What Do Sunflowers Mean? A Guide To Sunflower Jewelry
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What Do Sunflowers Mean? A Guide To Sunflower Jewelry

When you see sunflowers, what comes to time is usually summertime, sunny days, and positive vibes. No wonder sunflower jewelry has become a classic trend. We want something to symbolize happiness, admiration, and optimism closer to us or our loved ones by incorporating them into our outfits.
Sunflower jewelry can mean a lot of things and makes for an amazing gift to the people we care about. In this post, let’s dive a little deeper into what it symbolizes, the different sunflower jewelry to buy, and how to wear them.

What do Sunflowers Symbolize?

The use of sunflower jewelry and other symbolism can be traced to thousands of years ago. Ancient beliefs and various cultures hold different meanings for sunflowers.

  • Sun God Incas

Sunflowers are used to symbolize faith, enlightenment, and truth because they resemble the sun.
In ancient cultures, the Incas used sunflowers to represent their Sun God, named Inti, who was known as a powerful but generous deity. The Incas brought sunflowers to the temple to worship the Sun God. Sunflowers were also used as decorations on the garments and crowns of Inca priestesses.

  • Clytie and Apollo

Sunflowers symbolize adoration and loyalty based on the myth of Clytie and Apollo. According to the story, Clytie, a water nymph, turned into a sunflower to grieve the loss of her love, Apollo. Clytie fell in love with Apollo and followed him everywhere, but Apollo fell in love with another nymph.

  • Vitality

Sunflowers are a symbol of vitality in China. It means strength, energy, endurance, and physical and mental vigor. It’s also associated with long life and good fortune. Unsurprisingly, sunflowers are also used for medicinal purposes, and Chinese ancestors are known for various herbal treatments.

  • Happiness

Yellow is a cheerful color. With the vibrant color, sunflowers have become a symbol of happiness and optimism. Yellow sunflowers are instant reminders of sunshine and spring.

  • Friendship

Sunflowers represent everlasting loyalty. When it comes to true friendship that lasts forever, sunflowers are a perfect symbol. That’s why it’s common for best friends to wear matching sunflower accessories, such as sunflower bracelets or sunflower rings.

  • Loyalty

Sunflowers have long stalks that extend and they tend to follow the sun across the sky, so the flower has become a symbol of loyalty. It’s also based on the Greek mythology of Clytie, who’s been devoted to Apollo, the God of Sun, and satisfied to watch him from the ground as a flower.

  • Adoration

Because sunflowers always face the sun, giving someone a sunflower symbolizes adoration. Sunflowers can bring joy to the recipient with the positive vibes they radiate.

  • Spiritual Guidance

As sunflowers tend to follow the sun, they have served as a reminder to people to seek spiritual guidance and enlightenment. Sunflowers also symbolize devotion to faith.

sunflower ring on top of a page of a book

Different Sunflower Jewelry to Buy

Sunflower jewelry is one of the best ways to incorporate sunflowers into your life. The flowers make for a stunning and adorable accessory while also holding special meaning for you.

  • Sunflower Necklace – Sunflower necklaces are perhaps the most popular sunflower jewelry. You’ll find different designs of the sunflower pendants and chains made of gold and silver. Necklaces also vary in length. You can pick a choker or pick a layered sunflower necklace.
  • Sunflower Earrings – They’re a minimalist yet stunning way to wear sunflower symbolism. You’ll have a wide range of options for sunflower earrings. They come in colorful handmade clay earrings to gold or silver-plated copper to pure gold and silver earring studs or drops.
  • Sunflower Ring – Sunflower rings are quite the most feminine and elegant sunflower jewelry. You can choose from a minimalist engraved sunflower ring to an elaborately decorated with gems and diamonds sunflower rings.       
  • Sunflower Bracelet – Sunflower bracelets are the best when you want to gift them as a symbol of friendship. You can choose from handmade sunflower bracelets with string threads, beaded bracelets, or gold and silver chains.
  • Sunflower Ankle Bracelet – Perfect for summer outfits, sunflower ankle bracelets are a subtle way to wear sunflower jewelry.

How to wear sunflower jewelry

Just like wearing other types of accessories, wearing sunflower jewelry can be simple or creative. Here are some tips:
Create layers – Have fun experimenting with a combination of rings, necklaces, and bracelets. You can layer necklaces by using different lengths, colors, and textures. You can also wear multiple bracelets and put rings on multiple fingers.

Know what’s enough or too much – Sure, it’s fun to layer and combine, but you should know when to stop. You can be bold or subtle, but there should be a limit or you’ll be overdoing it.

Complement your clothing – Accessorize based on the clothes you’re wearing. It’s important to get the combination right so you’ll look stylish. Depending on your clothing, experiment with the types of metals, colors, shapes, and textures of your sunflower jewelry.

Choose one focus – If you’re wearing a simple outfit, you can go with bold sunflower jewelry to make a statement. Alternatively, if your outfit is loud and bright, your sunflower jewelry should be simple and subtle.

Deviate from trends – You can ride the tide, but know that you don’t have to follow the trends in wearing sunflower jewelry. Always choose what you’re comfortable in and what reflects your taste and personality.


Sunflower jewelry not only makes for a nice accessory to complete your fashion look. With their resemblance to the sun and their vibrant flower petals, they also hold special symbolism and meanings, which are generally positive. Gift them to someone special and they will surely bring joy and positive vibes.
Sunflower jewelry is a great symbol of love, adoration, loyalty, faith, devotion, and everlasting friendship. You’ll never run out of excellent options for gifts or personal use. Finally, when wearing sunflower jewelry, it’s okay to not be a slave of trends because your jewelry should make you feel beautiful and confident.