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How to Choose Jewelry for Navy Blue Dress Like a Pro

One of the most exciting yet challenging aspects of dressing up is choosing the right accessories. You have to consider how styling and color affect your overall look. Some neutral or muted colors are easier to stylize. Earth colors can be paired with almost every color. The same goes for pastel colors. 

However, bold colors like a navy blue dress may be a little hard to match since one wrong decision can make you look tacky or loud. Choosing matching pieces of jewelry for a navy blue dress can be a tricky business. 

On top of that, you also have to consider several factors, such as the event's theme. For weddings, you would want something that complements the theme without sacrificing your personal style. For casual events, you may want to be more playful with the type of accessories to wear.

The time of day also plays a crucial part in how you decide to wear your jewelry with your navy blue dress. 

If you want to know how to accessorize a navy blue dress with the right type and colors of jewelry, read on. 


What types of jewelry go well with a navy blue dress?

Let’s dive deep into the jewelry types and colors that will match perfectly with your navy blue dress.

Does gold jewelry match well with a navy blue dress?

Yes, gold jewelry works best with a navy blue dress. The striking colors of gold do their job of accentuating the tones of navy blue. It helps make the color stand out without making it look too bold but rather elegant. 

Gold paired with a navy blue dress is perfect for creating a timeless look. Whether you’re going on a night out with your besties or on a romantic date, this combination is a sure win. You can pair a stud earring with a nice dainty necklace for that winning combination.

Gold accessories elevate your look without overwhelming or muting your dress. It doesn’t take away the attention to your dress but highlights it even more. 

6 Gold Jewelry necklaces laying on a towel

Gold necklaces with splashes of color on your navy blue gown will give you that unique style that will make you stand out in a crowd. 

What about silver jewelry with a navy blue dress?

Silver, in color schemes, is similar to gray. Like gold jewelry, silver jewelry also works with navy blue dress, helping you achieve that trendy and classic look. Like gold, they help you achieve that timeless look without being too overboard with your styling.

If you want to take your style to the next level, you can even have a piece of silver jewelry set in sapphire.

They are great for attending special gala events, where the bouncing light and twinkling will appear like start lights in a night sky. 


Jewelry that matches perfectly with a navy blue dress

Accessorizing navy blue dresses with jewelry can be a bit tricky. Your choice of jewelry can either make or break your look. 

Some events may require you to come in full gear, so wearing a complete jewelry set is acceptable. However, there may be instances where you can only choose one or two pieces of jewelry. So, it’s important to choose accordingly. 

Otherwise, you will come off as overdressed and too loud. That said, here are some recommendations on what jewelry will work best with your navy blue dress: 

Earrings for Navy Blue Dress

For any occasion, earrings are a must-have. It’s that accessory that would be quickly noticeable when it’s missing. 

Model wearing a cross earring

Remember, your look will never be complete if you’re not wearing anything on your ears. When wearing a navy blue gown, go for earrings that will give you a pop of color. It's a subtle touch but works well for any look. 

Choosing studded earrings with white stones will give you that elegant and sophisticated look. If you’re hoping to have a bolder and quirky style, these blue moon earrings studded with a red heart and gold star are perfect. 

Necklaces for Navy Blue Dress

Wearing a necklace against your navy blue dress can be a statement look. Necklaces are perfect for elevating your overall look. You can pair your dress with a silver or gold chain necklace to achieve a timeless look. Stick with one type of color jewelry to make your look as cohesive as possible. 

If you want something edgier, a chunky, colored necklace is highly advisable. 

Pro tip - If the neckline of your dress has an interesting and delicate design, skip the necklace. You want to accentuate and highlight your dress’ neckline, in this case, and focus on finding the right set of earrings.

Do pearl necklaces look good with a navy blue dress?

Yes, a navy blue dress with a pearl necklace screams elegance. They are perfect for any occasion. Plus, they can be layered to other accessories to add texture to your overall look. 

pearl butterfly necklace being worn by a woman

There are tons of pearl necklaces designs you can choose from. A monochromatic navy blue dress would go well with a layered pearl necklace. They will be perfect for elevating your style as it captures the attention to the center of your body line. Layered pearl necklaces can also work for cocktail dresses to give it a more formal vibe. 

Tree of life necklace worn by a model

Try draping a sophisticated pink pearl necklace over your navy blue dress, and you’ll see how it can bring your look a better texture. For a navy blue gown, a twisted pearl necklace will complete your look. Take it a notch higher by going for a colored pearl necklace based on the color pairings given above. 

Rings that go well with Navy Blue Dress

Wearing rings with a navy blue dress will give your look a dynamic and stylish vibe. Its absence may not be quickly noticeable but it adds “color” to your look when present. 

Blue evil eye adjustable ring on a table

Go for stones that complement the tonal colors of your navy blue dress. For a cohesive style, wear rings with deep blue-colored stones, such as tanzanite or sapphire. It will give you a cohesive look without overpowering your dress. So make sure to add one or two rings to complete your style. 

A model wearing a multi-colored evil eye ring

You will never go wrong by pairing your navy blue dress with a bright-colored stone ring. But, you have to be careful when choosing the colors. Adding too many contrasting colors may drown your dress. 
A ring with a turquoise stone, such as a turquoise stone hamsa hand ring, laid over a simple gold band, also works.

Bracelets that match well with Navy Blue Dress

When it comes to pairing a navy blue dress with bracelets, the safest route is to use accessories with gold accents. 

The gold accents will make the navy blue gown the centerpiece of your entire look. A bracelet doesn’t have to be always present. Unlike earrings, you can have a complete look even without a bracelet. 

However, it’s important to note that you have to make it unforgettable when you wear one. For an exquisite look, choose gold or silver bracelets and layer them. Make it an arm party. The key is to pair them appropriately. If you’re going to have dainty bracelets, add more texture by adding one chunky piece. 


When attending formal occasions, it’s best to keep jewelry to a minimum. Consider how your choice of style and color matches the event. 

If you’re unsure, go for a subdued look that never fails. Think silver or gold neck chains and pair them with a tennis bracelet and pendant drop earrings. 

For less formal events, don’t limit yourself. Allow your personality to shine by choosing bolder colors. 

Experiment with chunky accessories and bright colors. You can pair your flowy navy blue dress with metallic colors like bronze, beige, or gold to add a summery touch or achieve a casual look. 


How to accessorize a navy blue dress for a wedding

When attending weddings, always consider the theme. If you plan to wear a navy blue dress for a morning wedding, pair it with light and bright-colored accessories, so it doesn’t look heavy on the eyes.

If the wedding is in the afternoon, you can have elegant navy blue dress accessories with silver tones to create that exquisite cocktail look. Remember, wedding guests navy dress accessories depend on the venue of the wedding, too. 

For a more casual yet stunning look, don’t be afraid to add a pop of color with your accessories. Choose pieces of jewelry in different colors.

For a wintry look, going for a subdued color motif is your best bet. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t be playful with your choice of accessories. Drop earrings and beaded bracelets can help make you stand out even with muted colors. 


What about other types of blue dresses?

As you may now know, navy blue is an intense color. So, if you’re thinking about other types of blue dresses and how you can best accessorize them, here are some valuable blue dress jewelry ideas you shouldn’t miss: 

Jewelry pieces that go with a royal blue dress

If you have a royal blue dress in your closet, pair it with an oblong pendant. The shape of the pendant can help your neck look longer. 

Pair your royal blue dress with silver accessories to create an impactful color combination. 

What jewelry to wear with a royal blue dress for an edgier look? 

Use an asymmetrical necklace

Gold Horn tooth necklace worn by a model

For your earrings, choose a dangly earring. A jeweled butterfly gold earrings studded with gleaming stones can help you achieve that ice princess look. Plus, they are great for highlighting your face. 

A model wearing a blue jewel and gold earring.

But, if you prefer to maintain a minimalist look, a stud earring works well, too. 

A royal blue dress is captivating, so wearing a tennis bracelet or cuff bracelets will be perfect when you don’t want to steal the spotlight away from the bride. 

Jewelry for a light blue dress

The best color jewelry to wear for a light blue dress would be silver. 

Silver accessories give off that airy and fresh look that matches the vibe of a light blue dress. But if you want a modern look without being too flashy, rose gold accessories are the perfect option. 

Light blue and rose gold may sound a bit subtle, but they can be as eye-catching with their bright colors when styled accordingly. 

Styling your navy blue dress is no walk in the park. It helps to experiment with different color variations until you find one that suits your personal taste. 

Now that you have an idea of the different types of jewelry for a navy blue dress, explore our jewelry collection to find that one perfect piece for you. 


Bonus: Colors that pair well with a navy blue dress

If you want to master the art of accessorizing jewelry with a navy blue dress, you must understand that some colors stand out more when they are set against particular hues. 
Often, this understanding involves knowing the color theory

The color theory provides the proper guidelines on what color combinations and harmony work best. Keep in mind that overuse of color can hurt your overall styling. 

Here are some of the best colors that go well with navy blue:

Navy Blue and Coral

Coral Color samples that blend well with Navy blue

Most designers and stylists call navy blue and coral a match made in heaven. 

The basic colors of blue and orange create a beautiful effect. So, it’s no longer surprising that variations of these colors will call for a striking combination. The freshness of coral brightens the dark and classic blue of navy. 

If you’re going for a classy and preppy look for your navy blue gown, pair it with a coral-hued necklace to give you a pop of color. 

Navy Blue and Green

Green Color samples that blend well with Navy blue

If you’re one of those who think navy blue should never be seen together with a green, think again. This combination is particularly a sight to see. Pairing navy blue with bright greens can give you a fresh and lively look, giving you a sophisticated style. 

The key is to pair the right tones. Always go for the same tonal color group, and these colors will complement each other. 

When you’re wearing a monochromatic navy blue dress, styling it with an emerald green earring will give you that elegant look without being too overbearing. To achieve a rich and dramatic look, you can explore other green tones, such as forest greens or aquamarines. 

Navy Blue and Fuschia

Pink Color samples that blend well with Navy blue

Color pairings depend on what effect you want to achieve. If you’re gunning for a dramatic look, a girly pick accent like Fuschia paired with a neutral navy blue can help you achieve a surprising and unique look. 

A navy blue dress will go well with a vibrant pink shade to add a fresh pop of color and color will help you create that impact you’re hoping for. 

Navy Blue and Yellow

Yellow color scheme sample that blend well with Navy blue

Navy blue is an intense color, and pairing it with something bright like yellow will help you exude that energetic mood. 

You can add layers of different bright hues of yellow like daffodil yellow, mustard yellow, lemony yellow, and golden yellow. 

They help evoke a welcoming vibe. If you don’t want to make it too contrasting, use bright tones in subtle touches. For a navy blue dress, pair it with a citrine necklace and earring set. 

Navy Blue and Black

Black color scheme sample that blend well with Navy blue

A navy blue and black color combination sit in the same tonal color. 

Both are dark and intense, so their color scheme works together if you want to achieve a subdued yet elegant look. 

It will give you an incredibly chic vibe. 

It can give you that “dark” look without bordering on being gothic. 

Navy Blue and Gray

Gray Color samples that blend well with Navy blue

Gray works well with navy blue since it helps achieve a peaceful and calming vibe. It offers a perfect contrast of colors that make each tone distinct yet complementing. 

Pairing your navy blue dress with a gray accessory can help warm up your look and induce some light drama to your overall look.