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What are the best Angel Numbers for Virgo?

Leah Goldberg

Exceptionally hard-working, perfectionist, detail-oriented, anxiety-prone, clean and neat, that’s exactly what you are Virgo. Virgo is all about self-sufficiency and applying hard work to get things done. Virgo is the Zodiac sign of work. Nobody works harder than a Virgo. 

Astrology’s “partner in crime” is Numerology. They hold hands in the Universe, to communicate messages to us. They are interwoven, and Astrology cannot exist without numbers, for every planet sits at a specific degree in our charts with a specific meaning.

So, what is Virgo’s angel number? The angel numbers for Virgo are 1111, 55555, 2244, and 66666 . These are the numbers that the angels have specifically chosen, to help bring more understanding, love, and light to your life, and help unburden the load.

Angel Number 1111 for Virgo

You may see 1111 often when looking at the time. This is a powerful Virgo angel number indicating that a fresh start is on its way to you. Since you are a Mutable Zodiac sign, you should be able to adjust to the change well.

Mercury rules Virgo and is the first planet in our Solar System. It is also the fastest planet, represented by Hermes in Greek mythology, the swiftest god of all, responsible for passing on messages between gods, mortals, and the underworld. 

Angel number 1111 tells you to be enthusiastic, passionate, productive, and full of positive energy. There is a new phase in your life where you will possibly become an entrepreneur! Life path 1 is connected to celebrities such as Drew Barrymore and Tom Cruise.

Angel Number 55555 for Virgo

In Astrology, Mercury, ruler of Virgo, is associated with the number 5. 55555 is a number of confirmation from the angels that you have successfully achieved the goals you have worked so hard towards, and it is time to reap the rewards of all your effort

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When you see 55555 it is also an indication from the angels that you must take care of your spiritual well-being. Since you’re so prone to anxiety and OCD tendencies, you must take time for yourself to just be in nature, breathe in deeply, and appreciate the present moment.  

Angel Number 2244 for Virgo

In numerology 2 is all about partnerships and harmony. 4 is all about structure, order, and putting things in place. Angel number 2244 suggests that in order for your relationships to work, there must be some sort of commitment, routine, and structure for them to work.

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2244 also encourages you to explore your passions in life. You’re so focused on work, since you’ve been working from so young, that you may not have been focused on your true destiny. Forget others’ requirements of you, and ask yourself what it is you want for yourself.

Angel Number 66666 for Virgo

Virgo rules the 6th house of the Zodiac wheel. This rules everyday work, routine, health and medicine, and domestic pets. It is a major house of your natal chart. You need to satisfy this house that Virgo rules, in order to have good health and work you enjoy on a daily basis.  

Seeing angel number 66666 is a reminder to let go of all your fears. Everything is going to work out and go your way. It’s telling you to not back down and to feel the freedom to be happy without concern. The angels are telling you that life is about to get much smoother for you!