The Complete List of Angel Numbers for Love
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The Complete List of Angel Numbers for Love

Leah Goldberg

You know deep within your soul that angel numbers represent different things, especially in the realm of love and relationships. You may ask yourself, “why is it that I constantly see 111, or 222?” What is the angel number for a love relationship?

This is never a coincidence. Angels don’t speak to us directly - that would spook us! However, they have different ways of passing on messages, such as leaving white feathers in your path, or at your front door, and showing you specific “angel numbers” during the day.

You may wonder what number symbolizes love? Is it angel number 111, or could it be angel number 555? Well, the following is going to explain everything you need to know about angel numbers and love. 

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What angel numbers mean love?

Every angel number means love. However, these angel numbers attract “love” in different ways. They are the angel numbers for “I love you,” as follows:

Angel numbers that mean “I love you”

Angel number 111 - New love is coming,  a fresh start is on its way to you
Angel number 222 - Your soulmate is trying to connect with you
Angel number 333 - Your partner for marriage and children is close by, and this is one of the best angel numbers for love
Angel number 444 - Your relationship is good, however, if you’re not happy, you must break free, and the angels are here to support and guide you
Angel number 555 - Change is on its way, whether in a relationship or single

What Angel number(s) mean soulmate?

Angel number 222

This is a very special soulmate angel number, indicating that your soulmate is trying to reach, and connect with you. If you are already in a stable and committed relationship, it indicates that your partner is your soulmate, and together, you’ll bring something fresh into existence.

Angel number 555

555 represents change, however, it does indicate that your partner is your soulmate. 5 is a number of freedom. This is the freedom to love who you’re supposed to love, and things will change, showing you the depths of your partner’s love, or a new soulmate will come.

Angel number(s) that represents self-love

Angel number 222

222 is the angel number for self-love. This number indicates self-worth. Self-worth is all about self-love. How do we love ourselves? Well 2 is the second sign in Astrology - Taurus. Taurus is all about the senses. Loving yourself begins with pleasing all your senses.

Make sure to eat healthy, yet delicious food. Spray on perfume every day that you adore. Wear clothes that are made out of satin or silk. Listen to pleasant music with good vibrations. Look at the beautiful scenery and art. Those are little things that represent self-love.

Angel number(s) to attract love through manifestation

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The manifestation numbers for love are as follows:

Angel number 333

If you are looking for deep and lasting love, that will turn into a committed union, then 333 is your special angel number. This number represents two partners and a child. It is a generational number. It is one of the strongest angel numbers for love and marriage.

333 indicates that there will be a special union. It calls upon the holy trinity and is therefore seen as a sacred number. The angels are watching over you and bringing a committed love to you that will turn into marriage and children.

The number 3 resonates with the planet Jupiter, the luckiest planet of all, the planet of great expansion. You can manifest love through international travel and enrolling in college courses. You’ll want to wear an amazonite crystal together with rose quartz to manifest and attract love.

Manifestation takes place through images that the mind thinks of, so meditate and take your mind through a journey from your soul to your heart, and call out for the “one.” If you are already with someone, you can deepen the bond through this process.

Angel number 444

This is a practical number indicating that love can be manifested through stability, reliability, and organization of oneself. Once you know yourself, and feel stable inside, you can manifest the love you’ve been waiting for. 

What Angel number(s) to attract a specific person?

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Angel numbers attract different people - it depends on what you are looking for, as follows. These are your love manifestation numbers:

Angel number 111 

Here you will attract someone completely new into your life. It is a fresh start, a new beginning. Possible Zodiac signs you will attract through 111 are Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. These are all the Cardinal modalities in Astrology - they initiate things.

Angel number 222

You will attract someone that truly is your soulmate, and is trying to connect with you. This 222 vibration will help you attract someone that is quite domesticated and nurturing, a Cancerian or a Taurus.

Angel number 333

Here you will attract a mate to marry and have children with. It is a spiritual number and a number of luck and abundance, as it resonates with the planet Jupiter. Librans and Sagittarians are likely to connect with you, as Libra symbolizes marriage, and Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter.

Angel number 444

This number indicates that you’re either on the right path in love or need to break free. 4 is a number of practicality and stability, organization, and structure. Through this number, you’ll attract Capricorns, Virgos, or Cancers, who are the best keepers of homes.

Angel number 555

Angel number 555 is all about freedom and change. Here you will attract the right person, as great change will come. In Astrology, Leo is the 5th sign. Leo represents fun and amazing creative energy. You may just attract Leos, Aquarians, or Pisces, the ultimate freedom lovers!

What about the rest of the Zodiac signs? Well, here they are:

Gemini - angel number 777
Scorpio - angel number 888

What number represents love?

What about 666? Well if you’re wondering what number is love in numerology, it’s 6, as it relates to Venus, the planet of love! However, 111, 222, 333, 444, and 555 all represent love in their own special way!

Conclusion of angel numbers for love

Keep your crystals close by, stick pictures up on your manifestation board so you can look at them every day, and will love into your life. Follow the guidance of your special angel number, trust in it, and you’ll never know who you might just bump into when stepping out for a coffee!