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What are the best Angel Numbers for Taurus?

Leah Goldberg

Self-sufficient, materialistic, and sensual, are just some of the words to describe you Taurus. You are a special Zodiac sign that is very down-to-earth, connected to nature, and designated to rule money.

Astrology and Numerology are best friends, for there is no Astrology without numbers. Numbers divide the Zodiac wheel into its 12 houses, where each is made up of 0-29 degrees. Each number (degree) holds significant meaning, as can be seen in the Sabian Symbols.

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So, what is Taurus’ angel number? The angel numbers for Taurus are 222, 666, 888 and 911. These are your special numbers that will help balance your love of the material, and ultra sensuality, and will call to you when you need help.

Angel Number 222 for Taurus

2 is a significant number for you, as Taurus is the 2nd sign of the Zodiac, and rules the 2nd house of the Zodiac wheel. Venus rules Taurus, and is the second planet in our Solar System, making the number 2 even more significant.

In astrology, 2 symbolizes the Moon, and the Moon is exalted in Taurus. Famous life path 2 celebrities include everybody’s favorite “friend,” Jennifer Aniston, Emma Watson, and Kevin Bacon.

Since you are the most self-sufficient sign of the Zodiac, seeing the angel number 222 is a sign from the angels telling you that it is okay to have a partner in life. When you see 222, know that it is time to put in the effort to meet people, go on blind dates, and join fun recreational classes.

Angel Number 666 for Taurus

In Astrology, the planet Venus, ruler of Taurus, is 6. This makes a lot of sense, as Venus is the planet of love, and the number 6 in numerology stands for unconditional love. It is a gentle number representing Venus, or Aphrodite (the Greek equivalent of Venus).

When you see angel number 666, it indicates that love is around the corner, you just need to keep an open heart. If you are in a relationship, it beckons you to have more compassion and understanding, and not be so stubborn about the ideas your partner may have.

Angel Number 888 for Taurus

Scorpio is Taurus’ polar opposite, and is the 8th sign of the Zodiac. You, Taurus, are all about material things and matter, while Scorpio is all about the spiritual and supernatural part of life - that which remains unseen, but can be felt.


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Taurus angel number 888 is a powerful number, reminding you that all the money in the world won’t bring you true happiness. You must tap into your spirituality, and true self, to find inner happiness. By exploring everything about the sign Scorpio, you can do this!

Angel Number 911 for Taurus

911 is a number that catches everyone’s attention. It is a number that you immediately think of when there is an emergency. This is also a number that symbolizes a day of great tragedy - September the 11th.