19 Spiritual Bracelets for Protection Against Evil
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19 Spiritual Bracelets for Protection Against Evil

Thinking of buying someone dear to you something that will keep them safe wherever they go at any given time?

When we have someone special in our life, we always aim to protect and keep them safe. But, this is only possible if you can keep an eye on them 24 hours a day and 7 days a week? So, how do you make sure they know how much you cherish them? You give them something meaningful—a gift of protection. 

Giving a thoughtful gift, such as a spiritual protection bracelet, is one option you can consider. It can be a great way to introduce spiritual openness in an individual and promote spiritual well-being. 

There are tons of spiritual gifts you can give, but the one that comes to mind is a bracelet for protection. 

Tips for Gifting Spiritual Bracelets

Gifting something with spiritual meaning should always be done with caution. Keep in mind that not all recipients may be welcoming of the gift. As such, here are some considerations to factor when buying bracelets to keep evil away:

Think of the Spiritual Path

Sometimes, it can be tempting to impose our beliefs on other people. This statement applies to those who do not share the same belief as yours. There may be times when you will try hard to make them more “accepting” of what you think is right and appropriate. But, this can backfire. When faced with this kind of dilemma, it would be best to internalize and ask.

What is the person’s spiritual path? You can consider your own journey as the basis. How did your journey to this belief system lead you to the current path that you are living now? 

Once you’ve got this figured out, it will be much easier for you to choose a powerful protection bracelet to give that special someone.

Consider the Spiritual Need

After assessing the spiritual need, make sure to also think about their current spiritual needs. Are they attracting bad luck, or are they in harm’s way because of their profession? How can your gift give comfort to the recipient? Some people may feel more connected to wearing stones they feel have special meaning to them. 

Take this example. Your friend needs something to increase the presence of romantic love in their lives. It would help to give them a bracelet fashioned with rose quartz. This stone has the power to attract love into one’s life. 

Assign a Spiritual Symbol

Gifts should be symbolic. When you give something from the heart, you have to make sure the recipient will consider this as a treasure worth keeping. Often, assigning a spiritual symbol has a dual purpose. It can have actual symbolic meaning. It can also have the symbolic meaning they place on it. 

For example, giving a bracelet with a Hamsa hand with an evil eye charm can be used as a protection from bad luck and evil intentions. But, it can also mean more if it comes from a special person like you. The hand can also mean unity with each other, and the eye can be a symbol of you, watching out for their welfare. This way, they wouldn’t be as defensive when receiving a spiritual bracelet from you. 

If you’re a spiritual person and believe in a higher power, you may be knowledgeable on what gifts to give. Still, it can be tricky to choose the best items with tons of options available in the market. We’ve rounded up some of the best bracelets to ward off evil spirits that you can gift or buy for yourself. Make sure to keep in mind the person you’re giving the bracelet to as you comb through the list: 

#1 Ancient Protector Evil Eye Perception Bracelet

Ancient Protector Perception BraceletBuy Now: $42.90

Today's world is full of hardships that affect our mental and physical health. People are constantly searching for remedies and protection to continue our everyday activities. Most of us would take medications, go to gyms to work out, and meditate. But some would seek protection from amulets.

Amulets and charms let people know more about supernatural solutions to our problems and needs away from the sacred realm. There are beliefs in making people better by using amulets. These pieces can help in improving their wellness through healing practices. Amulets and charms for improving health are rare. Often, those who have them have difficulty finding one. 

Today, you can buy the Ancient Protector Perception Gold Evil Eye bracelet as your talisman. They’re perfect if you’re thinking of health, prosperity, protection, and the ability to perceive. The bracelet is yellow gold plated on copper, which is a good match for any clothes that you would like to wear. It also has an adjustable length from 13 cm to 20 cm, made to fit anyone.

#2 Ancient Protector Evil Eye Gold Tone Bracelet

Ancient Protector Gold BraceletBuy Now: $42.90

As part of our everyday struggles, we always try to find ways how we can protect and restore our spiritual defense mechanisms. People have different stories in life about why they feel their spirits drained. Often, it’s making them more vulnerable to challenges in life. There are many natural elements in life that we experience, and we do not know what’s hitting us.

Sometimes we also need to help out our friends that need to recover from their struggles. One way of doing this is to give them something to remind them to keep their spirits high in facing hardships. You can give your friend a bracelet as a remembrance that you are with her on her journey. The ancient protector gold evil eye bracelet is perfect for your friend in restoring her strength. This bracelet has a gold plating on copper with an adjustable length from 13 cm to 20 cm. 

The unique combination of gem colors gives a good representation. It can be about guarding your friend against unwanted external energy.

#3 Round Illusion Evil Eye Gold Bracelet

Round Illusion Gold Bracelet with white background imageBuy Now: $42.90

Some of your friends might be going through tough times, and you might not know it. We need to keep an update with our friends about how they are doing and help those who are in need. Many changes are happening every day, and it affects our way of living.

If you feel that one of your friends is feeling down, you may give her something special to help her get up from whatever is keeping her down. This round illusion gold evil eye bracelet is a good representation of protecting your friend from negative energies. These amulets have gold plating on copper with an adjustable size from 13 cm to 20 cm. It will remind your friend that she is protected from mean looks and will give her a good charm.

#4 Initial Charm Evil Eye Bangle

Initial Charm Evil Eye BangleBuy Now: $39.90

A true friend is someone we should keep and share our lives with. Your true friend will always be there for you whenever you need company or be around doing nothing. As you develop a stronger bond with your friend, you will learn to recognize whether they are having problems and need some help. 

There are effective ways to help your friend overcome any situation. You can invite your friend to work out to stay fit and healthy. You can go shopping to relieve stress or give her simple gifts to remind her that you are always there for her.

An Initial Charm Evil Eye bangle would be a great gift idea for your friend to imply protection from unknown curses and forces. It can also bring her good luck and a representation of your true friendship, gratitude, and love for each other. This bangle is made of copper with an adjustable size that can fit any size. The gold-plated finish makes it more beautiful and would go well with any outfit that your friend likes to wear.


#5 Heart & Pearl Evil Eye Bangle

Heart and Pearl Evil Eye bangle with white backgroundBuy Now: $37.90

Another bracelet that will be a perfect option for gifting is this Heart and Pearl gold bangle. Aside from the lovely heart-shaped evil eye that provides protection to the wearer, it’s also finished with a pearl. Based on history, the pearl can represent wisdom acquired through years of experience. On top of that, these hardened gems also provide protection and are used as precious item that attracts good luck and wealth. The pearl also bears calming effects, so they are perfect for balancing one’s karma.

The blue and white evil eye is the most basic design, but it also depicts a power symbol. In the Middle East, this design is called the Nazar, which helps the wearer stay away from harm. This particular evil eye amulet can be a reflective amulet that blocks off negative energy. 

That said, giving this beautiful bangle bracelet will indeed offer protection to the recipient. This bracelet measures 16 cm but can fit most wrists because of its open cuff design. Its material is made of high-quality gold-plated copper. 

#6 Gold Bangle Evil Eye White Stones

Gold Bangle Evil Eye with white background Buy Now: $39.90

Simple and elegant. Who says that gifting a spiritual bracelet shouldn’t be classy? Say the recipient loves bangles. What if they prefer wearing them without being too obvious about the spiritual meaning it carries. 

This gold-plated copper piece does the job well. What’s great about this piece is that it goes well with any type of outfit or occasion—going out on a grocery run? They can cuff it, and off they go. Attending a conference with tons of people to meet?

This bracelet would make a great statement piece. 
On both occasions, it does its job well. Giving the protection the wearer needs. If you look closely, the bangle has different symbols, including the Hamsa hand and the evil eye. These symbols will attract good vibes and welcome prosperity in their lives. 
This bangle bracelet measures 16 cm but is adjustable to fit most wrist sizes. The stones are AAA- Grade Cubic Zirconia studded on gold-plated copper.

#7 Round Illusion Evil Eye Beaded Bangle

Round Illusion Evil Eye Beaded BangleBuy Now: $37.90

This gorgeous bangle spiritual bracelet is a powerful gift you can give someone you care for. This bracelet bears a minimalistic and modern bubble design. It is reminiscent of the signature jewelry brand designs. When you buy this piece, you can score yourself an excellent deal. You get a modern and trendy bracelet design, and you also enjoy the protection it gives. 

The evil eye design in the middle doesn’t also give off the usual evil eye that is often seen in most spiritual bracelets.  As such, it’s a perfect gift for someone who has a modern take on the world. You don’t have to tell them you’re giving them something spiritual. Instead, you can do it without them knowing that you’re wishing them well. 

This piece is made of black, blue, and white AAA Grade Cubic Zirconia studded on a gold-plated copper of high quality to prevent tarnishing. It measures 16 cm but is adjustable to fit most wrists.

#8 Almond Shaped Evil Eye Beaded Bangle

Almond Shaped Evil Eye Bangle with white backgroundBuy Now: $37.90

If your special someone is often the target of jealous stares, this almond-shaped evil eye bracelet is the perfect item to ensure their 24/7 protection. The curse of the evil eye can be a tough one to beat. Often, we roam around, oblivious to the fact that someone is staring at us with a malicious gaze. 

That is until we experience the dreaded Mal de Ojo symptoms. These symptoms can range from anxiety to fatigue. Since these symptoms are common, it isn’t attributed to the evil eye, making them harder to treat. 

How do you prevent this? By wearing protection. But, this protection doesn’t have to be something you’d dread to wear every day. The perfect solution is thus a beaded bangle made of AAA Grade Cubic Zirconia on a gold-plated copper bracelet. The bracelet measures 16 cm but can fit most wrists with its open cuff design.

#9 White Stoned Evil Eye Red String Bracelet

White stoned evil eye bracelet with white backgroundBuy Now: $39.90

Did you know that evil eye colors have different meanings? The color of the center evil eye can attract various luck. In this case, the white evil eye signifies purity and focus. It’s an excellent choice for someone who needs to start fresh, free from all the clutter of their previous experiences. The white attracts good vibes and helps keep their mind free from negative thoughts. It can only welcome positivity. 

The red string in itself also holds a powerful spiritual meaning. Throughout history, the red string is used as a symbol of good luck, strength, and protection. When you give this white stoned evil eye red string bracelet, you somehow say, “I wish you good luck on your fresh start.” Isn’t it a meaningful way to express your love to someone you care about?

This piece is made with high-quality Jewish Kabbalah red string fashioned with AAA Grade Cubic Zirconia and gold-plated copper finishing. 

#10 Round Charm Black Evil Eye Red String Bracelet

Round Charm Black Evil Eye BraceletBuy Now: $39.90

Stunningly glamorous. This black evil eye bracelet presented in a round charm is a great gift to give someone you wish to deflect misfortune and bad luck. The almond black evil eye can help ward off malicious glares, while the surrounding white stones can act as a magnet for positivity.

Jealousy is human nature. When someone does better than us, we feel envy and wish we have the same luck. For some, this gaze can be unintentional. But, others may direct this harmful gaze with a wish of harm. Protect your loved one today with this protection from an evil bracelet.

This gorgeous piece comes with a Jewish Kabbalah red string that offers protection. The stones are AAA Grade Cubic Zirconia, and the finishing is made with gold-plated copper. The bracelet is also adjustable.

#11 Ancient Protector Blue Evil Eye Red String Bracelet

Ancient Protector Blue Evil Eye Red String BraceletBuy Now: $39.90

Looking for powerful protection jewelry from evil? This piece is the one you’re looking for. With its intricately designed evil eye, no one will dare cast a malicious glare your way. As mentioned, the black evil eye stones are powerful enough to ward off negativity and block off bad luck. The blue center stones, on the other hand, can usher in luck. 

Since the blue is in the turquoise shade, it can attract health luck. Aside from deflecting bad luck, you also welcome good health. Combined with the power of the red string, this piece can serve as a strong amulet that offers protection. 

#12 Pave Blue Hamsa Hand Beaded Bangle

Pave Blue Hamsa Bracelet in white backgroundBuy Now: $37.90

Bracelets to keep evil away don’t have to be the traditional ones that often look dated. There are tons of delicately designed bracelets that have spiritual meanings that you can buy, like this paved Hamsa hand bangle that bears a blue evil eye. This piece is a wonderful item to give to send a message that you want to protect them and wish them luck wherever they go.

The Hamsa hand can have different meanings depending on how it is worn. When worn facing down, it welcomes good luck and fertility. When worn facing up, the Hamsa hand can be a symbol of protection from negative energy. In this case, since it’s sideways, it can mean protection and abundance. 

Take note that the Hamsa hand can also bear a different meaning based on the symbols it has. This piece can serve as protection jewelry from evil since it also has the evil eye symbol inside the Hamsa hand. 

When worn together, the Hamsa hand and evil eye become a powerful amulet. It can protect the wearer from destructive glances and malicious intentions. These are often those directed towards their success, health, and fortune. 

#13 Hamsa Hand Stoned Gold Chain Bracelet

Hamsa stoned braceletBuy Now: $42.90

When choosing bracelets that protect you from evil, never forget about the preferred style of the wearer. While you can give the usual bracelets without any thought to their look, the chance of them wearing them would be rather slim. 

But, if you give them something as elegant and luxurious as this Hamsa hand studded with stones. You can be sure they’ll be wearing this piece every chance they get. They are perfect for big parties where the wearer will be the center of attraction. This way, you can be sure that no malicious gaze can harm them as they sashay into the party. 

Its elegant and minimalistic design is also perfect for mixing and matching other jewelry pieces. As such, it doesn’t look out of place as a protection bracelet. You can stack it with other bracelets, and it won’t be obvious as a protection bracelet at all. 

This piece is made of gold-plated copper, AAA Grade Cubic Zirconia, and features an adjustable bracelet that can fit most wrists. 

#14 Multicolored Stone Hamsa Hand Gold Chain Bracelet

Hamsa Hand Stoned Gold Chain BraceletBuy Now: $42.90

Simple but powerful. This protection bracelet that bears multi-colored stones makes for a remarkable gift that you can give your loved one. Its style is perfect for everyday wear, so you can be sure they’ll not be exposed to any harm wherever they are. The multicolored stone paving also goes well with most personality types. 

It’s also worth noting that the Hamsa hand is not necessarily attributed to any particular religion. 

This symbol represents many religions, and its meaning may differ based on one’s culture. For some, the Hamsa may represent their invocations. At the same time, others may look at it as a symbol of hope. 

This bracelet is made of a minimalistic adjustable chain and finished with a Hamsa hand studded with multicolored stones in gold-plated copper. The stones are made up of AAA Grade Cubic Zirconia. 


#15 To My Daughter, Hamsa Evil Eye Protection Gold Bracelet

Hamsa Hand Stoned Evil Eye Gold BraceletBuy Now: $39.90

As a parent, you may want to give your child the world and protect them from worldly sins and harm. But, it’s not always possible because we can’t be with them every second of the day. 

They also need to grow, face the world, and take on challenges on their own. But, it doesn’t mean that you cannot give them the protection they need. Through a protection amulet like this Hamsa hand evil eye gold bangle, you can ensure that your daughter will be safe from harm. 

This bangle is designed with spiritual symbols of Hamsa hand and the evil eye. You can instruct your daughter to wear the Hamsa hand in the position they think would be appropriate to their current need. Facing down means attracting abundance while facing up means deflecting bad energy. 

This gold-plated copper bracelet is a perfect spiritual reminder to your beautiful daughter that they are loved, and someone is always thinking about their welfare. You may not be with them at all times, but you can still show them your love and affection. 


#16 To My Granddaughter, Hamsa Evil Eye Protection Gold Bracelet

For Grandaughter Evil Eye Gold Bracelet with White BraceletBuy Now: $39.90

What could be the best gift to give your granddaughter, who is now living their life to the fullest? A protection bracelet that bears spiritual guidance is what you’re looking for. As the message says, “The evil stares back at the world to shield you from negativity and harm,” the Hamsa hand and evil eye symbols will do their work of protecting your loved ones. This bracelet is the perfect encapsulation of an item to show your beloved granddaughter that you are always looking out for them. 

This gift comes with a special message that will surely strengthen your bond and offer even more protection. The message, “May you always feel safe and protected,” will be enough to make your granddaughter loved. 

This bracelet is made of copper but plated with gold to prevent tarnishing. It has an open cuff design, so its size is adjustable. The stones are chosen AAA Grade Cubic Zirconia. 

#17 Jeweled Cross Bracelet

Jeweled CrossBuy Now: $39.90

The cross is a spiritual symbol often associated with Christianity. It serves as the representation of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion and the redemption from his Passion. For many, the cross has become a significant symbol of hope. For one, it represents Jesus’ resurrection and his victory over death.

When you gift this bracelet, it can help the recipient renew their faith and ignite their feelings of hope for salvation. You might want to give this to someone whom you think needs a little boost of faith, love, and hope in their life. 

This bracelet is minimalistic in design and bears multi-colored stones paving the entirety of the cross. Aside from the variety of colors, the stones are also shaped to match the shape of the cross. It doesn’t only have the usual round cut AAA Grade Cubic Zirconia, but it also has baguette stones. This quality makes this bracelet an irresistible protection jewelry one would want to wear anywhere. 

The bracelet is 16 cm in length, but the lock is adjustable and can fit most wrists. It’s also plated with gold to prevent tarnishing. 

#18 Multicolored Cross Bracelet

Multicolored Cross Bracelet with White BackgroundBuy Now: $39.90

If you’re looking for a simpler option, this multi-colored cross bracelet is a must-buy. Like the previous piece, this bracelet has a cross symbol that signifies faith and hope. The great thing about this item is that the style remains appropriate for any age bracket.

You’re thinking of giving it to a mother. Its minimalistic design would go well with their style, especially if they’re always on the go. But, if you’re thinking of handing it to someone much younger, the multicolored stones will appeal to them since it would be easier for them to mix and match as they please. 

Styling this piece won’t be a hassle as well since it can be worn on its own. But, it can also be styled to stack with other pieces on this list for an arm party. 

This bracelet has a gold-plated copper finish. The cross itself is paved with AAA-grade Cubic Zirconia stones. The chain is adjustable and comes with a silicon-embedded lock. 

#19 White Cross Bracelet

White Cross BraceletBuy Now: $39.90

Another elegant bracelet you should consider gifting (or buying for yourself) is this White Cross bracelet. Nothing screams perfection than this one. We’ve listed this as the last piece for a good reason. It’s simple yet exquisitely stunning. At first glance, it doesn’t look like a bracelet with spiritual meaning.

But, on closer inspection, you will see the curved cross is paved with AAA Grade Cubic Zirconia stones. Each of these stones is securely clamped on the gold prongs. The cross itself is secured onto the adjustable cube chain. The lock itself is fitted with silicon inside, so you can slide the lock to adjust the chain length as you please. 

The paved cross is a beautiful representation of faith, love, and hope that you wish to convey to the one who will receive this stunning bracelet. 

Key Takeaways

Gifting spiritual bracelets should take careful thought. While our intention is always for the good welfare of our special someone, you should still take into account the recipient’s spiritual path. You should think about their, experiences and beliefs. 

It’s one to gift, but you shouldn’t take it upon yourself to impose your belief on them. Still, there are tons of spiritual bracelets that you can choose from depending on their faith, belief, and culture. 

You can choose several bracelets that “speak” to you and have them stacked for added protection. 

Explore our bracelet collection, and you might find other pieces you wish to give to a special person in your life. 

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