you can curate. 

This pendant necklace is made of 925 sterling silver and comes with a cable chain that measures 40 cm in length but can be adjusted up to 45 cm. The pendant measures 14 mm x 15 mm. 

Spirituality Comes in Many Forms

We hope that you go through the different spiritual protection necklaces in this list and you were able to realize that spirituality is universal. It comes in many forms. In case you don’t know yet, giving necklaces as a gift already signifies your wish for protection, consideration, devotion, and hope for safety for someone. 

Combining it with a spiritual pendant only adds meaning to the gift. Always give with pure intention in mind. When you do, you also allow yourself to welcome all the good things in the world into your life. 

Curious about our necklace collection? Explore now. 
If you want to know more about spiritual protection, read our blog.