Evil Eye Meaning

The evil eye is a belief that survived many centuries across various cultures. It’s an ancient symbol of spiritual protection that stems from classic Greek antiquity.

According to the belief, the eyes are powerful enough to cast rays that dangerously penetrate. People who possess the evil eye can cast curses through the malevolent glare to someone unaware. They are usually the people who envy or dislike others who are successful and doing great in life.

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Protection From Evil

Malicious people can cast ill-will to you through their glares, like sunrays that can penetrate. You need to protect yourself from such evil looks through evil eye amulets.

The evil eye protection reflects the glare back to the caster and shields you from their ill intentions. It acts like a mirror where the dangerous glare of the envious people won't penetrate and get through you.

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Hamsa + (hamsa symbol)

The Hamsa is an open-palm symbol that was derived from Islamic or pagan culture. It was passed on to other cultures and became a traditional symbol in the Jewish and Israeli cultures. It was called many names, including hand of Fatima and hand of Miriam.

The evil eye is embedded on the palm of an open hand, which has been used as a symbol of good fortune, fertility, unity, and spiritual protection against the evil eye. Because it is a universal symbol for protection, the hamsa is not tied to only one religion. Anyone can wear it or use it regardless of their religious beliefs and culture.

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