15 Ways to Remove Evil Eye Symptoms and Protect Yourself From Future Harm
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15 Ways to Remove Evil Eye Symptoms and Protect Yourself From Future Harm

When things don't go well in our lives, we often blame the "evil eye" for it. Almost, in every culture, the appearance of the evil eye has been seen since ancient times. People believe that every human being has the power to impact someone's life or health through their evil thoughts or glance. Signs of the evil eye curse are hard to recognize but not impossible. So, if you are curious to know whether you or your loved ones are afflicted with this curse and its cure, here is everything you need to know.

What is the evil eye curse?

The evil eye curse is a powerful malicious glance cast by a human on another human being or thing out of anger, envy, greed, or any other negative emotion. The glare is so powerful that it can cause harm, injury, misfortune, physical, and mental illness to the afflicted person. There is no particular reason for getting an evil eye curse. A person can intentionally or unintentionally cast it on someone/something they praise or envy.

There are three types of Evil Eye:

  • Unconscious: Sometimes, people unintentionally cast an evil eye on something or someone by praising them a lot. Even the unconscious evil eye can cause harm and bad luck to things and people unintentionally.
  • Intentional: The intentional evil eye is cast on someone consciously, with a purpose to cause harm or injury.
  • Unseen: This type of evil eye is the most dangerous one as it is hard to identify and thus causes more harm.

Whenever a person gets affected with an evil eye curse, it affects them physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially. Here are some common signs and symptoms you can find in an afflicted person:

  • Mood Swings
  • Anger & Frustration
  • Financial Loss
  • Physical Illness
  • Arguments with loved ones
  • Heavy Eyelids and Yawning
  • Feeling discomfort in social gatherings
  • Fever, Headache, Nausea

Pregnant ladies, newborn babies, kids, young and successful people are more vulnerable to the evil eye curse as they consciously or unconsciously drive more attention and praise from other people.

How does the evil eye work?

Once you know that you or your loved ones are afflicted with the evil eye curse, the next obvious thing that comes to mind is its cure. Since ancient times, people of various cultures have been using protective amulets, talismans, prayers, and rituals to ward off the evil eye curse. The most popular and superstitious protection charm that you will find these days is the Evil Eye symbol.

The evil eye protection amulet is an ancient crystal blue-color bead with concentric circles and a black or white dot-shaped eye in the center. Initially, this protection symbol was witnessed in Greece and Turkey during the ancient civilization. Since then, people of various cultures have believed that this sacred evil eye holds the power to ward off the curse by reflecting negative energies and ill intentions.

Nowadays, people use this sacred protection charm in the form of evil eye jewelry, amulets, talismans, and home decor items to keep the negative energies and misfortune away.

How do you get an evil eye?

There is no particular reason for getting an evil eye, but people believe that people often cast a hostile glance on someone out of envy, anger, greed, revenge, or any other negative emotion. Most of the time, people gets afflicted by this curse because:

1) They are successful: Usually, when people achieve something or start getting successful in their career, they drive huge attention willingly or unwillingly, which leads to evil eye affliction.

2) Young and Pretty: There is no doubt that pretty and young people, along with newborn babies and kids, are more prone to getting an evil eye because of their personality or charisma. Everyone praises them for their good looks and charm, which somehow brings evil eye curse on them.

3) Boasts about their achievements: It is a widespread belief that when people are not thankful enough to God for their success and show off unnecessary about their accomplishments, they get punished through the evil eye curse.

4) Overposts on social media: Similarly, when people overpost on social media about their happiness, achievements, and success, they drive the attention of other people who might get angry or jealous of them and potentially cast an evil eye.

5) Receive too many compliments: Many people have a charismatic personality for which they receive too many compliments. Like a pregnant woman starts glowing before a child's birth, and people start praising her a lot. Receiving too many compliments also causes an evil eye curse on someone consciously or unconsciously.

What happens if you get the evil eye?

As stated above, when someone gets afflicted by an evil eye curse, it impacts them physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially. Sometimes, an evil eye can be brutal and cause serious injury, but the impacts are limited to physical and mental illness. Here are a few most common things that happen with a person having an evil eye.

Signs that you have the evil eye

As evil eye curse affects Mind, Body, and the soul most, you can witness the following changes or signs in an afflicted person:

  • Mind: The evil eye curse causes mental illness, which weakens your decision- making power and ability to think straight.
  • Body: Person also experiences physical illness such as fever, nausea, yawning, diarrhea, body ache, injury, etc.
  • Soul: The evil eye curse also affects the person emotionally and leads to negative energies, anger issues, frequent fights, mood swings, etc.

Personal examples of evil eye curse effects

  • Physical problems: Frequent headache, fever, itchiness, strain in eyes, muscle weakness, palpitation, blackouts, yawning, body ache
  • Mental and emotional problems: Anger issues, depression, mood swings, negative thinking, frequent fights, irritation, self-doubt, overthinking
  • Educational problems: Not performing well in exams, unable to concentrate on studies, forgetting things despite having a good memory, scoring fewer marks without any reason
  • Financial problems: Unemployment, Loss in business, losing potential deals or clients, recurring financial loss, deceiving by partners or coworkers
  • Relational problems: Breakup, problem in marriage, not being able to get married, infertility, complications during childbirth, not being able to conceive, early death of a child, miscarriage, etc.


How do you get rid of the evil eye?

There are multiple rituals, prayers, and objects to ward off the evil eye curse in various cultures. Some objects or practices are common in many cultures and the most effective ones. Here we have listed a few of them for your knowledge:

1) Psalms and prayers: Traditional prayers play a crucial role in warding off the evil eye curse almost in every religion and culture. In the bible, more than 30 Psalms act as protection against evil intentions and dark energies. Here are some of them:

  • Psalm 46:1-2: God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. 2 Therefore, we will not fear.
  • Psalm 25:20-21: Guard my life and rescue me; do not let me be put to shame, for I take refuge in you. 21 May integrity and uprightness protect me because my hope, Lord, is in you.

2) Egg cleanse ritual: Also known as La Limpia in Spanish, Egg Cleansing is a famous ancient ritual that is believed to be effective against the evil eye curse. This practice was derived from Mexico and later adapted in Italy and the Philippines. The practitioner or healer believes that during this ritual, when an uncooked egg is rolled over the victim's body, it sucks all the bad energies and cleanses the soul by making the egg look cooked.

Sometimes, the egg looks cooked immediately while performing the ritual. While in some cases, the egg has been kept over a glass of water under the afflicted person's bed and the following day, it looks cooked.

3) Lemon in a glass of water: It is another old method to identify and ward off the evil eye curse from your home/office or another special place. In this ritual, a lemon is placed inside the glass of water. If a lemon floats in water, it represents positivity around the place. If the lemon starts sinking or the water gets milky, it reflects the presence of evil energies at that place.

Lemon in a glass of water should be kept at the entrance of your place, and every time a visitor comes, lemon will absorb the negative energies or ill intentions associated with him/her. As the lemon absorbs the negativity, the water turns milky. Sometimes, when there is too much negativity or dark energy, the lemon bursts as it cannot handle that much amount of darkness.

4) Salt: It is a sacred object used in many rituals for protection as it represents the earth as an element. In one popular practice, salt is used to roll over the afflicted person's body three to four times and then toss in the fire to ward off the evil eye curse.

5) Mustard Seeds: Just like salt, mustard seeds are also known for absorbing negative and dark energies. That is why they are used along with rock salt or regular salt to ward off the evil eye curse in Hindu tradition.

6) Chili: It is a popular ancient belief that both green and red chilies are powerful enough to ward off the dark and negative energies away. That is why people hang green chilies along with a lemon at the entrance of their place to spread positivity.

Also, in many cultures, dry red chilies are used to ward off the evil eye curse by rolling it over the victim's body seven times and then burning to destroy the ill intentions.

7) Coconut: Coconut is considered a sacred object in many rituals, and thus people use it to ward off the evil eye curse before beginning any precious or big task. There is a popular ritual where coconut is circled over the person or an object three to four times. That coconut is then visualized as an evil eye and smashed on the road to keep the negative spirits away from your precious belongings, place, and loved ones.

8) Alum: When alum burns, it releases a gas that cleanses the atmosphere by destroying negative energies, and the victim starts feeling better.

In the alum cleansing ritual, the healer takes two cherry size alum pieces, each in one hand. The victim must keep its palms facing upwards and placed on knees. Then the healer crosses their hands and moves the right fist in a clockwise direction from foot to head and the left fist in an anticlockwise direction three to four times. The alum then burns with coals to ward off Buri Nazar.

9) Neem leaves: Pregnant ladies often use neem leaves to keep evil intentions and bad energies away. It is advised to keep 2-3 leaves of neem with you when going out as the leaves absorb the negative energies cast on you. Upon returning home, burn these leaves to ward off the curse for protection.

10) Keeping an aquarium: It is a popular belief that fishes are resistant to the evil eye curse. Thus keeping an aquarium full of fish at your place can be helpful to remove the negative energies. Keeping the aquarium in the hall, facing the south side, for positive energies and spirituality is advisable.

11) Garlic: In Western and Hindu cultures, Garlic cloves effectively remove the evil eye affliction on kids, pregnant ladies, and other people. In a garlic cleansing ritual, a few garlic cloves are placed into a pin and then crossed over the body of an afflicted person three to four times. These cloves then burn in fire. If the garlic cloves burn with a noisy sound or burst, it indicates the presence of an evil eye.

12) Burn some camphor: Burning camphor also removes the negativity from the surroundings and keeps the atmosphere positive and pure.

13) Magnet: People believe that a magnet can pull the dark spirits and negative energies from an afflicted person's body. Thus, the healer uses a magnet to roll over the victim's body and burn it in holy fire to remove the evil eye curse.

14) Oil method: Since ancient times, people have been using the oil method to identify the presence of the evil eye curse. In this ritual, a few drops of oil are put into a bowl full of water. In a normal scenario, oil drops float on water. But in case of affliction, the drops will sink. Also, if the drops remain segregated, there is no presence of evil eye and vice versa if they merge. Once the affliction is confirmed, the healer recites a few prayers to ward off the curse.

15) Black cumin: Another ritual to remove the evil eye curse involves the usage of black cumin. Put some black cumins in a cotton cloth and swing it in front of a victim's eye several times. Then burn that Potli in the fire. If the cumin burns with a crackly noise, the affliction is over.

How do you ward off evil eyes?

Apart from these rituals and prayers, you can use popular talismans, evil eye amulets and jewelry to ward off evil eyes from you or your loved ones.

  • Mirror talisman: Mirror talismans have reflective properties that keep evil intentions and negative energies away. You can place them at the entrance or in your home as home decor items for protection and positivity.
  • Dill herb at house door: Dill is an aromatic herb closely related to the carrot family that keeps the negative & dark energies away. The ancient Romans also believed that Dill brings good luck, happiness, and fortune. Thus people place dill herb at doors or buildings to keep the evil eyes away.
  • Blue evil eye glass bead amulet: In many cultures, blue evil glass bead amulet is used as a protection charm to place in your home, offices, or other places to bring positivity, good luck, and fortune.
  • Evil eye protection jewelry: Many people use evil eye beads as jewelry in the form of rings, necklaces, anklets, bracelets, etc., to wear as a protection charm by all age individuals.

Final Words!

Evil eye curse is the popular superstition belief found in almost every culture and country. Sometimes, its signs and symptoms are easy to recognize and sometimes, they are hard to understand. But to cure the curse, it is essential to identify its symptoms.

We hope that after reading this article, you will be able to identify whether you are cursed with an evil eye or not. In case of affliction, it is advisable to use evil eye jewelry or amulets as protection. Stay kind and cheerful towards other people to spread positivity.