How Can You Protect Yourself and Others from Mal de Ojo?
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How Can You Protect Yourself and Others from Mal de Ojo?

Most of us come across around 80,000 people our whole life. It comes in us to normally come in touch with our everyday folks and go with our lives. Nothing compares to being part of communities and spending actual physical time with the people we choose to be surrounded with. But as our lifestyles become ever more fleeting, reliant on engagement, these simple interactions can either be a blessing for a lifetime or a misadventure of being caught by the Evil eye or Mal de Ojo. Simply taking a moment to come eye-to-eye with someone can be so compelling, as no two hues are the same.

Aside from its beauty, it was indeed that it could create an intensely personal connection, so intense it can convey power and authority over one's emotion. And that intensity, in turn, bears the Mal de Ojo's association with many cultures. That is why people should not ignore what once the greatest curse to befall us was rooted in the eyes of the beholder.

And that gives you an even more reason to wear pieces of protective Mal de Ojo jewelry and talisman. But how well can an Ojo bracelet or a Mal de Ojo protect you? We need to step back in time and learn what’s the deal with Mal de Ojo throughout history and its mysteries.

What does Mal De Ojo mean?

All your life, have you encountered wicked looks that bid a stroke of bad luck? Some do, but others are kept in the dark. Maybe you had unintentionally cast it yourself against your better judgment. And before people knew what hit them, things started uncontrollably heading south. This curse has different names across languages and cultures. Still, one thing is for sure—humans across many cultures have always believed envy and insecurity could bring harm to another's good fortune. The term this stands for is the Evil eye or Mal de Ojo.

The belief in the Evil eye history can trace back to ancient Mesopotamia as they refer to the dangerous looks of the gods and figures of the Sumerian literature and in physical forms of amulets and incantations. Ancient Egypt joined the eye-shaped amulets with the Eye of Horus. Although the ancient Greeks formally introduced the conventional description for the evil eye, shooting a baleful look in one's stare is believed to cause damage or some type of misfortune on whom it is directed forward. It is a look that plainly expresses one's criticism out of personal vindictiveness or is sufficiently effective despite the fact that it is against the person's volition to cast one.

The running belief of the evil eye is the strongest in Latin, Asia, America, and Europe. Many variations arise in Mexican and Latin cultures. It's believed that there are three types of Mal de Ojo:

1. The unconscious evil eyes that harm people and things without the will of the person laced to it;
2. A wicked glare fueled by a person's jealousy, and envy.
3. The unseen, hidden evil which is considered the most dangerous one

What does Mal De Ojo do?

Especially in Latin countries, the belief in Mal de Ojo is the strongest. Traditionally, the Mexican folk illness Mal de Ojo has been considered untreatable by biomedical doctors. Why is that? Like folk diseases, Mal de Ojo perseveres in the social dimension and fosters in a person's interactions. Although this illness varies slightly from community to community, Mal de Ojo is generally believed to be induced by the glances or power of a more assertive person acting on a weaker person, particularly a child and newborn.

Among the symptoms experienced by the recipient of the Evil eye are the onset of headaches, fever, fretfulness, and fatigue. Mal de Ojo is not considered lethal in its early stages. However, if not treated, or if treated incorrectly, it may develop into Ojo Pasado (characterized by vomiting and severe coughing) and, in its progression exhibits the case of appetite loss, vomiting, exhaustion, insomnia, and subtle changes in your mental wellness. Left on its own would lead to episodes of hysteria and delirium, memory loss, a constant state of anxiety that regards every one of suspicion, then entering the slippery slope to hopelessness and depression. If the object attacked is an animal, it may go over strange diseases.

The evil eye can even affect objects and buildings and cause anything to go wrong for no absolute logical reason at all.

Who believes Mal De Ojo?

Mal de Ojo originated as the product of practices within small social groups living in rural regions that further branched out to become a popular culture. As a matter of fact, most of the countries deeply embedded with the belief of Mal de Ojo even have a fine distinction on how they view the concept of Evil eye.

Learn more about the countries that have believed in Mal de Ojo for ages and in what type of way do they teach their separate ideals to fit the definition of Evil eye accordingly to their culture:

  • Mexicans, having been a firm believer that excessive admiration or envious looks by others. Either deliberate or unintentional inflicts Mal de Ojo to the person. Yet, Mal de Ojo will be nullified if an admiring person touches the person.
  • Puerto Ricans are protected from Mal de Ojo through Azabache bracelets. They believe that the evil eye springs from a person's extreme emotions.  
  • For Guatemalans, negative energy can easily be passed onto a child by adults if they are also giving the child attention and talking about their adoration at the same time. Thankfully, adults are strong and cannot be affected by the energy. However, if you have light-colored eyes, you are more likely to be carrying the “Mal de Ojo” energy and passing it on.
  • Having Mal de Ojo for Spanish people does not mean you are a dangerous person. Simply put, you're a vessel for negative energy that can emit this power any time of the day.


  • Mal de Ojo is known as the "olho gordo'' or "fat eye" in Brazil. Staring does not hold the dangers of the Evil eye unless there is a hint of ill-will or insincerity laced with the complement; that will put the receiver at risk.
  • El Salvador believes that people with an overflowing emotion may inadvertently give someone an evil eye. If a child full of energy suddenly becomes sick, the evil eye can be regarded as the culprit behind this. Therefore, adults make sure that their child wears Ojo de Venado on their wrists before heading out in public.

A female model scrutinizing a set of Muti colored Evil Eye beaded gold plated bracelet

What are the Symptoms of Ojo?

The receiver of Mal de Ojo may endure a range of symptoms that are not identifiable even within biomedical categories. It can take a toll on many aspects of your well-being, including a tremendous amount of energy loss and triggering headaches followed by many severe symptoms as illness indications persist in your body.

The sudden and intensely physical, mental, and emotional symptoms can be classified to the following:

Physical Symptoms

  • Fatigue- Like a creeping sensation entering your body and hitting you without warning. Fatigue brings the inflicted to a state of lethargy and weakness, affecting mental and physical awareness. This onset of symptoms can cloud your judgment leading you to make poor choices.
  • Headache- Unexplained heightened pain perception, feeling like your head is being pricked by countless thorns. It is characterized by a skull-splitting pain radiating from one area to another. It is said that this is evil’s way of prying into your soul and body.
  • Exhaustion- Defined similarly by a heavy feeling of being under anesthetics and somewhat getting pinned down by the gravity to the ground where the Inflicted only seeks to rest and repeat this routine.
  • Dehydration- An overall feeling of life force sucked out of your body. Even parched beyond belief, the inflicted dislikes the thought of water. Loss of fluids exceeds the amount of fluid taken in the body. Leaving the inflicted to a "dry and waterless” state.
  • Loss of Appetite- Eating becomes a chore and turns into a sensibility of being an unnecessary expense and inconvenience. Said to be the phase where the malicious spirits settle in your body, feeding through your soul, goodwill, and humanness.
  • Vomiting- The works of the evil taking place. Any lingering thoughts were put to rest when the inflicted started throwing up things or strange objects incessantly.
  • Weight Loss- Worsened by the desire not to eat, which could explain the weight loss that results in muscle weakness and powerlessness. Faith healers explained this phenomenon the following way: the negative force wanders off your body and is no longer satisfied with your energy alone.
  • Diarrhea or Green Bowel Movement- These sensations could be in tune with hunger and fullness cues, likely the case if other symptoms are present, such as vomiting, fatigue, or fever. A feeling of the internal stomach torturing the inflicted, accompanied with frequent trips to the bathroom, foul-smelling stool, and painful bowel movement.
  • Fever- Body temperature of over 37.5°C, The person goes through the mysterious occurrence of fever dreams that may stem from the mind's hyperactivity, thus painting a rather frightening, disturbing, and unsettling vivid image while asleep.
  • Restlessness- Unable to settle down with the sudden impression of an "impending doom". Motor restlessness with the need to constantly move, being unable to calm your mind— or blend of the two. Therefore there is a seemingly unending restlessness of the mind, attributed as the “vasana”.
  • Inability to sleep / insomnia- The recurrent symptoms may lead to insomnia that throws the balance of your sleep-wake pattern as well as your light-darkness cycle. Where the inflicted can experience a heightened sensitivity to light and sound. Resting in a dark, quiet place may help but avoid that at any cost. This may be tempting, but it only brings immediate relief. It is a way to embrace the darkness living within your soul.
  • Incessant crying- A person cannot understand what is stressing them out. They are overwhelmed with feelings and struggles they can't begin to process—that the only way to cope is to cry out loud. Asugo: aundoma or without understanding - points out why babies and kids under the Mal de Ojo cry uncontrollably.

Mental Symptoms

  • Irritability- One of the early depression relapses. Simple things can easily tick one off. It almost seems like anytime you can burst out in anger or fail to hold back your emotions. Sleep and mood are intimately related; therefore a poor or inadequate sleep can cause irritability and stress.
  • Malaise- This sensation, for some reason, is the gradual decline of emotion control. A mind enveloped by this emotion is horrified at where it is and disgusted with its actions and surroundings.
  • Inability to Focus/Concentrate- Blinding you of the reality, seeing zig-zagging lines, flickering lights, or spots, partial loss of vision, numbness, tingling. The phenomenon of "fuzzy thinking" can feel as if your brain function is going haywire, and maintaining your focus becomes a challenging task to accomplish.
  • Spiraling Negative Thoughts- Partial state of lunacy, where everyone feels like your enemy, and you cannot trust anyone. Even your loved ones out of fear of their jealousy, envy, or ill-will toward you. May cause a person to sever ties with their treasured bonds unwittingly.
  • Memory Loss- Initially, the mind is sharp, then suddenly, all you can remember is void, and one finds his thoughts flying away to nowhere. Many times, evil spirits also take away the power of thinking in the believers’ minds. If they try to concentrate on one thing for a few minutes, they find their views flying all over the place instead.

Emotional Symptoms

  • Unexplained Fear- All your senses are on high alert— with a suspicious feeling like being chased by your greatest and darkest fear or freezing in an ice pit water. Hiding is the best possible human instinct you can make out of all the situations.
  • Depression- Time is passing by slowly, and you are slowly losing all your hope for a better future. A theory said that if you had an extra share of black bile, possibly in response to shock, it could cause an imbalance of melancholy, leading to depression.
  • Frustration- The same principle of an emotional shock— not thinking straight or feeling all over the place. In other words, the inflicted can’t focus because the negative energy  tries to derail the person by stirring up anxiety, illusionary sadness, needless confusion, and other obstacles.
  • Anxiety- Body and mental stress manifest itself that tends to leave the mind racing on repeat. You go over and over the same stressful thoughts, worries, and scenarios—the feeling of fear, dread, and uneasiness due to an extreme life change or situation. The brain cannot process all that is happening, leaving you in constant ‘fight or flight mode.

Who is most prone to getting Mal de Ojo Curse?

Anybody can get the Mal de Ojo curse, but some individuals are far likely to increase their likelihood. In comparison, different religions and cultures may have slightly varying ideas about the Evil eye. It is possible to fall victim to the Evil eye with or without the sender's utmost volition. People who are most exposed to suffering from the Mal de ojo curse are:

  • Water Sign Horoscopes- Towards the direction of sensitivity, intuitiveness, and acute insights all fall under the ruling of water signs which are said to be one of the horoscope signs that easily slip into the curse of Mal de Ojo. Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancer— are weak to the effects of the Mal de Ojo compared to other horoscopes. But with a notable exception of Scorpio, a fixed water sign; ruled by emotions and often runs deep as they possess the capacity to hold it all in because it has an association with Pluto. Dark and powerful, Plutonian energy has the power to operate at a deep level, giving Scorpios a natural intensity to their persona that gains strong reactions from people and strongly repels.
  • Mal de Ojo a lot of times. On the other hand, Neptune presides over Pisces, making them super sensitive, intuitive, and easily hurt, making their open psychic capacity susceptible to the positive and negative Mal De Ojo energy. Likewise, cancers— the Moonchild. People with this Zodiac have their moods go through many cycles to determine their capacity for reflection and adaptation. They give in very quickly and can trust anyone easily, and therefore there has been a time in a Pisces to fall in the tricks of Mal de Ojo but at the same time, rise and recuperate in a short amount of time.
  • Babies- Mal de Ojo believers are incredibly attentive to protecting babies and children from the Evil eye, who are considered most vulnerable to its effects. Including those who have not yet been formally baptized; since they don't have the blessing of the Holy Spirit helping their souls resist evil, that’s why they are an easy target. A baby with Mal de Ojo refuses to eat or drink and cries incessantly.
  • Successful People- Most of the intentional looks that glare to bestow a curse are believed to be on successful people, who accomplish incredible feats, and many more that can be seen as a fortunate circumstance a person is surrounded by. To be made ill by an eye's gaze often happens with dimensions of jealousy, envy, and greed for what others have—a variant of this underlying reason of insecurity powers the hostile forces in the environment to the person in mind. The evil eye casting also quickly hits people who have bought a new vehicle or house, have a new high-paying job, or often travel.
  • Pregnant Women- It is believed that child-bearing women express the danger of being the recipient of Mal de Ojo. This circumstance may happen because strangers can just come up to a pregnant woman and ask to rub her belly. A lot of times, the other woman means no harm. Pregnant women love this kind of interaction as this brings good luck for them in their pregnancy journey. But other times, if a woman has an impure thought or is envious when they see a pregnant woman, usually it is about them having enough pregnancy complications or infertility not to have a child of their own. Under the pretense of kindness and warm-hearted approach, they ask the pregnant woman if they can pat their stomach so that their child doesn’t have “Mal de Ojo” or any bad energy. It turns out that, due to spite, the baby is caught in the middle. Even though women have more tendency to send bad energy, men, however, are no strangers and are also capable of doing this as much as the woman can.

A female model holding a white evil eye bracelet
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How to Break the Mal De Ojo Curse or Prevent it?

When you are surrounded by a lot of people, the chances of someone shooting you with a malevolent look are through the roof. In this kind of situation,  the best thing you can do is to stop for a moment and think of a way to eliminate the odds of getting the evil eye before something bad can happen.

Instead of seeing things unfold in your very eyes, use this chance to learn some ways you can use as inspiration to protect yourself from the effects of Mal de Ojo.

  • Stay away from people you sense with ill-will- Misery loves company. An old saying, but it definitely still holds value when we think about our daily engagements. Well, in a practical sense, all you can do is either distance yourself from them away from their sight if possible.
  • Wear black obsidian or tourmaline- Protective crystals—Black Tourmaline and Obsidian have a very powerful metaphysical property adept at drawing out negative energy, reflecting off any bad vibes back to the instigator, and helps to keep the balance of both physical and mental energy.
  • Say a prayer of protection-  Begin the day with a short prayer talking about what happened in your life for the past hours, then solemnly ask for your protection and your family and pets against evil spirits and negative energy that may come your way.
  • Do not tell other people what your goals or dreams are- These are the things you will be committed to be a reality in the future. There's an element of competition and jealousy that arises when people proclaim their goals to the world: it makes others wonder why they have none, or take this time to make you believe theirs are greater than yours. And not all people would be happy to hear that, especially people that want to pull you down any chance they get.
  • Distance yourself from people with a heavy vibe- If you are getting negative vibes about someone. You should limit your engagement and create room for breathing space.
  • Epsom salt bath cleanses- Taking a spiritual bath is a form of cleansing that can absolve negative emotional energy and lift your spirit. Together with 2 cups of Epsom salts, water can help purify energy or remove negative chi and wash off the negative energy sitting in your body.
  • Fast for bodily detox- The practice of fasting is a spiritual discipline that can help a person break free from negative thought loops while learning to control gateways of your internal powers.
  • Do an egg cleanse- Set a conducive ambiance suitable for spiritual cleansing, proceed to chant prayers, and call out to your spirit guides. Following that, roll the egg from your head down your hair to top your body in a way that you are rubbing it all over yourself or in an anti-clockwise manner. After cleansing, crack the egg into a water-filled glass.
  • Putting child's underwear inside out- Confusing the evil spirits through reverting to how underwear is usually worn, is a way one can drive both the evil spirits and bad luck away effectively.
  • Breaking an egg in water and alcohol-  The egg is thought to absorb negative energy that acts as a special tool and container that takes on life and energy. People use eggs as a sort of test to see if their cleansing or protection work is successful. In that case, you would douse an egg with water and alcohol to spot any negativity attached to them and then proceed to wash the unfavorable energy out using the alcohol.
  • Dill herb placed on property entrance for unwanted visitors- Place a bunch of dill above doors and windows to keep evil spirits away. The presence of dill repels and protects the family from Mal de Ojo.
  • Medicinal plants such as limpiar and basil-  Particularly, they are considered one of the medicinal plants having powerful ways to protect yourself and ward off unwanted insects and other pests like evil spirits.
  • Placing two machetes or shoes underneath a child's hammock- Knife traditions are also ingrained into as an additional means of protecting a kid from evil spirits. For example, if one slept in a hammock or bed with knives beneath it, evil spirits never attacked them because machetes offer a shield from evil spirits, therefore scaring them away.
  • Help from village priests or priestess called Curandero or Curandera- A Curandera or Curandero practices traditional healing methods like herbs and plants, as well as limpias (spiritual cleansings) for Mal de Ojo.
  • Use of "Ojo de Venado" or deer eye for children- A Mexican form of magical protection against the evil eye can be worn on the wrist, carried in pocket or purse, or hung anywhere in your home and car to keep evil aura away from you made from the dark brown seed of the tree Mucuna pruriens.
  • Prayer of San Luis Beltran- Fast-acting prayer intended to eliminate Mal de Ojo and hostile forces.
  • Red string bracelet- Wearing a thin scarlet or crimson string bracelet on the wearer's left wrist is a type of magical charm that wards off misfortunes and negative energy brought by Mal de Ojo. The strings are usually made from thin scarlet wool thread, and knots are knots imbued with a mantra.
  • Wear a mal de ojo protection jewelry- Apotropaic charms come in different forms that can be worn as a preventative measure. There are blue evil eye necklaces, white evil eye bracelets, and even red evil eye protection amulets. However, you can find more evil eye charms in different colors with dedicated motivations behind them. While still offering the same type of protection against Mal de Ojo.

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Bottom Line

Initially, we all have no idea how to put one under a curse. But with unprecedented times, we all learn how it works eventually at some point in time. And as Mal de Ojo may be accidentally or intentionally cast on everyone, countering its bad luck needs an eye for an eye type of measures. Mal de Ojo's cursing behavior persisted partly because of its value in many cultures. It is only correct to classify it as one of the unknown weapons of humankind that have transcended for many generations.

Mal de Ojo can be everywhere and can come from anyone. We're in luck that everyday forms of resistance come in the forms of amulets and talismans, now turned into jewels that still do best, illustrating how effective and transformative they are also to fit the aesthetic sensibility of today's age.

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