What Do Sun, Moon And Stars Mean In Jewelry?
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What Do Sun, Moon And Stars Mean In Jewelry?


In the manner in which the long series of shifting narratives, legends, and myths counts, the truth of how the celestial bodies forged the links between the outer earth realms and human activities goes to pass for centuries without saying.

Moon, stars, and sun's lore is full of stories about our life's mystical, spiritual, and protective events. People's reliance on these unknown forces is so great; it has been and always will be stories forever orbiting as long as mankind exists.

Into the fashion world, the cosmic theme was a force to be reckoned with as it made its way to be a full-blown hallmark of women and men's traditional, religious and aesthetic dimensions of personal ornamentation. But what lies behind these iconic sets of celestial pieces of jewelry? Let's follow each of them closely.

What do the sun, moon, and stars represent?

The dark ages of the early universe, a time life was destined to a fabled death— was the era of darkness that lived before the universe ever created the first shine of light. And the point when the nebula collapsed, massive stars exploded, and trades of collision happened between Earth and Theia further leads the narration of the billion-year-old cosmic history of the first families that brought us our greatest light— the sun, moon, and stars.

All the existing records that we have—spoken, written in paper or stones—show that ancient civilizations, together and decades apart, witnessed, revered, and tried to understand the mysteries of the far, far away glow and fit them into their view of the world.


Dominance and energy reflected on us are like the scorching heat of life brought by the sun. For many ages, the blinding rays of the sun purged the darkest days and brought life to everything its glory touches. There are many suns in the universe; out there in the uncharted areas are hundreds of billions of stars—the sun—the closest one to us, is our very own star and the only one in our solar system. For many, that is enough to consider the sun as ruling deities in the sky or hold a symbol in many people's lives.

Light and Clarity

Our true essence comes from the universal consciousness, which is the foremost source of everything. Just like the Sun, it gives us the mental rationality that we need, and to be more profound, light strikes a balance in the disharmony of the world, weathering our mind's confusion, and shedding clarity on the obstacles in front of us.


The earth revolves around the central and fixed position of the sun. As it continues to circle the sun, the earth passes through a series of constellations that traces the Zodiacs, divided into 12 signs: Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Gemini, Virgo, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn, Sagittarius, Aquarius, and Pisces. Essentially, these sun signs determine the course of your personality, as well as correspond to the negative and positive side of your traits. Telling the qualities and attributes you will inherit to achieve what you want in life.

Sun Gods (Apollo, Helios, Ra, etc)

With the personification of the sun, or an aspect of it. Many of the ancient cultures glorify the Sun as a God of life and creation. (Ra among the Egyptians, Apollo is the God of the sun and light for the Romans, and Helios who drives a chariot pulling the sun across the sky is for the Greeks. Huitzilopochtli, the principal God of sun and war for the Persians, and Inca as the Sun God for the Iranians.

Pagan Sun Worship

The moment the Solstice should appear, the sun will stand, and the earth will witness the longest daylight in the year. Celebrated in some ways, particularly to Pagan communities, Litha /Midsummer is the time to honor the incredible strength of the sun and its divine forces that create life.

Life-Giving Energy (Radiance)

We can always count on the sun to rise each passing morning which sends a message of its energy and vitality sufficient for crops to grow, productivity in light of our daily activities, and powers all life processes with its light and shine throughout the world.

Positivity and Happiness

A sunshine's worth may do more than just to power up the earth's mechanisms of life. It also boosts your state of mind— increasing serotonin levels in your body—a mood-regulating hormone associated with promoting the feeling of happiness, fulfillment, and positive well-being.

Power and Strength

The shades of the sun— white or golden— and everything similar to it, like gold and diamond, amassed a significant value of power in many countries. Whatever its quirks, standing before the sun is a hero's blessing, an order to execute duties justified only by utmost excellence.


The events of many calamitous motion impacts, and with the young earth's wandering tales, Moon, the only ever child of the Earth was born. All year-round, the moon will go through many phases, looking different than the last time, but never ceasing its beauty and luster. Its light, borrowed from the sun, is the kind of radiance you only have in the quiet of the night. When the big bright sun loses its force, the moon peers into the sky and climbs above the horizon. Thus, laying the primary cycle and rhythm of nature that guided humans for generations.

Lunar Symbolism

When dealing with astrology, the sun consistently earns the people's devotion, but the moon has more command over the flow of life than we realize. The moon gave the first units of time measurement: phases of the lunar cycle vital in the invention of the first calendars, which acted as the foundation of months and years that encompass any religion or culture. By being mindful of the moon’s principal stages, the moon’s monthly journey can give us a new understanding of our qualities, perspectives, and lives.

Selene, Feminine Goddess

Regardless of her ancestry, Selene, as the personification of the moon, was an influential goddess of the Moon. Selene has the power over the lunar phases with her ever-changing ability as she keeps altering her size and shape. Her brother was Helios, and they respectively drove the sun and moon chariots as they traveled the sky. Selene is usually imaged as a feminine form carrying a crescent crown, riding a chariot with two winged horses, and a power to provide a shining light in the otherwise dark plains.

Hecate and Luna

Nearly all cultures accept their learned Moon goddess with a different name for every nation. The Roman deities of the moon, and their Greek equivalents, were said to form a triad of Gods; hence Selene (Luna) was associated with two other goddesses, Diana and Hecate. These three goddesses are often depicted as the Mother, the Maiden, and the Crone. Hecate is the witch who stands over the witches. Known as the Crone Goddess (of the Waning Moon, the most powerful lunar phase), Selene is the Mother Goddess(Full Moon), and Diana the maiden (Half-Moon).

The Dark Side of Nature

When all else fails, just know that shady thing when the moon is full. Well, it was a foreshadowing of many horrible events as the word lunacy comes from the Latin root "lunaticus" meaning to be struck by the moon. As the old wives say, the greater light to rule the day and the lesser light to rule the night. The peaceful gloaming of the moon was said to reveal the haunting darkness of things that disrupt people’s psychological cast of mind, which could decimate all the flowing positive emotions and ideas that are a part of being a capable person. Many philosophers said that the brain was the dampest organ in the human body and thereby most exposed to the forces of the moon, which triggers the belief in the “lunar lunacy effect,” or “Transylvania effect.

Symbol of Warning, Revelation, Heightened Intuition

Often known as the far side of the moon, biblical references use the moon symbol to communicate the divine truth, stress the chronicles of a great disturbance soon, and the fleeting nature of human life and history. It is the actual nature of the Moon that gifts people with self-insight and inner voice beyond that of logic that reveals us the knowledge we can benefit from.

In several interpretations, as the moon is a tangible body in space, it indeed symbolizes the present-life egoic identity structure. The moon's affinity to our emotions and psychological harmony is said to be connected with our life force or prana.


Fate has something very different and dramatic in-store for stars. Behind their shimmering glow, millions of Stars each day are written to be born and die; the greater the size of a star is, the shorter its life will be. Their countless number in the vast sky cannot compare to that of the sun and the moon, but people still wish under the star, even how great the sun and tranquil the silent moon is. Using the stars seen in the sky, below its glow, are the tales telling the miracles, promises, and fortunate circumstances in life.

Guidance and Illumination (Used as navigation during Jesus' birth)

Maps of the constellations were another way of portraying the stars that classically inspired a miraculous event from the Gospel of Matthew: As written in the prophecy, in Bethlehem of Judea, a star will appear when the King of Jews is born. After hearing this, the three wise men set off to the east, where the star did appear as the prophecy had revealed. When they got into the manger, they welcomed Christ together with Mary and thanked God for this fateful event.

Good Luck Charm

We often look in the endless sky, eyes wide open, fixed on the majestic twinkle of the stars. Deities up in their perch do not always pay attention to happenings on Earth. While doing this, some stars would slip between the gods' chasm and the human world, which would emerge as shooting stars. Legend has it that you should wish upon a falling or shooting star, since the gods are looking down, it is a good time to have your wishes heard and made true by the Gods. Where this tradition stands, wearing a star was an acknowledgment of their power, for which the star bearer would be rewarded with good luck for a long time.

Zodiac and Astrological Representation

Once in a while, distinctive patterns connect the stars in the sky to stories from cultures around the globe. Gestures of the planets and stars impart an influence over many aspects of humanity. Once they were the oracle of an individual's life and the cycle of time, and now that science had blossomed over the myths, even by then, people held them in tradition as markers of time, allowing them to influence our personalities.


Although angels, in the eyes of many believers, by their nature, duties to convey revelations to their God swore to serve and protect all the children of God by directly summoning their power to engage in a spiritual conquest to deliver us from the evil temptations of the fallen angels. Biblical depictions of Angels are the symbols of stars, cradled in the middle ground, close to God watching over us with every turn of darkness after the light.

Abraham's Descendants

A great nation, blessed with the Lord's guidance with descendants as many as the stars in the sky, was the Lord's promise with Abraham, the first believer of his gospel. Many years had now gone past since God promised Abraham that his descendants would become so abundant that they could be compared to the stars of the sky. But so far, the promise with Abraham runs everlastingly in the billions of his descendants and to descendants after in the many years to prosper.

What does sun, moon, and stars jewelry mean?

The one–and probably one trend that has stayed on as people's favorite pieces of jewelry can be traced back to the fascination of people behind the moon, stars, and sun collections through the decades.

Not only that, because of the many modern renditions of celestial jewelry. Whichever you look at, cosmic and astrological jewels are growing in people's interest. This simple act holds a valuable meaning in someone's life as people take comfort in the idea of the universe within its miracle. So we naturally seek our purpose and wonder at the idea of something so much bigger than us, especially during our darkest days or transient wondering of what life is all about.

1. What does the sun symbolize in jewelry?

For the Jewelry world, the solar imagery of the sun portends an abundance, good fortune, strength, and success in life that tells its wearer that no matter where you wander off, and no matter what you do, positive energy and happiness shall follow your way.

2. What does moon jewelry symbolize?

In a sense, moon charms and crescent moon jewelry have always been regarded as feminine strength. It signifies creativity, evolution, and intuition. Some may believe it is associated with warding off negative energy or a cycle of our emotions. Hence, it was no surprise people have been deeply fascinated with the complex magnificence of the moon.

a. What does a full moon symbolize?

In nature, the full moon — occurring when the moon is in line with the earth's shadow and is on the opposite side of the sun. Wearing pieces inspired by the full moon implies the celebration of fulfillment and closure of your relationships, divine feminine energy, a sense of clarity, and another journey of life to commemorate. Secrets kept in darkness, however, suggest this is the time of the year that negative energy is roaming free, triggering the incidence of lunacy at the peak of the full moon.

b. What does the crescent moon represent in jewelry?

If time and light allow the moon to orbit, basking in that glow is half of the moon taking a crescent shape that—gradually becomes fuller in the passing of days. Once again, opportunities will present, letting us begin anew with our slates clean. It is the act of moving forward, filling our soul and spirit with room to grow. Others see this as a sign of fertility, birth cycles, and motherhood.

3. What do stars mean spiritually?

Star signs of all kinds, with various forms of radiation, have a deeper symbolic content. They also have great importance for us people. Many cultures believe that every star's orientation is associated with positive messages and records of spiritual importance.

Four-pointed star

Mostly seen to resemble a cross represents the star of Bethlehem. Appearing in the book of Matthew, a gospel that tells of a bright guiding star that appears in the eastern sky that leads the Biblical Magi to their destination.

Five-pointed star

Today, the meaning of the five-pointed star is incorporated with evil and chaos, however, in some of humanity's older beliefs. The five points may correspond with the five pillars of faith or the five daily prayers for Muslims. For Christians, the five points symbolize the virtues of a medieval knight as exemplified by Sir Gawain: generosity, courtesy, chastity, chivalry, and purity. Later on, the five points of the pentagram represent the human's connection with Mother Nature—five earthly materials: the top being spirit, and the other four being the classical element of earth, air, fire, and water.

Six-pointed star

Adopted by the Jewish faith, the six-pointed Star of David is sculpted based on David's shield's shape. The symbol on his shield suggests many explanations, but none are universally accepted. But for a modern take, the corners of every star represent creation, revelation, and redemption; the corners of the other denote the Man, the World, and God.

Seven-pointed star

A 7 pointed star from Wicca symbolizes protection from the evil spirits. Pointed up defines feminine embodying goddess and astral energies, and pointing down represents masculine god and earth energies.

Christianity takes on an entirely new meaning of this as a symbol representing the spirit's seven gifts - wisdom, understanding, counsel, might, knowledge, fear, and delight.

Eight-pointed star

Shows up in various cultures; among others, Hinduism's take on this sign is the eight kinds of wealth: victory, patience, health, knowledge, nourishment, prosperity, mobility, and riches.

Nine-pointed star

The number nine represents completion in numerology, as it's the last of the single-digit numbers. This is why the Bahai symbol (9-pointed star) reflects as the symbol of religious perfection.

It can also symbolize the Fruits of the Spirit recorded in the book of Galatians in the Bible: faithfulness, gentleness, goodness, joy, kindness, love, peace, patience, and self-control.

Ten-pointed star

Not a very popular one among the stars, the ten-pointed star is said to bear a semblance with the Kabbalistic tree of life. Others would say it alludes to the 10 loyal disciples of Jesus.

What does the symbol of the sun moon and stars mean?

Another famous jewelry haul today is the combination of sun, moon, and stars in terms of jewelry themes. That, to mimic the element, sparkle, and incandescent glow of the sun, moon, and stars were through complete material reimagination with metals like silver, platinum, gold, and minerals such as crystal, diamond, and gemstones.

Even if there will never be a time these three could be seen simultaneously, luckily, jewelry likes the idea of transforming this wild belief into wearables. These three together are timeless. People all over the globe, no matter their beliefs or preference, love to throw in this mix of three to express what they want. Modern trends have it especially crafted for marking a long and closely-tied relationship with your friends, family or simply love the idea of being one with the universe. Other times, when you see the sun, stars, and moon together, you will find plenty of meanings like finding strength in the test of time, a symbol of enlightenment, going around many circumstances but landing at the exact thing you want to in life.

What do the moon and star jewelry mean?

Star and Moon could allude to carrying the meaning of light and clarity, but most used these as a sweet declaration of adoration, and getting one for you and your romantic partner is akin to saying that you love them to the moon and back. Single? That's not a problem. You can also go solo with these pieces as an empowering symbol that depicts faith, kindness, and intuition. By wearing this, you remind yourself of all the love you deserve, and the success you have had for the past years. If partners can show their love and dedication with the moon & star jewelry, why can't you?

What do the sun and moon together symbolize?

In many cultures, the sun signifies firmness, power, and strength, while the moon represents poise, magnificence, and a sense of nurturing.

The sun and the moon are known opposites of nature yet also support each other's forces. Like how yin and yang work. We can find many references comparing the good and the bad, brilliance and mysticism. But the moon and sun are complementary accords of opposites. It’s a dichotomy, but without any rooted opposition. It's mainly exploring the masculine and feminine aspects of things, finding solace in the different facets of your life, and welcoming new beginnings without anything holding you back. Wear this pair to bring a balance to your life while gaining wisdom and growth as you step forward.

Sun, Moon, Stars Jewelry Tips

You can never go out of style with celestial jewelry, but only if you recreate this catchphrase in the right direction. It is always great to just let your imagination run freely, and there are hardly any limits to celestial jewelry because of its versatility.

Women and men who crave something new can live out their creativeness with these three related tips to make while styling your jewelry:

1. Don't Be Afraid To Show Your Personality.

When choosing what to wear, it is so important to always think about what shade works with your frame and the sense of fashion you want things to turn. Those things are essential but don't forget to accentuate your personality, as always.

Another thing is: we’re all different in how we project ourselves. If you believe in metaphysical properties that charms can bring in energy or protection for yourself, opting to wear protective charms like red string or beaded along the base of your celestial jewels is also a wise choice.

2. Consider Experimenting With Colors

There’s no need to cling to all silver and gold principles, especially in layering or subtly wearing your adornments out: the multiple tone combination of gems with the usual has now been a trendy pop in your delicate pieces. If you sometimes find the dignified look of gold and silver, you can loosen up your look wonderfully by subtly blending in bits of gemstones as they can add color and personality, thus giving it a more high-spirited vibe.

You'll find several multi-colored pieces in SVANA, which have mixed metal and gem colors, including gold moon base earrings with a blue setting, a crescent moon, and three stars studded with multi-colored stones.

3. Layer And Stack Pieces of Jewelry To Always Achieve A New Look

If you want to wear the trio (sun, moon, and stars), an ideal for those looking for something a little bit subtle is to wear no more than one accessory. If you are going for the quirky and avant-garde look: the style tip for you is to finish your whole outfit by layering and stacking a few of your celestial pieces of jewelry in different lengths.

Final Words

Every piece of jewelry tells a part of the story. Now cosmic motifs are going mega-popular in the market and are almost everywhere. What better way to go out with a unique look than celestial trinkets? You can treat your love of the moon and stars and hone the sun's power at SVANA. Our extensive range of celestial jewelry collections does not restrict you at all when choosing.