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What are the best Angel Numbers for Scorpio

Leah Goldberg

Intense, emotional, sensitive, powerful and magnetic, are just some words to describe Scorpio. Being a Scorpio, you know that you’re able to read others’ thoughts quite easily, and the supernatural really captures your attention!

Astrology and numerology are closely related. Even in Astrology there are numbers, such as the very special degrees every planet in your chart has. Scorpio is the 8th Zodiac sign, and it belongs to the section of the Zodiac wheel representing what can be gained from others.

So, what is Scorpio’s angel number? The angel numbers for Scorpio are 888, 999, 2200, and 911. They are the most compatible numbers, when it comes to balancing out the intensity and emotions of this Zodiac sign. 

Angel Number 888 for Scorpio

Angel number 888 resonates to Scorpio, because Scorpio is the 8th sign of the Zodiac. When you put 8 on its side, it represents the symbol for infinity (the lemniscate), and Scorpio symbolizes death, reincarnation and the eternal soul.

Angel number 888 symbolizes that you can finally breathe and relax, as you will now reap the rewards of all your hard work. It is similar to the Seven of Pentacles card of the Tarot. A divine gift of an illuminated path is coming your way, as you realize that you have a higher purpose.   

Angel Number 999 for Scorpio

999 is one of Scorpio’s angel numbers, as 9 represents the placement of the planet Pluto, Scorpio’s ruler. 999 is a number you will see when you have nearly finished completing your goals and dreams.

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999 is a sign of maturity. If you are in college, it indicates that your degree is close to finishing, or exams are near an end. If you are an employee, or own your own business, it indicates that your goals are almost completed, and a new set must be implemented.

Angel Number 2200 for Scorpio

Another angel number for Scorpio is 2200. 2 + 2+ 0 + 0 = 4. Before Pluto was discovered in 1930, the planet Mars had shared rulership over both Aries and Scorpio. Mars is the 4th planet in the solar system.

Angel number 2200 is telling you to be grateful! It is telling you to take a moment, offer a gratitude prayer to whichever higher power you believe in, and calm and center yourself, so that you can stay grounded.

Angel Number 911 for Scorpio

When you see angel number 911, you may immediately think of danger, or panic that the angels are warning you of some impending doom. Scorpio angel number 911 is very powerful, telling you that you have nearly achieved your goals, so get ready for a new phase in your life.

It indicates that new and exciting challenges are coming your way, and you must meet them with confidence, as you’ll shine. You will often see 911 when things are stressful in your life; it is a reassurance that the angels have your back, and are guiding you to a brighter future.