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12 Meaningful Bracelets for Guys

When you think about gifts to give guys, jewelry wouldn’t be the first thing that comes to mind. More recently, guys have been more adventurous when it comes to their fashion styles. 

As of late, bracelets that have meaning have gained popularity. Some often choose trendy bracelets for guys to show their love and affection. Fathers have also found it sentimental to give their son or grandson bracelets with meaning to strengthen their bonds. 

Men and Bracelets

Want to buy meaningful bracelets for guys? It would be helpful to answer the question: “what arm do guys wear bracelets?”

In general, men aren’t particular about wearing their jewelry. But the consideration often depends on the type of activities they usually do and their dexterity. As such, right-handed ones prefer to wear their bracelets on their left wrist. This way, it doesn’t interfere with their activities. 

But, some also prefer separating their jewelry from their other accessories, such as their wristwatch. So one can choose to wear their wristwatch on their left wrist and the bracelet on the right wrist. 

Can you wear bracelets on both wrists? Of course! As long as you think that wearing two bracelets doesn’t add too much visual weight to the look. 

In short, there is no right or wrong answer. It’s only a matter of preference. 

Tips for Buying Meaningful Bracelets for Guys

Men’s bracelets have evolved over the years. From slap bracelets to baller IDs, the trends have taken many forms. But one thing remains constant, it’s one of the most preferred accessories that men wear. So you can never go wrong if you plan to gift your special someone something they can wear to elevate their style. 

Here are some quick tips when it comes to buying cool bracelets with meaning:

Factor the Fit

When choosing a bracelet, you should consider the proportion and size. Say your son has a thick wrist, and you’re unsure of the exact size. Buying rope bracelets for guys is your perfect option. This gives them the liberty to adjust to a size that they deem fit. 

Showcase the Style

It doesn’t matter if the recipient is fashion-forward or not. You still have to consider their personal taste, especially if you’re giving a bracelet with meaning. Know their preference before buying trendy bracelets for guys so you can be sure they’d wear them wherever they go. 

If their style is edgy, giving them chunky bracelets is an option. But, it doesn’t mean that you can’t also give them a leather cuff. 

Make the Meaning

When gifted, bracelets can take on a whole new meaning for the recipient. Special people in your lives should receive one-of-a-kind pieces that should remind them how they are valued and treasured. For example, your partner isn’t big on words. 

If you want to let him know how much you love him through the bracelet, a morse code bracelet for him is a must. You can have your bracelet bear a special meaning without being too obvious. 

Now that you have an idea of how to buy meaningful bracelets for guys, here are some of them you can choose from.

#1 I Am So Proud Of You - Grandson Bracelet

Love my Grandson message engraved on clasp in the braceletBuy Now: $23.69

Your grandson deserves a cool bracelet that would represent your true love and care for everything he has achieved. It would be a perfect gift to show how much you appreciate him for being your grandson. As a grandparent, you would always feel proud of having a responsible, caring, and loving grandson in your life.

This meaningful bracelet for a guy will make your grandson feel unique with how cool and elegant it looks. It is made of genuine braided leather clamped with stainless steel rings engraved with “I Am So Proud Of You.” With a length of 8.6 inches and top-grade material, it will go well with any type of outfit. You can’t go wrong with this one. Your grandson will love it for sure. Get this unforgettable gift for a steal.

#2 To My Son “I Am The Storm”

I am the storm printed on leather braceletBuy Now: $24.99

Searching for something special to motivate your son and give him more confidence? Your son looks up to you and seeks comfort, security, and assurance that everything will be all right. Being a parent is one of the greatest fulfilments in life, and you would give anything to your son to lift their spirits whenever they are feeling down and weary.

This Svana bracelet is the perfect gift for your son to make him feel your guidance through whatever he is going through. It has stainless steel rings with an “I Am The Storm” message engraved on it that wraps around genuine braided leather and has a total length of 8.6 inches. This bracelet represents your great support for your son no matter how hard life is.

#3 To My Grandson, God Is Greater Than Highs And Lows - Bracelet

High and Lows motivational leather braceletBuy Now: $23.69

Everybody goes through hardships in life, and if you are a grandparent, you don’t want anything that will put your grandson’s spirit down. Grandparents would always teach their grandsons lessons in life, especially their faith in God. There are many things that you can give to your grandson that will help him strengthen his belief in life.

You can give your grandson a special bracelet with a theme that will remind him that God is greater than highs and lows. These bracelets are purely handmade with genuine braided leather enclosed with stainless steel clasps. 

The clasps are engraved with “G” - which stands for God, “>” - which means greater than, “∧” - represents high, and “∨” -  which means low. This bracelet will remind your grandson to put his life through God and trust Him at all times. A meaningful bracelet indeed.

#4 To My Grandson, I Will Always Be With You Bracelet

Love my Grandson printed on clasp in the braceletBuy Now: $23.69

Grandparents, as they say, are the greatest spoilers for their grandkids. If you’re a grandparent and want to shower your grandkids with love and affection, a bracelet meaning love is a perfect gift. What would be more appropriate than a bracelet that says, “Love My Grandson.” 

The engraving is on the interior, so you don’t have to worry about your grandson feeling uneasy about the meaning behind your gift. After all, it’s a bond that you share between the two of you. It’s the perfect reminder for your grandson that there’s always someone out there loving and caring for him. 

#5 To My Son, I Will Always Love You Bracelet

Love my son printed on a bracelet with leather design Buy Now: $23.69

One of the greatest fulfillments of a man in life is becoming a father to a son. To many, it’s an incomparable feeling. As they grow older, they must also be constantly reminded that fathers always have that special bond with their sons. 

This bracelet, with its woven leather design, is the perfect encapsulation of that bond. Fashioned with stainless steel clasps, it bears a discreet message that holds so much meaning for your son. This bracelet can be their constant reminder that your son will always have a father they can rely on no matter where they go. 

#6 To My Grandson, I Love You Morse Code Bracelet

I love you in morse code bracelet for Grandson
Buy Now: $26

Unique and special. Grandsons have this relationship with their grandparents that are one of a kind. A keepsake apt for the present times, a morse code with a special message is an unforgettable gift that your grandson will treasure forever.

This adjustable bracelet, made with a braided rope, can fit almost any wrist size, from 15 cm to 26 cm. The copper beads bearing the hidden message,  “I Love You, My Grandson,” is one for the books. 

#7 To My Grandson, I Am So Proud Of You Morse Code Bracelet

I am so proud of you in morse code bracelet
Buy Now: $26

There are many moments in life when grandsons would make their grandparents proud of them because of their achievements. They also show their grandparents the good values and attitude towards life that they learned from them. These are some of the reasons why grandparents would like to give something in return to their grandson.

This morse code bracelet is a simple gift they can give to their grandson, showing how much they appreciate his efforts. This bracelet contains the message: “I Am So Proud Of You” in morse code. It has copper and wood beads, braided rope, and an adjustable size to fit anyone who uses it. 

#8 To My Husband, I Love You Morse Code Bracelet

I love you morse code bracelet for husband
Buy now: $26

Often, husbands would prefer a piece of jewelry that’s not too ostentatious. Simple yet exquisite. This adjustable morse code bracelet with a special message is the perfect gift. It’s a declaration of love and devotion in a discreet yet special way.

It is made with high-quality braided rope and fashioned with wood and copper beads. This bracelet is a memorable gift that your partner will wear every day and treasure forever.

#9 Until We Meet Again Memorial Morse Code Bracelet

Memorial bracelet with morse code meaning "until we meet again" Buy Now: $26

Some bracelets can be keepsakes that serve as a meaningful reminder of the bond that we share with someone. If you want to remember the departed and celebrate their life forever, this meaningful bracelet for him, is a must-buy. 

This cool bracelet with meaning is perfect for keeping the memory of a loved one who passed on to another life close to someone’s heart. 

Delicately designed and made with top-quality material, this bracelet is fully adjustable from 15 cm to 26 cm. The combination of copper and wood beads inserted into the braided rope offers an elegant flair that matches any style. 

#10 White Stoned Evil Eye Red String Bracelet

White stoned evil eye bracelet
Buy Now: $39.90

If you plan to buy men’s bracelets with meaning, this white-stoned evil eye red string bracelet is one you should consider. Aside from being stylish, this accessory offers protection from the malicious gaze. Not only will you help them elevate their style, but you will also protect them.

Made with high-quality Jewish Kabbalah red string, the bracelet can cleanse your life by inviting purity. Gift a precious bracelet and shield them from harm. 

#11 Ancient Protector Blue Evil Eye Red String Bracelet

Blue evil eye red string braceletBuy Now:  $39.90

Gift the gift of love. A bracelet meaning love is one that’s gifted with the recipient’s safety and protection in mind. An evil eye bracelet made with the Jewish Kabbalah Red String offers protection and luck. With the power of the evil eye, it can help block off negative energy and protect the wearer from bad luck or symptoms of Mal de Ojo

This bracelet is a perfect gift for a loved one, made with high-quality red string, plated with gold, and studded with AAA-grade Cubic Zirconia.

#12 Multicolored Charm Blue Evil Eye Red String

Multi colored evil eye bracelet
Buy Now: $39.90

What could be more meaningful than giving a gift with the recipient’s welfare in mind? Show your love by giving them the gift of protection. Prosperity and good luck are magnets of envy and jealousy. Help your loved one block off this negative energy and malicious stares with this multicolored blue evil eye charm bracelet. 

The Jewish Kabbalah red thread offers added protection. It gives the recipient spiritual safety wherever they go. Since it affords protection, ensure they are always protected by choosing high-quality pieces. A broken evil eye bracelet can have several meanings, so be wary. 

Key Takeaway: Give With Intention

When given with an open heart and good intention, any gift would be meaningful for the recipient. But, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t put thought and effort into choosing the gift. As much as possible, try to personalize the gift and ensure the style fits their preference and lifestyle. This kind of gift is something that can help take your relationship to another level.

Looking for different meaningful bracelets? Feel free to explore our collection