Why People Wear The Star Of David And Why You Should Have One Too!
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Why People Wear The Star Of David And Why You Should Have One Too!


Early Christians expressed their faith by using some symbols. Amongst others, the Star of David, also known as the six-pointed star, is also an old symbol of god in the religion of Christianity and is used while discussing a Jewish celebration such as Yom Kippur or Shabbat. It is also considered the astrological birth chart of King David, hence the term Star of David’ derived. Star of David meaning and Jewish texts refer to it as the ‘Shield of David.’ Its figure consists of overlaid two equilateral triangles resembling a hexagram. Thus, it is also sometimes referred to as the Hexagram symbol.

How did the Star of David come about?

Many historians are of the view that old Jews used the hexagram symbol to mark ancestry and decorate books, which differentiated them from the rest. Eventually, the Jews became more integrated with the Christians because of which Jews began to use the Star of David as a religious symbol. Later, when Germany got emancipated, it adopted the six-point star in revolt against the cross, symbolizing Germany’s Christianity.

What is the Meaning of a Six-Point Star (hexagram)?

There is no particular definition or meaning of a six-pointed star. According to Zohar, a Jewish mystic book, the six points of the star symbolize male sefirot (male God attributes) in unification with the sefirah (female, seventh attribute). German philosopher Franz Rosenzweig in his book ‘Star of Redemption’ described the corners of one hexagram triangle as creation, revelation, and redemption, while the corners of the other triangle symbolize Man, the World, and God. Following are some of the meanings or reasons why people use the Star of David:

  • God's Six Days of Creation: The Greek term for God's Six Days of Creation is Hexameron. On the first day, the light was called. The Atmosphere or 'Firmament of Heaven' was created on the second day. The third day saw the creation of trees and plants. The fourth day dealt with the Sun and Moon. On the fifth day, birds, fishes, etc., were created. The final day deals with creating the 'beast of the earth.'
  • Six Attributes of God: The Star of David represents the six attributes of God, namely, power, wisdom, majesty, love, mercy, and justice.
  • Jewish Tombstones: The Hexagram can be seen on Jewish tombstones, affirming strong belief in one’s religion and Israel as a home for all Jews.
  • As a Kabbalistic Protective Amulet: Kabbalists adopted the Star of David for use in talismanic amulets (Segulot) as protective and benevolent charm.
  • Jewish Identification During the Nazi Occupation: People wearing the Star of David symbol in Germany during the Nazi Occupation were recognized as Jew.
  • Six Sefirot: The six Sefirot are the emanations in Kabbalah, through which Ein Sof reveals himself and creates physical realm and higher metaphysical realms.
  • Israel Flag and Zionists Emblem: The six-pointed figure can be seen on the national flag of Israel and on the Zionist emblem signifying the state of Israel and the identity of the Jews.
  • The Soul's Connection to Its Creator: The Hexagram symbol also symbolizes the Jewish soul's connection to its Creator through the observance and study of the Torah.
  • The Zohar's Three Knot Connection the Holy Blesses, the Torah, and Israel: The Jewish Kabbalah (3:73a) states that there are three knots in the Hexagram symbol, which connects the Holy One, the Torah, and Israel with one another.
  • Modern Alchemy Balance Between Masculine and Feminine, and Water and Earth: The six-pointed star has acknowledged the balance and wholeness model, uniting archetypal male and female, and water and earth.
  • Moksha and Nirvana: The Star of David symbolizes a perfect meditative state of balance between Man and God, which can result in Moksha and Nirvana if maintained.
  • Astrological Birth Chart of King David or Anointment as King: The Horoscope of King David who was said to be born with two fortunate times, which interlocked to create a six-pointed star. King David was an unbeatable and powerful monarch.
  • Shakti, Shiva, Agni Tattva, and Man's Position Between Earth and Sky in Hindu: According to the Hindu thought, the downward triangle of the six-pointed star symbolizes Shakti, whereas the upward triangle signifies Shiva or Agni Tattva. The two components of these triangles, namely: Om and Hrim, symbolize man's position between earth and sky.
  • Khātem Sulaymān or "The Seal of Solomon" in Islam: According to Islamic scripts, the Hexagram symbol or the seal of Solomon gave Solomon the powers to perform supernatural activities such as command demons or speak with animals.

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What Does an 8-Sided Star Mean (Octagram)?

There are countless symbols and figures in the world, with different meanings, concepts, and theories. Like the Star of David, the eight-pointed star or Octagram can also have more than meanings. For example, the significance of an octagram symbol in Islam could differ from its significance in Buddhism or Egyptian scriptures. Octagram meaning in different religions and scriptures is as follows:

  • Judeo-Christian: In the Judeo-Christian tradition, Octagram or number eight holds a lot of significance as it symbolizes beginnings, resurrection, salvation, and super-abundance.
  • Babylonian: The Babylonian goddess Ishtar is symbolized by an octagram symbol. The star of Ishtar is also known as the Star of Venus, which denotes passion, love, balance, beauty, lust, and desire.
  • Egyptian: The ancient Egyptians primarily recognized eight deities, four pairs of male and female deities. The four pairs signified air, water, darkness, and infinity. An eight-pointed star symbol represents the eight deities or the ogdoad.
  • Hindu Star of Lakshmi: In Hindu mythology, the Star of Goddess Lakshmi is also represented in the form of an eight-pointed star with two congruent squares with a common center at 45-degree angles.
  • Buddhism: The eight-spoked wheel, symbolizing an octogram in Buddhism, represents the Eightfold Path taught by the Buddha, namely: right view, right intention, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, and right concentration.
  • Native Americans: In Native America, the Octagram symbolizes hope, which is surrounded by a circle. Number eight is also an important term related to achieving balance.
  • Islam: The eight-pointed star in Islam has a different interpretation; it is referred to as Khatim-Sulayman, which means “seal of the prophets.”

What is the Star of David in the Bible?

The Star of David has different origin stories and varies extensively among scholars, historians, and mystics around the world. Some recognize it as the symbol on King David’s shield. Some believe it is the ring symbol found on King Solomon’s finger. Others say that it was initially used by a Jew leader named Bar Kokhba while revolting against the Roman Empire in AD 132. However, none of these texts are found or supported by the Bible. There is no mention of the Hexagram symbol in Scripture. However, the existence and use of the Star of David are not anti-biblical.

What does Star of David mean in astrology?

Astrologically, the Star of David is a geometric configuration that appears in the sky when the Sun, Moon, and half of the other planets are below the horizon. Also, some of the planets in our solar system form two interlocking triangles, resembling the Star of David symbol. When a Star of David occurs, it cannot be seen in the night sky because the six points of the Hexagram symbol surround the earth by three-sixty degrees. Thus, it is not visible to the naked eye.

What does the dot in the Star of David mean?

Generally, two types of Hexagram symbols can be seen; one with a dot in the center and one without a dot. Typically, the Star of David without a dot is considered a Jewish symbol, and the one with a dot in the middle is considered a Hindu symbol. The dot is known as Shatkona, meaning: the union of the two triangles. According to the Hindu tradition, it symbolizes the union of Brahman & Maya, Shiva & Shakti, and Purusha & Prakriti.     

When was Star of David created?

The six-pointed star is believed to be King David’s horoscope, who was believed to be born around 1000 BCE. However, Prague’s Jew community was the first to officiate the Star of David as their symbol; resultantly, from the 17th century onwards, many Jew communities in Europe adopted the Hexagram symbol. It gradually became a general sign of Judaism. And by the 19th century, the Star of David had become an emblem of Judaism, just like the cross of Christians.

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What religion does the Star of David represent?

Although there are different interpretations of the Star of David symbol in different communities and religions, primarily the Star of David symbol is a striking emblem of Judaism. The Yellow badge that the Jews wore in Nazi-occupied Germany symbolized bravery, martyrdom, and heroism. The Star of David widely represents Jews and the people of Israel, as the national flag of Israel also represents the Star of David. In Islam, it is known as the ‘Seal of Solomon, and in the Hindu religion, it is known as Shatkona.

Is the Star of Bethlehem the same as the Star of David?

The Star of David and the Star of Bethlehem are referred to as two separate, different theories. The Star of David is a Jewish symbol consisting of two equilateral triangles that are overlaid to form a six-pointed star. Whereas the Star of Bethlehem, also known as the Christmas Star, is actually a celestial body in the cosmic sky that led the Three Wise Men to Jesus’s birth. The Star of David symbolizes the Jewish emblem indicating martyrdom and bravery. On the other hand, the Star of Bethlehem signifies the birth of Christ.

What's the difference between the Star of David and the Star of Solomon?

Although both, the star of David and the Star of Solomon may appear geometrically similar (hexagram), but have slight contrasts when carefully noticed. The primary difference between the two is that the Star of David has 2-dimensional overlapping triangles, whereas the Star of Solomon has 3-dimensional interwoven triangles. The Star of David triangles intersect each other, but the Star of Solomon triangles are interwoven.

Where to find Star of David jewelry and how to wear it?

From the Gold Star of David necklace to the Star of David pendant, there is a myriad of designs and patterns available for Star of David jewelry in the market. It not only represents Jewish and Israeli identity, but many are of the belief that the Star of David brings good fortune. Amongst others, some of the best places where you can find the Star of David necklaces and other jewellery are Macy’s, Svana, Israel Blessing, Ajudaica, etc.  

Following are some of the ways to wear Star of David jewellery:

  • Star of David Necklace: Star of David necklace can not only complement your outfit but also symbolize fearlessness and heroism.
  • Star of David Pendant: The Star of David pendant can pick up energy coming from the heart and spread positive vibes, and looks stylish at the same time.
  • Star of David Rings: Star of David rings can symbolize the Seal of Solomon, the magical signet ring that King Solomon used to control spirits and demons.


The Star of David has different interpretations in almost all the religions of the world. Today, the Star of David is widely associated with Jewish culture and Judaism, representing the people and land of Israel. The six-pointed symbol is also used as a talisman and for conjuring spiritual forces in occult magic. Wearing the Star of David jewelry can enhance your fashion style, represent your tradition & culture, and symbolize bravery.

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