Broken evil eye laying in the sand
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Broken Evil Eye Bracelet Meaning: Here’s What You Should Know

This article will cover some aspects of evil eye bracelet breakage, its meaning, and what you can do about it. 

The meaning behind the evil eye bracelet breaking

Broken evil eye on a pavement

Here is some possible evil eye bracelet breaking meaning you should be aware of:

The evil eye blocked off negative energy.

Evil eye jewelry serves as protection from evil thoughts. Based on history, a malicious glare, stare, or gaze can cause harm to the recipient. Many different cultures believe that such can bring misfortune and suffering to another person.

Some scientists believe that the eyes have ultraviolet and infrared rays that can be transferred to another to disrupt their internal energy. The transfer of negative energy happens when they project their feelings of jealousy, anger, and hatred.

When an evil eye bracelet breaks, it can mean that it served its purpose by blocking off powerful negative energy. This is especially true if you’re wearing it on your left hand. In such a case, it’s crucial to replace your evil eye jewelry as soon as possible, as bad luck may follow. 

Good luck will come your way

An evil eye breaking off is not always bad. If you’re wearing it on your right hand, often associated with bad luck, a broken evil eye on this hand may mean that good luck will come your way. 

The evil eye jewelry is of poor quality. 

Four red string evil eye on model's right wrist

A new Ojo bracelet that breaks off easily can mean that it is of poor quality. Inspect it and see what could be the reason for the breakage. If it’s the chain or any charms attached, you may want to tighten them to make sure they don’t fall off. If it’s beyond repair, you may want to purchase a new evil eye bracelet of higher quality. 

What happens if your evil eye cracks?

As a protection, your evil eye will absorb much negative energy. Over time, they will weaken and become easily breakable. When the main evil eye cracks, it means that it did its job of protecting you and must be replaced the soonest time possible. 

If the evil eye snaps by accident or because someone carelessly tossed it or dropped it, it may bring bad luck over the next month or so. Note, however, that this depends on the type of evil eye amulet that you have. 

A model wearing 4 blue evil eye bracelet

If your evil eye bracelet is blue with a circle around it, your Mal de Ojo bracelet broke because someone looked at you with malice, and the amulet protected you. If the amulet is red with a circle surrounding it, the evil eye breaks because someone wished you bad luck. In such a case, expect the person to cause misfortune or bad luck for you in the coming days. 

If you have a broken evil eye, you can choose to bury the amulet in your yard or dispose of it immediately. Before doing so, thank it for protecting you. 

What happens when your evil eye bracelet falls off?

In some cases, the evil eye bracelet may not break but will fall off. Here’s what it means and what you can do about it:

Model wearing blue evil eye on gold bracelet.

Why does my evil eye bracelet keep getting loose?

There are different reasons why your evil eye bracelet keeps getting loose. If it’s made of metal, one reason could be you are losing weight, and the bracelet no longer fits you. It can also mean that the bracelet’s clasp is broken and can no longer keep it in place. It may be time to replace it with a new one that fits your wrist perfectly. You can also get an adjustable evil eye bracelet to have something that fits no matter your weight.

Why is my evil eye bracelet unraveling?

Model wearing 4 red string evil eye bracelet

You may also notice the threads unraveling when you have an evil eye string bracelet. It may be because it’s already old. When this happens, it’s best to remove the evil eye charm and use a new string. You may also need to add a layer of strings to strengthen it. You don’t have to worry about the charm falling and breaking off from the bracelet. 

Can I take off my evil eye bracelet?

While it is advisable to wear your evil eye bracelet for most of the day, it’s still best to take it off from time to time. You shouldn’t be wearing it while you’re taking a shower or sleeping because doing so can only weaken your evil eye.

One showering with your bracelet can cause it to tarnish. Two, sleeping with it can make it prone to bending and breaking since you may put weight on it unknowingly. 

Some believe that bringing the Ojo bracelet when showering can negatively impact its ability to protect you from the malicious gaze of your enemies. 

I lost my evil eye bracelet

There may be cases when you lose your evil eye bracelet. Here’s how to deal with it:

My evil eye bracelet disappeared. What should I do?

If your evil eye bracelet disappears, it can mean that you may have misplaced it. If you can no longer find it, you may need to purchase a new one to ensure that you’ll have continued protection from malicious intent. 

How to cleanse your evil eye bracelet

When you’re not wearing your evil eye bracelet, use the time to cleanse and recharge it since they often absorb negative energy. Cleansing and recharging help your amulet withstand the negative energy that comes your way. You can do a smoke cleanse using palo santo sticks or incense and charge it with positive intentions before wearing it again. Some cleanse their evil eye amulet by placing it on a selenite plate by the windowsill to change it with moonlight. 

Palo santo stick cleansing ritual for a broken evil eye bracelet

The evil eye bracelet can protect you from envious and malicious intent. As such, it will absorb negative energy and eventually break. When it happens to you, don’t worry. Instead, be thankful that it serves as a watchful and protective eye that helps you maintain the positive energy in your life. 

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