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What are the best Angel Numbers for Pisces?

Leah Goldberg

Spiritual, and in tune with the world on a different level, so Pisces walks the earth on their own vibe. They cherish their freedom above all else and need creative outlets to express themselves, usually in the fields of writing, music, or art.

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Numerology and astrology go hand in hand, as everything in this universe vibrates to special vibrations and patterns caused by numbers. It is no coincidence that Pisces is the 12th and the final, sign of The zodiac.

So, what is Pisces’ angel number? The angel numbers for Pisces are 1212, 777, 3737, and 444. These are the most compatible numbers to help balance out the strengths and weaknesses of this special Zodiac sign. 

Angel Number 1212 for Pisces

Angel number 1212 resonates to Pisces, as Pisces is the 12th sign of the Zodiac. 1212 is the number of spiritual enlightenment, which aligns with Pisces’ life purpose. It is a number that encourages confidence and asks that you stick to the path you have chosen.

Pisces people often change their mind about things, as they are so flexible, so this number is telling you to stick with your journey, don’t run away when things get tough, and stay the course. It’s telling you to stop escaping and overcome your obstacles.

Angel Number 777 for Pisces

The number 777 resonates with Pisces, as 7 is the number for the planet Neptune, Pisces’ ruler. 7 is also a lucky number, and Pisces is often associated with spiritual abundance. 777 is the universal number of luck. This number also adds up to 21, which is 12 when reversed.

777 is also Pisces’ angel number, as 7 is the number for Libra’s placement in the Zodiac. Libra is ruled by Venus, and Venus is in its best position (what Astrologers refer to as “exalted”) in Pisces, as it is all about unconditional love.

Angel Number 3737 for Pisces

Angel number 3737 resonates with Pisces, as it is a sign to improve circumstances in your life by taking on a positive outlook and applying an action, so results can occur. Many Pisces daydream their whole lives away. This is telling you to take action!

It is a mixture of the planets Jupiter (3) and Neptune (7). Before Neptune was discovered in 1846, Pisces was associated with Jupiter, the planet of expansion, good luck and fortune, and abundance.

Angel Number 444 for Pisces

Angel number 444 works well with Pisces, as it is a practical number, reminding you to be organized, and set structure to your life, in order for it to be productive. Also 4+4+4 = 12. 444 is a sign of extreme protection from the angels, as you can be so naive and gullible.

The harder you work, the more you will see angel number 444. This is a message from your angels that they are applauding all the effort you are putting in. It will be rewarded in the future, so carry on with what you are doing.