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5 Golden Rules of Mal de Ojo Bracelet You Must Follow

Mal de Ojo bracelets have become popular because they can instantly elevate a look while offering protection from evil intent. Wearing accessories and charms with spiritual significance means knowing some of the best practices on how they should be worn, so they bring the most benefit to the wearer.

Did you know that there are distinct ways of wearing one? Are you familiar with some of the rules of Mal de Ojo?

Rule #1 - Know on which hand the Mal de Ojo bracelet goes on

Looking for answers on how to wear your evil eye bracelet? Don’t fret because we have the answers for you.

What hand does the Mal de Ojo bracelet go on?

You can wear a Mal de Ojo bracelet on either hand. However, the choice of hand brings in different effects. That’s why it’s important to know what effect you want it to bring into your life when deciding to wear one.

If you want to wear an evil eye bracelet because you want to have overall protection for your personal life and emotions, you should wear it on your left hand. Remember, the heart is on the left side of your body, so it’s highly related to strong emotions like love and fear.

However, if you intend to find solutions for anything analytical, wearing it on your right hand is the best option.

When you do so, you can expect to have overall protection for your professional life, including financial aspects.

Can you wear more than one Mal de Ojo bracelet?

Yes. There’s no harm in wearing more than one. There are no rules limiting you from wearing more than one.

Some even recommend using more than one if you think you’ll have too much negative energy exposure. In short, you can wear as many Mal de Ojo bracelets as you feel like wearing, including those that have different designs that match your personal style.

Can you shower with a Mal de Ojo bracelet?

One of the Mal de Ojo bracelet tenets often overlooked is wearing it when taking a shower. There are several reasons why this is not advisable at all.

First, wearing any jewelry while showering can cause it to lose its shine. If your bracelet is gold-plated, it can tarnish and lose its gold coating over time. Eventually, the bracelet will lose its luster and break.

Second, the bathroom is a place with tons of negative energy. Your bracelet can absorb this negative energy.

Rule #2 - Bless your Mal de Ojo bracelet

Keep in mind that a Mal de Ojo bracelet absorbs the energy from its surroundings. Whether you’ve bought the bracelet or someone gifted it to you, it’s advisable to bless it with your intentions.

Here’s how to bless a Mal de Ojo jewelry before wearing it:

Bless your Mal de Ojo bracelet when you are calm.

Before the blessing ceremony, you should find the time of day when your mind is calm. This ensures that all of your chakras are at their optimal level. For some people, it can be in the early hours of the morning when their mind is free of noise and worries. For others, it can be late at night when they have a rested mind.

Observe spiritual signs

A woman sitting in the sandimage source:

When blessing your jewelry, it’s also important to be mindful of the spiritual signs. For example, a full moon can be a great time to charge, cleanse, and bless your bracelet. Indescribable feelings of happiness can also be a spiritual guide reminder to bless your amulet as it can help you transfer the good feelings to your bracelet.

Align with the energy of the evil eye bracelet.

One of the first things to do before the blessing ritual is to ensure that you don’t have any negative energy flowing from your body. Check from deep within yourself. Remove any negativity from your mind and heart. Release your soul from any negative forces that may affect your blessing ritual.

Bless from the heart

Hold your evil eye bracelet on your right hand and feel the energy. Immerse yourself in the power of the Mal de Ojo bracelet and pull out the intentions from your heart. Say your intentions and repeat them seven times.

Rule #3 - Broken Mal de Ojo bracelet must be cleansed

Why did your Mal de Ojo bracelet break? There are several reasons. It could be because it is of poor quality or absorbed powerful negative energy to protect you. Whatever the reason may be, here’s what you should know about cleansing broken Mal de Ojo bracelets.

Doing a cleansing ritual is necessary. This step will help ensure that your bracelet will be free from any negative energy that might backfire on you.

Remember, your Mal de Ojo bracelet often absorbs the negative energy from your surroundings. They can break and expose you to evil intentions when exposed for too long. Cleansing is necessary to welcome positive energy.

How to cleanse your Mal de Ojo bracelet

Here are some tips on how to cleanse a Mal de Ojo bracelet:

Bathe in sunlight or moonlight

One method is by exposing it to intense sunlight or under a full moon’s light. This will help the bracelet “burn” the negative energy it has absorbed.

Do a smoke cleanse

A green candle lit up with incense and lavender flower beside itimage source:

Doing a cleanse using incense is also another way to rid the bracelet of any negative energy. The smoke from the incense can bring balance back to the amulet, allowing it to hold positive energy.

Remember to say your intentions from the heart when doing the purification ritual.

Rule #4 - Traditional Mexican healing ritual for Mal de Ojo affliction in babies

The basis for using an evil eye amulet to drive away bad intentions and maliciousness is widely recognized in Mexico. 

According to traditional medical studies, a Mal de Ojo affliction is transferable through a malicious gaze. The illness often targets a person’s psychological status that eventually manifests physically. 

A Mal de Ojo symptoms reflect the significant effects of emotion, such as sorrow, anger, shame, fear, envy, and desire, on an individual’s health. 

Based on Mexican superstitions, babies with the Mal de Ojo often show irritable behavior or run a fever. They get the affliction when someone pays attention to the baby, like cooing, without touching them or marking a cross on the baby’s forehead as a blessing. It can also happen if the person just came from the cemetery or hasn’t had breakfast or bath yet. 

How to get rid of Mal de Ojo in babies

The common practice from the olden times is to roll an egg on their stomach. Some also put a red or pink bracelet or an infant evil eye bracelet for the child to wear. This will serve as divine protection for the babies from the ill effects of the evil eye.

4 pieces of egg in a nestimage source:

Respecting and recognizing the traditions of the elders isn’t wrong. However, it’s always essential to have the baby’s safety in mind. When using any amulet, make sure that it isn’t placed on the baby’s neck as it can strangle them.

Also, never place it where they can easily reach and swallow it. Better yet, you can use this protection on their crib or stroller where it is out of reach from them.

Should your baby have any serious symptoms, the best way to keep them safe and healthy is by bringing them to their doctor and asking about potential treatments and whether traditional practices would be advisable. 

Rule #5 - Understand the meaning behind the colors of Mal de Ojo bracelets

A model wearing a multi-colored evil eye bracelet

As with any protective jewelry, not all of them are alike. When it comes to a spiritual meaning, it depends on the intention you want to achieve. There are multicolored evil eye bracelets that may have caught your eye. That’s why it’s essential to know the Mal de Ojo bracelet color's meaning and what benefits a particular color can bring you.

Blue Mal de Ojo bracelet meaning

In general, blue conveys feelings of serenity and calmness. They help bring peace in tranquility. A blue Mal de Ojo bracelet, particularly dark blue, helps bring relaxation and calmness to an agitated soul.

Aside from giving you protection from bad karma, it can also bring serenity and peace. They will help you achieve a night of restful sleep.

A lighter version of blue can bring you overall protection against negative energies. How? By bringing you clarity, you can understand the things in your environment much better.

Many experts believe that a light blue Mal de Ojo bracelet helps expand your mindset. It sets your mind to believe that you are capable of something more, and it’s possible to take giant strides to achieve your goals in life.

Red Mal de Ojo bracelet meaning

What does the red Mal de Ojo mean? Red is an intense color associated with life, love, courage, health, vigor, and passion. If you believe that fear lives in your heart and it already brings you too much negative energy, wear a red Mal de Ojo bracelet

Don’t let yourself battle with fear. Instead, replace it with passion and renewed vigor. Once you have this enthusiasm instilled in your mind, body, and soul, it’ll be easier to work on your goals and sustain the excellence you want in your life. 

Green Mal de Ojo bracelet meaning

The universal association of green is nature, such as plants and trees. When applied to life in general, it can represent growth and renewal. 

A model holding a newly sprouted plantimage source:

The color green can also have an interpretation of approval — a green light to go ahead and take action. Eventually, this will help attract success and prosperity in your life.

The color green in a spiritual sense also signifies attracting wealth. If you have money troubles or want success in your business or other undertakings, use a green Mal de Ojo bracelet to get rid of poverty and attract wealth.

A green Mal de Ojo jewelry can also help bring balance to your life and the freedom to pursue novel ideas and goals.

Black Mal de Ojo bracelet meaning

The black color reflects a full spectrum of emotions. But it often represents power, sophistication, and mystery. Using a black Mal de

Ojo bracelet can mean harnessing the benefits of protection and power.

You can wear this amulet if you want to nourish your personal power, including:

  • Making choices
  • Expanding influence
  • Gaining clarity
  • Attracting energy
  • Increasing self-understanding 
  • Improving confidence
  • Using impact

White Mal de Ojo bracelet meaning

White is a striking color despite its simplicity. It represents purity, being untainted by other hues. So it’s often used to represent everything good and right. Some use white as a symbolic opposition to the black. While black can mean mystery, white can mean illumination and insight. That’s why it’s also used with knowledge and learning.

Using a white Mal de Ojo charm can help attract illumination that signals fresh starts and focus. It helps your heart, body, mind, and soul to banish any darkness by welcoming in light.

Pink Mal de Ojo bracelet meaning

The color in between red and white, pink is the perfect color that takes in all the passion and energy of red while being balanced out by the purity of white. In the end, you get the right amount of tenderness and affection. It symbolized good health.

Many often say, “You’re in the pink of health.” Its flush of color brings in innocence and cheerfulness.

A pink Mal de Ojo bracelet can also represent love of all kinds, particularly friendships. It’s a perfect gift to give your best friend if you want to wish them safety and good health.

These are just some of the Mal de Ojo bracelet rules that you should know. It’s not necessary to follow them to a tee. The important thing is to understand why it must be followed and its impact on your life. Learn more about accessories that offer spiritual protection here.