15 Meaningful Necklaces For Your Daughter
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15 Meaningful Necklaces For Your Daughter


Gift-giving can hold so much meaning, not only for the recipient but also for the one giving. Often, it takes time and effort to look for the perfect gift to give. When it comes to a special someone, like your daughter, your gift should be something they will hold dear. That's why it's important to look for gift ideas that will convey your feelings. Gifting jewelry is one way of making your daughter feel the love and care you have for them.

The Importance Of Gifting Jewelry To Women

It's true that women love to use jewelry to prettify themselves. But, it's not only during modern times. Even in the olden days, husbands had gifted their wives with precious gems and jewelry. They often bring these pieces when they return home from battle or other adventures. For the husbands, it holds a symbolic meaning. A gift to tell their wives they are cared for and cherished. It seems that such practice hasn't changed at all. Many still prefer to give and receive jewelry.

Why gift jewelry to women like your daughter? Here are some important reasons:

  • Jewelry is something they can keep forever. It can signify that your daughter's presence has changed your life forever.
  • It's something that can make your daughter feel cherished and treasured. Giving them something that holds a special meaning can strengthen your relationship.
  • Gold jewelry holds value over time. It's a valuable gift that can provide financial security.
  • The jewelry will remind them of your presence in their life every time they wear it.
  • Personalized jewelry will make them feel extra special. Exerting effort to customize the piece will show your child how much you value her presence in your life.
  • Jewelry is a perfect gift for every occasion.
  • Gifting jewelry means not thinking about body type, skin tone, fit, or size for most items.
  • You can choose any jewelry that matches your daughter's personality the best.
  • You have tons of choices, from necklaces and bracelets to earrings and rings.
  • Your gift can become part of the family heirloom. It will span from one generation to another.

15 Necklaces With Special Meaning That Make for Great Gift Ideas

Convinced why you should get your daughter jewelry? We'll help you narrow down your choices to some of the meaningful necklaces that you can choose from.

1. Tree of life necklaces

The tree of life necklace design is our first pick because it's something that holds a lot of meaning. In some cultures, it can signify lasting life. Others view it as a charm that wards off bad luck, illnesses, and malicious intention. This necklace with a tree of life pendant can be a perfect gift to give your daughter. It will serve as a source of inspiration and hope. When they are going through a rough patch, this tree of life can help convey your trust in her that she can overcome whatever she's going through.

This round tree of life crystal and pearl gold necklace is a perfect gift for your elegant daughter since it will go well with any wardrobe. But, if your daughter has a cheerful personality, this round multi-colored tree of life necklace is the one you should get for her.

2. I love you necklaces

Want to keep reminding your daughter of your unconditional love? If you don’t have the strength to utter the word, then, getting her an "I love you" necklace is one you should consider. It's a piece that will remind her that someone out there thinks of her and loves her deeply.

But, if you think that a necklace with an "I love you" inscription will make her cringe, you can get her something more subtle. A pendant with an 813 shaped like a butterfly is a good alternative. Or you can go for the more well-known 143 design.

3. Angel wing necklaces

As your daughter takes on the different challenges in life, there may be times when they feel like they don't have enough to fly. Like they can't take on life alone. Gifting them with an angel wings necklace can indirectly let them know that you will fly along with them.

It can say that you will be there to give them the strength to hold out their hand and touch the sky. An angel wing symbolizes protection, courage, and harmony. On a more somber note, an angel wing can also represent that even if you've passed on to another life, you will be the guardian angel who will guide their path. You can opt to give them full wings or a single angel wing for each of you.

4. Heart within a heart necklaces

A classic pendant design is a heart inside a heart. To some, it's a tastefully designed piece. But, for your daughter who will receive this special gift, it can be something that means how their heart is protected within one's heart. It shows how your heart remains connected with that of your daughters. Nothing more can represent undying love more than this significant necklace.

You can choose to have different precious metals for the two hearts. This will signify how your differences don't matter when it comes to love. Better yet, you can choose to have similar settings to show your connectedness with one another.

5. Infinity necklaces

If you want your daughter to know the depth of your love, give her an infinity loop necklace. Not only will its unique design put a smile on her face, but it will also let her know that your love for her has no end.

Take it a notch higher by personalizing the loop with your names or your special words for each other. Make it even more special by getting a matching piece for yourself as well.

6. Anchor necklaces

Anchors, in general, means steadfastness, stability, and hope. Giving your daughter this unique necklace can make her feel safe and secure. It will help her walk through life with trust and confidence that someone out there will keep her grounded. As a parent, you serve as your child's anchor in life. This necklace will remind them they have you to keep them steady as they wade through the different phases of their life.

Some may see anchor as more masculine in nature. But it doesn't mean that you can't make it match your daughter's personality. You can choose an anchor pendant embellished with crystals, such as your daughter's birthstone.

7. Evil eye necklaces

The world can be a harsh world to live in. Understandably, parents will do everything in their power to protect their children in the best way possible. But as they start to live their own lives, it becomes impossible to shield them from the realities of life. Don't fret. Giving them an evil eye necklace can serve as your daughter's protection from bad luck and malicious intentions.

According to early beliefs, wearing an evil eye talisman can block off another person's sinister gaze and reflect it back to the person who cast it. It can be a potent symbol to stop negative energy and prevent misfortune.

This turquoise evil eye necklace is simple yet powerful enough to protect your daughter from any ill will. If you want to give your daughter something grand to show her your love and protection, get this round multi-colored gems evil eye necklace.

8. Birthstone necklaces

What's so special and unique about birthstone necklaces is that there's no limit on the design that you can choose from. The focal point of the necklace is the birthstone. So you are free to choose the style that will match your daughter's personality and taste. You can choose to have it simple by having a round birthstone.

You can also incorporate it into other styles, such as the center stone surrounded by diamonds or embellishment of her birth flower. Giving them a birthstone necklace signifies your wish to experience wellness and good fortune.

9. Crown necklaces

Crown necklaces can symbolize the ability to lead. It's a perfect gift to give when your daughter achieves or fulfills something in their life. It can signify how proud you are of their achievements. But, when you give it to your daughter, it can also mean that they are the queens or princesses that rule your heart. Choose something set in a sturdy metal like gold to make it even more impactful.

10. Moon and stars necklaces

Gifting the moon and stars necklace is also symbolic. It can be an excellent piece to tell your daughter how the two of you light each other's worlds. You can be the moon that will continue to watch over her or the stars that will always remain by her side no matter where she goes in life.

This dainty moon and gold necklace is perfect for any age. You can expect to have your teenager wear this piece even when they reach adulthood. If you want to break away from the usual round pendant necklaces, this moon and stars gold pillar necklace will add a different twist to your daughter's wardrobe. Do you also know that pillar design itself can signify how you will serve as a steady source of strength for her?

11. Feather necklaces

Feathers have different meanings. It can mean one's strength and growth as an individual. It can also mean freedom and hope. When you gift your daughter a feather necklace, it can symbolize your dedication and commitment to guarding and protecting them. If your daughter has lost a loved one recently, the feather necklace can be a reminder that someone in heaven is guiding them.

12. Bird necklaces

A bird necklace is another option as it can represent different meanings depending on the bird you choose. Though a mythological bird, a phoenix can mean rising above adversities and living another life. It's a perfect gift to give your daughter renewed hope.

A peacock pendant is best for representing confidence and integrity. In general, a bird pendant can mean the freedom to fly anywhere regardless of the design. It can help your daughter gain the motivation to strive harder and reach the unreachable.

13. Sunflower necklaces

As your child blooms, sunflower can be an excellent reminder for her to grow with strength. Most cultures believe that giving sunflowers brings good luck and everlasting happiness when embarking on a new life chapter.

For a different take on necklaces, this jeweled sunflower gold necklace can embody your daughter's uniqueness. Plus, it'll be a stylish addition to their wardrobe.

14. Lily of the valley necklaces

Dainty, sweet, and pure best describes the lily of the valley flowers. Presenting an exquisite piece of jewelry to your daughter means celebrating her youth, sincerity, purity, and eternal happiness. This flower has Biblical representations as well. In the Bible, lilies are used to represent the purity of the Virgin Mary.

15. Butterfly necklaces

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think about butterflies? For some, it can be its beauty and uniqueness. For others, it can also mean change and freedom. A butterfly pendant can signify a person's adaptability to changes and strength to move forward in life.

As butterflies undergo metamorphosis, your daughter will also experience changes in her life. A butterfly can mean embracing these changes and welcoming them as part of their life.

This duo butterfly gold necklace is an excellent representation of how you can be there for your daughter as she undergoes different changes in her life.


Taking the time to choose the best gift for your daughter is commendable. Whenever deciding on which jewelry set you want for your daughter, it's good to consider the meaning behind it. Make it memorable by personalizing it.

You can also go for the one that matches their personality and the relationship you have with them. Explore many other jewelry options, from rings and bracelets to earrings and necklaces from our collection.