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How to Cleanse Evil Eye Bracelet and Jewelry | Step by Step Guide

People often wear protection amulets, talismans, and charms, even placing them inside their own homes to protect themselves from unsuspecting opposing forces around. In particular, the evil eye jewelry collection, despite its presence as an increasingly popular jewelry trend around the world, jewelry of such is taken firmly in cultures across the globe where belief in its strength of healing, and the powers to ward off the evil eye is alive and kicking. 

However, in order to apply the full potential of the evil eye bracelet, you must also bless and cleanse it any chance you get. It is believed that cleansing is vital to bring out the best protection possible, so whenever you wear evil eye jewelry without cleansing and blessing it. You are just wearing an object of fashion, lacking protection and magical quality, not suitable to protect its wearer against the evil eye. 

Do I need to cleanse my evil eye bracelet?

3 gold evil eye necklace

The meaning behind the power of the evil eye bracelets sort of reset its purpose to fit in the demands of fashion and popular culture. Unlike in the past, you have to especially get them from shrines or have them made for you by spiritual wanderers. 

Any living person can now eventually purchase and buy and wear evil eye charms from shopping malls and online stores. So what you are getting is instead ornaments meant to decorate and not protect your own energy. 

Once you get your hands on an evil eye bracelet, as much as possible, refrain from wearing it almost immediately. It first needs to take its sweet time to be blessed and purified before anything else. 

Cleansing does not end there as the amulet tends to accumulate negative energy, which, when it reaches a particular volume, breaks and cracks your evil eye bracelet and leaves you in a vulnerable state.

While this is a scary experience to go through, we are sharing existing cleansing methods throughout the ages. Want to learn how to cleanse your protection charms? Here are six evil eye jewelry cleansing rituals with step-by-step instructions and pictures.

Method 1 - Meditate to cleanse and set intentions on your evil eye jewelry

A woman meditating facing towards the sun
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One of the well-found advantages of meditation lies in its ability to clear the mind of stressful, unnecessary pressure. Not only are you cleansing your evil eye jewelry of hostile forces, but you are also freeing your mind off heavy stress loads. 

This age-old approach won't cost you anything besides active participation of your mind and soul.

And the best thing about this is that it can work anywhere; the only trick is finding the inner silence and not resisting outer sounds. If you attend to and carry the sounds around you and associate them with your breathing cycle, you can meditate and cleanse your evil eye charms in any place. 

Just make sure to clearly set your intention to dismiss any evil or harm that may come your way.

Here’s how:

  1. Before clearing any space, look around for ways to clear your own energy. Just as you regularly concentrate your efforts, it’s essential to direct your focus on your protective charm and your mind. 
  2. Picture yourself rhythmically breathing in and out through your chest, expanding this light on each exhalation.
  3. While doing so, set a clear intention to release all the negative energy picked up by the charm and bid its form that shield reflects harm off you. In a calm yet firm voice, say: that I am quickly releasing all circulating negativities from this charm and my own, and repeat.
  4. In your palm, imagine the amulet taking the form of this tiny ball of luminous, golden light, and in the center of your chest, feel the light circulating throughout your entire body. 
  5. Now expand it reaching the charm in your palm and out in all directions.
  6. Hold your pendant firmly and offer your prayers to the higher entities to always protect and purge dark forces such as envy, hatred, jealousy, and ill intentions directed at you. 

Method 2 - Smudging rituals to cleanse evil eye bracelet

Sage burning for cleansing an evil eye jewelry
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The ritual of sage burning or smudging is performed to cleanse physical spaces, objects, or ourselves of negative energy. If you wish to perform a cleansing ritual, you can burn Sage or Palo Santo before practice. This will help prepare your energy and mind for meditation and allow you to connect more easily. You burn traditional medicinal plants—Sage or Palo Santo— and waft the smoke over parts of the body or an object as a spiritually cleansing ritual. 

What is smudging? Ancient rituals to purify negative energy

The practice of smudging — or burning medicinal plants — is historically known to be a Native American practice that is a healing and cleansing ritual when done with the proper understanding. 

While there are many conventions to smudge, people traditionally lean towards either incense burning or palo santo.

By reciting your intention through declaration, mantra, or prayer, either aloud or in your mind throughout the ritual, you can get hold of the energy to release negativity and manifest positive changes.

Smudging can be incorporated into a full moon, moonlight ritual, daily meditations, or as often as you feel is needed. When you feel somewhat energetically drained and feel heavy bad vibes or negative energy emitting from your evil eye amulet or your aura, it is time to smudge and bring a clean, energetic state.

Burning incense to cleanse evil eye jewelry

Incense ritual for cleansing an evil eye jewelry
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Among the most popular methods to cleanse an object is a practice of burning incense made from black cumin, thyme, and a herb called Kaff Maryam. Meanwhile, people would whisper phrases of blessing or religious verses. 

A woman performing a palo santo burning and cleansing
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Thanks to its countless benefits, starting with spiritual purifying and energy cleansing, the palo santo wood is believed to lay off its purifying properties when slowly burned to remove negativity and obstacles and draw in good fortune. 

To cleanse your reflective amulet's energy, simply light a Palo wood stick. 
Hold the stick down and put the flames out;
Gently waft the stick in the air to spread throughout your body and the Evil eye bracelet. 


Method 3 - Holy water cleanse for Evil eye necklace

A holy water font containing a holy water
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Water is said to negate any unwanted energy stored inside your amulet and return it back to the earth. Although natural running water — from rivers and streams — is the best, you can also rinse your evil eye ornaments under a faucet. There are pretty distinct ways to clean your stones, including soaking them in moon water (under the moonlight) and bathing them in saltwater.

Moon water cleanse

  1. Find a glass jar or mason jar to fill with water, preferably from a fresh, natural source (river, stream, or lake). If you don’t live near freshwater, tap water or bottled water can be your second option.
  2. After pouring in the water, you have to set your intentions about what you want to use the moon water for.
  3. Relax your mind and put yourself in conversation with the moon, or simply take a meditative moment near the water thinking about your intention.
  4. Once your intentions are set and the atmosphere is right, leave the jar of water out under the moonlight overnight. 
  5. The following morning, you can collect the water and drop your evil eye accessories inside the jar. 
  6. Finally, say an affirmation or prayer over the jar, and leave again to soak up for a day.

Seasalt cleanse ritual

Salt cleansing ritual for evil eye jewelry
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Another growing cleansing trend is sea salt therapy or sea salt cleansing ritual,  a practice that involves purifying an amulet with sea salt and water. Sea salt has been part of 15 ways to remove evil eye symptoms like negative energy or curse. The sea salt and water combo will do its job to absorb any unwanted energy or toxins.

  1. First, obtain some water from a natural source if possible. If you can, get your water from a nearby saltwater reservoir. Otherwise, mix a tablespoon of any kind of salt into the water. 
  2. Recite a prayer to draw out negativity in the water before mixing the salt and water. 
  3. Lastly, drop your evil eye accessories and make sure the amulet is completely submerged. Allow it to dip for a few hours to a few days. Rinse and pat dry when complete.


Method 4 - Sunlight and Moonlight

The sunshine and moonlight can also purify your evil eye jewelry, just like how it revitalizes living, thriving beings on the planets and can instantly put one in a renewed state.

Techniques for cleaning your jewelry with natural light are as simple as leaving them out in the open to absorb the light, similar to how crystals are generally recharged. 

Although ritual cleansing is often centered around points in the solar or lunar cycle, you can set your evil eye amulet out at any time to cleanse and purify.

Blessing evil eye jewelry with Sunlight

A woman performing yoga during sunlight
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Take advantage of the positive power freely exuded by the sun. Open the curtains to let natural light into the area. Leave your evil eye amulets on a windowsill for about a minute or so. 


Turquoise Evil Eye Necklace in white backgroundBuy now

Do not place your jewelry in direct sunlight for more than half an hour to be safe. Also, be aware that certain kinds of material can heat up in direct sunlight, causing erosion to the coatings on gold and silver plated jewelry. Otherwise, sunlight is a superior cleanser but just be mindful of your jewelry; too much sun ray exposure can damage your jewelry.

Blessing evil eye with Moonlight

A woman performing meditation during moonlight
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Moonlight is a favored and the safest way to cleanse any of your evil eye accessories. There is a 9-day phase during the moon cycle (Waxing Gibbous, Waning Gibbous, and Full Moon) where the moon can sufficiently illuminate moonlight to cleanse an amulet. However, it is possible to use any period of the moon cycle.

  1. Set your ornaments outside on a table or near a window, and bathe them in the moonlight for a few hours.
  2. Aim to place it before nightfall and bring it inside before 11 in the morning — this will allow your amulet to absorb the light of both the moon and sun.
  3. Finally, wash the amulet lightly to remove dirt and debris. Your amulet will be ready to go back to work in the morning.

Method 5 - Cleanse the evil eye amulet with a Selenite plate and crystals

A selenite being used as a plate for crystal chunks
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If your amulet ever feels heavier than expected — like it’s lost its reflective quality — it may benefit from a little energy cleansing and activation.

There are a number of different crystals out there to help with everything from protection to healing. But of all the crystals available, few are better for clearing energy; one, for instance, is selenite.

Selenite is mainly used for energetic cleansing. In many centuries-old traditions, selenite plates are the ultimate tool for cleansing & charging your other crystals, stones & jewelry. ⁠

Given that the selenite plate is so great for energy clearing, a straightforward way you can work with it is by clearing the energy of physical objects, like your evil eye amulets, by placing them into the middle of the selenite plate and setting your intentions for the stone to help you connect its energy and restore your amulet to its original state.

You can also call in the liquid light of other crystals, Selenite is a gentle yet effective healing stone & energy shifter that easily mixes well with other types of crystals. It can shift stagnant energy & remove negative energy quickly. It will supercharge & cleanse your home with high vibrations.

Pairing it up with crystal beads will provide extra protection from negativity and create a peaceful atmosphere. Popular choices include ruby, black tourmaline, clear quartz, apophyllite, kyanite, rose quartz, and carnelian. 


Method 6 - Ancient ritual of spitting, thrice

A water dragon fountain with water

Believers of the evil eye have created justified defense against the evil eye in the form of spitting three times (or pretending to). One must spit three times (``Pftu, pftu, pftu,” or “ftou ftou ftou” or “poo, poo, poo”) in reaction to something especially good or evil. Romans often call this custom the "despuere malum,"   which translates “to spit at evil”. 

So after seeing, hearing, or learning of something horrible and ill intentions from someone, it’s customary to spit three times to cleanse off the evil eye.